Fortnite Travis Scott Event Shows Popularity but Not For Competitive

Fortnite is showing as much popularity as ever, with 12.3 million people showing up to watch a small concert in-game.  This Fortnite Travis Scott event shows the game still has the potential to pull in fans, so why is their competitive seemingly going from bad to worse?


The Fortnite Travis Scott event is the latest live feature to take place in Fortnite. Previous events have included a Marshmellow Concert and a Star Wars video that served as a prequel to a new movie. This latest event was a concert from Travis Scott, which clocked in at around 15 minutes long. This is pretty short as far as gigs go, but this was more of a visual effect music video. If you logged in expecting the ‘artist plays in their front room with phone quality audio’ that has come to dominate the live music scene under lockdown, what occurred might have seemed strange.

Fortnite Travis Scott Event

The concert shifted from locale to locale, with giant titans appearing, gold heads floating around, and even a good segment spent underwater. Fortnite’s live events get bigger and bigger each time. This has definitely raised the bar for the next season ending event, and it has shown more than ever that the competitive side of the game is struggling to make an impact.

What’s Next For Fortnite?

After this event has passed, Fortnite is going into storage for a few weeks. The Fortnite Travis Scott event might prove to the biggest thing to happen in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. The season has been extended at least through May. This is understandable given the current situation and delays like this are going to be seen in every game. This is the second season that has seen a big extension at the tail end though. Chapter 2’s initial two seasons have both been extended for considerably longer than in the previous Chapter.

These big live events are reminders that Fortnite can still pull in a crowd. 12.3 million people showing up for the spectacle is still impressive, but Fortnite competitive definitely isn’t getting the same kind of love. General game lobbies are also considerably more scares. Fortnite might be pulling people in for big events, but they’re not staying afterward. The numbers seen for the Fortnite Travis Scott Event aren’t sticking around to play every day.

Competitive Fortnite’s Future

Now that the FNCS finals for Chapter 2 have concluded with something of a whimper, the future is a bit unclear. It is likely that there will be a tournament similar to the Winter Royale to bridge the gap while pros await the new Season. Then, there will be a new season of the Fortnite champion Series. Having cycled through all other formats, Solos is next for this mode.

Solos is quite fun to play, but not the best for competitive players with Duos and Trios or even Squads viewed as a more skillful way to play.


This could mean even less excitement for Season 3’s FNCS. Not great news, when the most recent finals were some of the most under-whelming yet for competitive Fortnite. The game is still finding its footing competitively. However, at the moment it seems like Fortnite is very well suited to these huge in-game events, and not so much to huge in-game competition.

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