Apex Legends Betting – Best Bookmakers and Tips for your Apex Legends Bets

Apex Legends was a breakout hit in 2019 when it launched. Since then it has grown considerably and gathered a loyal fan base, along with a growing Esports scene. Apex Legends even beat Fortnite in some downloads last year. Apex Legends betting can be done on both big competitive events and soon on your own performance. This is a great way to get a bit more excitement in a game, whether you’re playing yourself or watching those at the top of the skill level perform. You’ll need to find the right Apex Legends betting sites and odds though. This is everything you need to know about Apex Legends betting:

Reasons to bet on Apex Legends

The reasons to bet on Apex Legends are about the same as sports or Esports betting, it livens up the games a little more. There are even more reasons to when you consider things like Unikrn UMode though, which let you bet on yourself and your own performance.

Betting on Apex Legends can let you take more of a stake in games that are taking place. While some argue that Apex Legends is better than Fortnite, the competitive events aren’t held as often. This makes big events more of an occasion, so betting on these major events can a lot of fun. They’re quite unpredictable compared with more established Esports like CS: GO.

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Things to keep in mind when betting on Apex Legends

Apex Legends betting can be fun, but there are some things to keep in mind before you get started. This is what you need to know:

  • Events – There aren’t as many Apex Legends competitive events as there are for bigger games. This means esports betting sites won’t always offer Apex Legends markets, so check before.
  • Not All Odds Are Equal – Apex Legends is a relatively new competitive game. This means there is less known about its players, which makes it more difficult for bookies to make up the esports betting odds. It is really important to compare the Apex Legends odds since they can be different in different places.
  • Bet on Yourself – Some sites allow you to bet on yourself in various games when these services offer Apex Legends this will be a fun way to play. However, be sure you read all instructions about connecting your account to avoid any problems.

What to consider when looking for an Apex Legends betting site

There are loads of Esports betting sites out there. Quite a lot of them are great Apex Legends betting sites when there is a big event on. However, some are definitely to better to use than others. This is what you need to think about when looking for an Apex Legends betting site:

  • Licensing and Security – This is one of the most important things, make sure they have the correct license and you can be secure in using the service.
  • Reviews – If you’ve not used a particular site before, it can be helpful to look up reviews. For example, a Unikrn review can show you if Unikrn Is the right choice of site for you and cut down some time spent researching things.
  • Odds Esports betting odds can vary, especially for newer games like Apex. If you’re betting on Apex Legends, be sure to check if the odds are fair compared to other sites.
  • News – Keep up to date on Apex Legends news, so you will know if a particular team or player has had a big change that could affect how the game goes.
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Differences between betting on Apex and other esports

Apex Legends betting isn’t the same as betting on other Esports. If you want to bet on Apex Legends, you’ve got to make sure you know the differences, since even those experienced in Esports betting might find themselves caught out.

Apex Legends events often bring in players from other big competitive shooters. This is primarily because Apex Legends’ own scene isn’t really big enough yet to support a big community of players who only play Apex. This is different from betting on the same players in a different sport though. Skill at CS: GO or Fortnite doesn’t necessarily transfer into Apex. While these will be skilled players still, they might not be as good at this game as they are at others.

You should also keep in mind how much of a reliance on the team there is if you’re betting on yourself. Apex Legends matches can be won by one good player carrying their team, but it is unlikely. If you’re betting on yourself, it might be wiser to play with a team that you know and trust rather than dropping into a random formation.

Apex Legends betting tips

Apex Legends betting can be a lot of fun if you go about everything in the right way. These are some tips to make sure you can bet on Apex Legends in a way that’s fun rather frustrating:

  • Do Your Research – Know the betting site you’re using and be confident those are good Apex Legends odds.
  • Look up the Event – Apex Legends’ events have different formats, make sure you’ve checked out what the exact event is before you put money on it.
  • Know Your Limits – This is more general advice for betting, but don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Betting can be a fun addition to watching a game, but when it becomes compulsive or damaging to your enjoyment of the game, then something is wrong.

Best bookmakers – Top Apex betting sites

If you’re looking to bet on Apex Legends, you need to look for the top Apex legends betting sites. These sites offer the best variety of events and markets, along with great odds. These are the standouts in the field of Apex Legends betting.

  • Unikrn – Unikrn is a great bookie operating at the moment. They run a specific service Unikrn Umode which allows you to place bets on yourself, Apex Legends support is heavily requested for this so it should be coming soon. Outside of this, they’re a solid site for normal betting with good odds.
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  • Cyber.bet – Cyber.bet is one of the biggest dedicated Esports betting sites. They offer good odds and have great security. While they don’t offer Fantasy Esports or betting on yourself, they’re great for putting some money on a big game.
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  • Betway – Betway offers betting on both regular sports and Esports, they’re one of the biggest online bookies around at the moment. Our Betway review covers them in more detail, but you’ll find great Apex Legends odds here.
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Betting on Apex Legends can be a great way to add some excitement to big games. However, since this is a relatively new Esport it really pays to do your research. Those tips for Apex Legends betting can help you out, so all you need to do is go with one of the better Apex Legends betting sites and you should be able to add a bit more fun into matches.