Z1 Gambling – Where to find the best Z1 Betting Sites

Z1 is one of the older Battle Royales around, but it certainly isn’t one of the dullest. This game has a lively and active Esports scene, which leads a lot of players to get involved in the fun on Z1 betting sites.

Z1: Battle Royale has had a bit of a complicated history, but it has emerged as one of the best Esports titles for fans to watch. The Battle Royale might not have made the headlines in the same way as PUBG or Fortnite, but inside of it is a more complex Battle Royale experience. This has made Z1 betting really popular, with plenty of viewers looking to spice things up with Z1 skin betting or just getting involved in the game.

Best Z1 betting sites

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H1Z1: Z1 Betting Sites

When you’re looking for Esports betting sites to cover Z1. You might be surprised to find most places covering a game called Z1. These are in fact the same game, even if Z1 Betting Sites aren’t up to date.

A little while into development the initial creators of H1Z1 sold the Battle Royale portion of the game to a new developer to focus on the other aspect of the game.

H1Z1 was originally two titles H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Hill. Just Survive was spun off into its project and dropped the H1Z1 title, and King of the Hill morphed into the current Battle Royale.

The new developers have reverted the game back to an old build. This is to shift the focus back onto the competitive aspects of the game. They’ve also renamed the game as just Z2 Battle Royale. that was more competitively focused and renamed the game Z1 Battle Royale to distinguish it.

These two games are the same as far as Z1 betting sites go.

The game has reverted back to a competitively focused version, which makes it all the better for Esports fans to enjoy. It also features plenty of skins, for Z1 skin betting


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What’s Different About Z1?

Z1 is a different kind of Battle Royale because of its focus. This one is geared towards the traditional Esports atmosphere you’d find in other games. While there is a crafting system and a looting period, it is much more action-packed than the likes of PUBG. This makes it a great Battle Royale to watch for deeper strategy.

Unlike Fortnite, its mechanics are based on entirely on rewarding skill. This makes Z1 betting some of the most unpredictable and action-packed. Esports betting is always more enjoyable in more active games, while Z1 has plenty of strategy it has plenty of action too.

100 players drop into the map and compete in a Deathmatch. The last player left alive is the winner. Players have to search out everything that they need and progress through the map. A toxic cloud swallows more and more of the space available as time progresses.

Z1 Battle Royale is playable in Solos, Duos, or Squads of five. Each game brings different tactics and strategic thinking to the game. Z1 betting sites offer betting on each type of game, depending on which is being played at that moment.

Why Use Z1 Betting Sites?

ZI betting sites offer some exciting possibilities for the sport. If you enjoy watching it, then betting on Z1 Battle Royale is a natural extension. The game offers constant action with plenty of scope for fans deciding what to bet on, with even Z1 skin betting being offered widely.

Compared with slower strategy games, Z1 can be a much more entertaining experience when betting. Z1 Betting sites are also secure and offer plenty of options. You can use them to bet with Cryptocurrency which can be a good investment and even make live-in-play bets on the right Z1 betting sites. This can make watch a game much more enjoyable, and it is safe. Betting on 1 is a great way to get involved in the sport beyond just watching it.

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What Can You Bet on with Z1 Betting Sites?

There are quite a few different things that you can bet on with Z1. As a Battle Royale, there is a lot more to gameplay than just kills, winning, and losing.


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A popular form is Z1 skin Betting. These sites allow you to bet skins and win them with other players. This incentivizes you to play the game with only n-game rewards at stake. This is a good way to get some more excitement out of betting if you’re new to it and don’t want to use Crypto or cash just yet.

If you are ready to step into betting for something more than cosmetics, then there are options. Most Z1 Betting sites offer both Cryptocurrency Z1 betting and betting with regular currency. This adds even more excitement into watching action-packed games of Z1 Battle Royale.

Z1 Competitive Tournaments

If you follow the latest Battle Royale news, you’ll likely be up to date with the competitive tournaments for Z1 that are offered and available on Z1 betting sites. At the moment, there isn’t a major tournament on the horizon.

This means that a lot of the Z1 betting available focuses on personal matches. You can make bets on your own performance and of that of your favorite players in smaller tournaments. While Z1 might be lacking some of the giant events, there is no shortage of action to watch in this Battle Royale game.

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