Bugha still dominates in Fortnite – FNCS Major 1 Week 2 Recap

Fortnite’s new FNCS season is in full swing. We’re in the second week of competition leading into the FNCS Chapter 4 Season 1 Major 1. The second round of games for the tournament just wrapped up, and we’ve got an early look at how the leaderboards look and where players stand for the Finals that are coming up soon.

After Week 2, some big names in Fortnite are return to the top of the standings. The final week of this Major has a huge prize pool but also entry to the Invitational at the end of the year. At this middle stage, a few players are already standing out. One notable result so far has been Bugha and Peterbot rising to the top of North America East.


Winning in Fortnite, and in life! – Bugha x Hollister

Bugha returns to the top of Fortnite

Bugha made his name winning Fortnite’s biggest-ever tournament, the World Cup. In the time since he’s taken quite a few other FNCS events including one invitational, but didn’t quite win out at last year’s end-of-season event. In this Chapter, he’s with a brand-new Duos partner, Petebrbot. Prior to this new team-up with Bugha, Peterbot previously played with Bylah, and took first at the second FNCS and 6th in Season 3.

The two have been playing together for most of Chapter 4 in competitive events.  Between these results, the Duo are heading in looking strong for their season. They’ve risen right back to the top after the FNCS Chapter 4 Week 2 games, and in the overall standings.

At the end of the Week 2 Finals, Peterbot and Bugha ended up with 1020 points. The two had a decent lead over the second-ranking team. The other ranking Duos in this region were strong competition, but Bugha and Peterbot are looking firm going into the final week of qualifiers. They were up against some of the best Fortnite players like Clix and Acorn.

Other Regions in FNCS Major 1 Week 2

The FNCS Chapter 4 Week 2 finals aren’t just for that one region though. Bugha’s return to the top flight has captured some attention, but it’s been a strong competition across the game.

  • In North America: West, Limit zno and Pulsar XEO have risen to the top. They’re not quite as well-known names, but they’ll be worth watching out for as we move towards the full Major.
  • In Europe: jjtwo and Glubschi took the top spot right now. tundra pingq128 and nebinator are in the lead for the FNCS Major 1 Week 2. But players like Queasy, tundra, and Falcon are all gaining.

The other regions for the Major aren’t as much of a focus, but they’ve had some impressive players too. We’ll have to wait for the international event to see how these players all measure up mixed in together though.

We’ve got a few more weeks of before the first Major. Week 2 has been a lot of fun and it’s only going to get more exciting from here. Keep an eye on those streams to see if these players can stay on top in the finals.