Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game where teams of three battle it out, each playing as a specific character. You drop into one of the maps, then loot up to find weapons and armour. Then fight it out with the other teams that are around. Characters can use their unique abilities to take out other players along with weapons. You’ll have to keep up on Apex Legends news to learn about the new heroes that are often added.

The last team standing comes out the winner. Apex Legends mobile news is always hotly anticipated, but at the moment the game is only on PC, Xbox, and PS4.


Gameplay in Apex Legends is similar to other Battle Royales, so you have a lot of fans debating Apex Legends vs Fortnite. You land in a big map with other players, loot, fight, and a circle pushes you into a smaller and smaller space.

It is a simple formula, but Apex Legends throws some unique things in there. The gunplay is always changing, with different weapons added all the time. This means you’ll have to follow Apex Legends news to know what is in the game or keep up on the competitive Apex Legends Esports news. Character abilities add a lot to the game, giving each team a lot more skills they can use than just firing guns.

Game Modes

The main mode in Apex Legends is a standard game for trios. You drop into the map in threes and compete to be the last one standing. This isn’t everything though. During events, Apex Legends throws in a lot of new game modes. Different adjusted game types are always available, but the core Trios mode is the main event. This is what is used for Apex Legends esports too, so if you’re betting on Apex Legends this is what you need to be looking at. Like any esports betting, it’s important to know what games are the biggest.

Apex Legends mobile news is often awaited and the game is in development for mobile, but there isn’t any news on the horizon. A mobile mode might not be coming soon!

Game Maps

When Apex Legends first launched, it had a bigger map than the other major Battle Royales. King’s Canyon was kind of huge, with a lot of unique points of interest. This was replaced with World’s Edge. The new map was even bigger and frequently remodeled to fit with a new season’s theme. One season even saw the addition of a large interior area, giving an element of an arena shooter to the game. From time to time the old map is brought back for a different game mode. If you want to check in with the old map every now and again, you’ll need to keep an eye on Apex Legends news.

Competitive Scene

The Apex Legends Esports scene is pretty active. There are big tournaments held infrequently with larger prize pools. These are great for Esports betting. On top of this though, there are frequent smaller tournaments on twitch. These are some of the most active parts of the Apex Legends competitive scene. If you’re watching out for big tournaments, you’ll have to keep an eye on Apex Legends news since they only pop up infrequently

Our Experience

Apex Legends is definitely something different for a battle royale. Compared to Fortnite and PUBG, the character abilities add a lot. These make every game unique, and teamwork even more important. It might not have the biggest competitive community in the world, but Apex Legends has gained a large fan base.