16 year old Bugha wins Fortnite World Cup 2019

The Fortnite World Cup was a dramatic weekend that saw a number of big players fail to perform. In their place, a generation of previously lesser-known players has shown off their abilities. The biggest revelation of the weekend was Bugha, a sixteen-year-old player who took home first place in the Solos round. However, he didn’t just come first. He was miles ahead of the runner up.

Bugha’s victory in the Solo tournament came as he finished with 59 points on the leader board. This put him 16 points above the player sitting in second, Psalm with 33 points. This massive void in their points demonstrates how much Bugha dominated during the solos round.

Bugha’s rose above the crowd in the very first game, where he took the Victory Royale and set the stage for the rest of the tournament. He also managed nine eliminations over the course of the game, giving him 19 points in round one alone. This surely must have given him a morale boost for the rest of the tournament.

While Bugha didn’t fare quite as well in the second and third games, he remained on top of the leader board by picking up enough points along the way. By the fifth game, his victory became more of a formality.

Kreo took the Victory Royale in the fifth game, but as Bugha picked up another 15 points it became inevitable that the sixth game would see him come out on top. While he didn’t take the Royal, he was already fifteen points ahead of psalm, making it quite difficult for the other player to catch up.

Bugha, winner of Fortnite World Cup

© Mike Stobe | Getty Images

Some big-name players lost out over the course of the events. Mongraal had the standout performance for FaZe clan, showing again that this tournament is to be dominated by the younger players. After all of the drama of getting to the World Cup, Tfue only placed 67th in the tournament, picking up as little as 7 points. This still secured him in $50,000 in winnings but it is lower than could have been expected.

The Duos Event

The Duos round was no less prone to upset. The winning team was Nyhrox and Aqua. They didn’t quite storm the event like Bugha, coming only 4 points ahead of the runners up Rojo and Wolfiez. They demonstrate some great skill throughout the game, but the Duos cup was a little closer than the solos.

The runners up are particularly notable for playing with a controller. As Epic launches a number of console exclusive tournaments, the controller viability argument has continually resurfaced recently. The runner up of the Fortnite World Cup using sticks rather than keys is sure to give a boost to the controller players out there.

As a group of three teenagers take home the winnings, it is clear that the youth is definitely pushing ahead with Fortnite. While we can’t rule the old guard out of a major comeback, the Fortnite World Cup has changed things in the competitive scene.

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