H1Z1 might not be the household name that other Battle Royales are, but it has a series claim to being the original. (Excluding cult films, of course) Z1 is one of the oldest Battle Royale games around, and it still has a lively and active Esports scene. The strategy in the game has been further honed with this extra time, leading a lot of players to frequent Z1 Betting sites. Splits in the game and a reunification project might have made things more complicated, but it hasn’t stopped anyone returning to it for Battle Royale action, or to H1Z1 betting sites for more excitement on the core gameplay.

Z1 Battle Royale is different from the rest of the genre and it has been shaped by its strange history. It combines the shooter that you’ll see in the rest of the genre with a sandbox, but the gameplay is uncomplicated. It has realistic gunplay and a real sense of freedom in the map. The game is a blank canvas for the most skilled players to develop strategy. While gameplay might be a bit different, cosmetics play as big of a factor here as in Fortnite which is why H1Z1 skin betting is so popular.

h1z1 betting sites

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H1Z1: Z1 Betting Sites

When you’re looking for Z1 esports betting sites, the naming conventions might be a bit confusing for newcomers. A series of developer changes and a complex history has lead to the title having a few different names, often used interchangeably. H1Z1 betting is still available in the same places, just with a few confusing different names!

Best Z1 betting sites

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H1Z1 or Z1?

The game was developed and released into early access with two separate modes in one game titled H1Z1. There was Just Survive and King of the Kill, with King of the Kill being the breakout Battle Royale side of the game.

After some time though, developing the game hit a few roadblocks. Development wasn’t going well since the game had become muddled, and there was resentment over the viral success of the Battle Royale side of things, which was originally intended to be secondary.

To try and smooth things along, the game was split into 2. The two segments became two different games, with the King of the Kill mode being known as H1Z1. This new name got even more confusing though since the map used Z1 alone as the name in-game. Since this was the only map for Z1: Battle Royale, this name stuck as a title for the game.

Z1 Battle Royale

The H1Z1 game continued to progress and become more fleshed out, while the other vanished. Just Survive is no longer in development, so you’re unlikely to see any Z1 betting sites offering options on the single-player zombie experience. The game was eventually sold to NantG, who restored the game to a much earlier build, renamed it to Z1, and tried to press ahead with finishing the thing. It feels like H1Z1 betting sites may as well be taking bets on what tile the game will have in two weeks.

The game went through a lot of changes after this, but it did then move into its current phase. The game became focused on the competitive side and the Z1 Battle Royale became a pretty serious event to watch with Z1 gambling popular too. A tournament was even televised on the CW for the game. More recently, it has been given back to its original developer; Daybreak games. NantG grew unhappy with the progress. So essentially, H1Z1 betting sites and Z1 betting sites cover the same game, but that game was split in two, sold, renamed, sold back, and returned to its old name. Of course, developer difficulties aren’t of much concern if you’re just in it for the H1Z1 skin betting, but it is good to know.


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What’s Different About Z1?

Z1 is a different kind of Battle Royale compared with the competition. It has become geared towards the traditional Esports atmosphere you’d find in other games rather than the unique kind of experiences that have developed with of its competitors. While there is a looting period, it is much more action-packed than the likes of PUBG. This makes it a great Battle Royale to watch for deeper strategy.

There is a tendency for those really into Z1 and H1Z1 betting to assume this is a more serious game than the competition. This comes from the title’s pace and its tone. It doesn’t inject the same wackiness or level of non-stop action that you’d see in Fortnite and PUBG. Instead, there is space for deeper strategy for control of the map.

How is it Played?

The game follows your standard format for a Battle Royale. 100 players enter a game, one leaves. Unless you’re playing in squads or duos or teams of five… if that’s the case ten naturally a few more people leave, unless you’re going for a Solo in Squads world record or something.

Once you drop in, you need to search out anything that you’ll need to take out other players. You’ll need weapons, equipment, healing items, and H1Z1 actually has quite a lot of vehicles available too. Players then compete in the map to be the last one left alive. To do well, you’ve got to master a few different things like rotation, looting, stealth, and firefights. There is a lot more to do than just point and shoot.

As the game progresses, a toxic cloud spreads out across the map. This helps whittle the player count down from 100 to 1. With a great variety of styles of gameplay and game mode formats, Z1 betting reflects this, offering events for everything the game to offer

Why Use Z1 Betting Sites?

ZI betting sites offer some exciting possibilities for the sport. If you enjoy watching it, then esports betting on Z1 Battle Royale is a natural extension. The game offers constant action with plenty of scope for fans deciding what to bet on, with even H1Z1 skin betting being offered widely.

Compared with slower strategy games, Z1 can be a much more entertaining experience when betting. Z1 Betting sites are also secure and offer plenty of options. You can use them to bet with Cryptocurrency which can be a good investment and even make live-in-play bets on the right Z1 betting sites. This can make watching a game much more enjoyable. Z1 gambling or H1Z1 skin betting is a great way to get involved in the sport beyond just watching it.

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What Can You Bet on with Z1 Betting Sites?

There are quite a few different things that you can bet on with Z1 betting sites. As a Battle Royale, there is a lot more to gameplay than just kills, winning, and losing.


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A popular form is Z1 skin betting. These sites allow you to bet skins and win them against other players. This incentivizes you to play the game with only in-game rewards at stake. This adds a bit of excitement to normal games, without risking anything outside of the title itself. There are benefits and drawbacks to this, but it can spice things up for general matches.

If you are ready to step into betting for something more than cosmetics, then there are options. Most Z1 Betting sites offer both Cryptocurrency Z1 betting and betting with regular currency. This adds even more excitement into watching action-packed games of Z1 Battle Royale.

Z1 Competitive Tournaments

If you follow the latest Battle Royale news, you’ll likely be up to date with the competitive tournaments for Z1 that are offered and available on H1Z1 betting sites. At the moment, there isn’t a major tournament on the horizon.

This means that a lot of the Z1 betting available focuses on personal matches. You can make bets on your own performance and of that of your favorite players in smaller tournaments. While Z1 might be lacking some of the giant events, there is no shortage of action to watch in this Battle Royale game.

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