PUBG Esports changes once again with PUBG Continental Series

PUBG Esports has seen its fair share of changes this season. First, the competitive ecosystem had a complete overhaul with regional leagues being discontinued. The change came in favor of large global events with qualifiers set up around the globe. Recent events have caused PUBG Corp. to once again rethink their position. Enter PUBG Continental Series, a brand new competitive system aimed at saving the 2020 season, and alleviating the emptiness in competition. Four regional events scheduled for this summer will provide ample entertainment throughout the summer. 

PUBG Esports changes once again with PUBG Continental Series

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PUBG Continental Series

Scheduled throughout the summer, online events in the PUBG Continental Series will be held across four regions. $2,400,000 in prize funds have been reserved for the events across all regions.

The new continental breakdown will cause a disbalance of power among the regions. Europe/CIS and Asia (Korea, Japan, China) will be the stronger regions at PCS. North America and Asia Pacific (SEA and OCE) are well below the strength curve of the former. However, each region gets their $800,000 sized share of the pie.

It is not yet announced which teams will compete in either of the regions, but the mentioned imbalance between regions, makes choosing teams in Europe and Asia a lot more difficult then North America or Asia Pacific.

Hopefully, the Charity Showdown coming soon will give us a little insight into whats head.

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PCS Charity Showdown

The PCS Charity Showdown is a series of events scheduled for May 2020. Across all four regions, $800,000 in prize funds will be distributed in four pots.  Teams participating will receive a share of $100,000 per region, while the rest will be donated to charity.

The four events should provide ample entertainment throughout May, and with the PCS going from June through August we should have a solid PUBG Esports filled summer. Additionally, the PUBG Champions League in China is still on-going, meaning you can start watching PUBG today, and keep watching all the way through the end of the summer.

What about PGS: Berlin?

The entire 2020 Calendar has been scrapped, including all PGS events and PGS Berlin. However,the teams that qualified for the event will all be awarded $20,000 each. The North American teams that were supposed to play the qualifier will share a pot of $120,000 among all 16 teams.

Meanwhile, PUBG Esports is trying to remind everyone how PUBG Esports looks like.

Finally, the PUBG Global Championship 2020 is still on the books but information about qualification rules and potential date adjustments is yet to be released.

Do you think PUBG Esports is heading in the right direction? Or should things go back to what they were last year?

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