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May 26, 2022

Apex Legends Mobile downloads top charts in release hype

Apex Legends Mobile was finally released after quite a long stretch of teases and previews for the game. The title is finally bringing the Hero shooter take on a Battle…
Apex Legends
April 28, 2022

ALGS Stockholm LAN kicks off with terrible PCs despite pros RAGE

The ALGS Stockholm LAN started today, but the event has been thrown shade at from the get go. At first, it didn’t even seem like every team would be able…
Apex Legends
April 13, 2022

SteelSeries Prime Invitational – Last chance to practice before ALGS Playoffs

A new SteelSeries Apex Legends event is about to kick off over the Easter weekend. SteelSeries Prime Invitational is going to be an Apex Legends event for the ANZ and…
Apex Legends
March 30, 2022

ALGS travel expenses get covered after backlash against Respawn

The Apex Legends Global Series is the premier event for the Battle Royale. The tournament is rounding into its return to in-person LAN events soon, but that has presented a…
Apex Legends
March 23, 2022

ALGS EMEA Pro League Returns with New Schedule and Format

The Apex Legends Global Series has been a major success since it kicked off and the 2022 leg largely restarted earlier in March. However, a few regions didn’t get to…
Apex Legends
March 12, 2022

ALGS Pro League Split 2 finally gets rolling across most regions

The wait is finally over. Apex Legends action will return this week with Apex Legends Pro League Split 2 matches as ALGS officials announced on Twitter. The occasion will continue…
Apex Legends
February 25, 2022

Apex Legends Mobile Beta Launches Next Week – Everything We Know

Apex Legends has grown considerably since its launch with its esports scene becoming bigger than ever. The game is about to take its next leap forward though with the launch…
Apex Legends
December 16, 2021

Samsung Odyssey Invitational – How not to make an Apex Event

Apex legends has been on a bit of a victory tour in 2021, the game has gone from strengths to strength. Its popularity peaked above its initial launch, the game…
Esports News
October 19, 2021

SSG and IG lead the way in Week 1 of ALGS Pro League Split 1

Apex Legends is in the midst of something of a renaissance, having achieved its highest player numbers and with an esports scene that is more lively than ever. This esports…
Apex Legends
June 28, 2021

BLAST Titans – BLAST entering Apex Legends can revolutionize its scene

The BLAST Series of esports events is branching out soon. They’ve made a recent announcement confirming that they’re dipping their toes into Apex Legends. The Battle Royale has been rising…
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When Apex Legends first launched, it took over Twitch and most of the gaming community for a few weeks. This new Battle Royale brings team-focused gameplay to the genre, along with unique characters that have specific abilities. This brought something fresh to Battle Royales, and online shooters. Apex Legends is set in a gritty world, with a deep focus on its character and world-building. This approach has seen the game gain a big following, both competitively, and from fans. The latest Apex Legends news is always filled with new events and content in the game.

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