What are the Best Battle Royale Games?

The best Battle Royale games are some of the biggest games in the world at the moment. The genre seemingly came onto the scene out of nowhere. In a short span of time Battle Royales went from a niche part of online gaming to the biggest thing in the world. They’re now some of the biggest games on PC, but also the best Battle Royales on Android dominate the mobile games scene too.

For a while, it seemed everyone was trying to get on board with the Battle Royale trend. Games like Fallout and Grand Theft Auto inexplicably tried to force themselves into a Battle Royale. Why exactly were so many developers trying to get in on Battle Royales? Well, for a while there it seemed anything with Battle Royale in the title was set to succeed and become a Fortnite-like mega-hit. Unfortunately, that has just led to an awful lot of Battle Royale games and not very many good ones! So which are the best Battle Royale games in 2020?

The best Battle Royales on PC, or the best Battle Royales on PS4, are those that stand out from the crowd. While a lot of games have tried to get in there, only a few have become the best of the crowd.

Best Battle Royale Games

What is a Battle Royale?

A Battle Royale game can be pretty different from others still be a Battle Royale. The best Battle Royale games get creative with what they add. These are the main core features of a Battle Royale:

  • These games feature high player counts. Usually, around 100 players are in a single game.
  • The winner is the last team standing out of that hundred, or last player if it is a solo game.
  • Most Battle Royales has players scavenge for weapons and gear. Looting up is an important part of a Battle Royale.
  • The map is big! This is kind of necessary with all of the players.
  • The map gets smaller over time. This pushes the remaining players together into a confrontation at the end of a match.

These games are about survival. With so many players, it can be a tense affair for those who want to come out in the upper halves of the game.  This is something that the best Battle Royale games get right.

What’s the Origin of the Battle Royale?

The Battle Royale genre mainly exploded with the release of PUBG. Games like H1Z1 followed, with a big competitive scene emerging and even H1Z1 betting. Games like that have mainly died off, but PUBG and a few others are still around. However, they do date back a bit further than that wave of games.

The genre came about from mods that fans made for existing games. PUBG started out as one of these mods. The original idea came from the Japanese film and novel of the same age. The idea is that 100 people are alone on an island, with the last one left alone winning.

Putting this template into a game is the origin of the Battle Royale title, and the best Battle Royale’s still largely keep to this formula.

What are The Best Battle Royale Games?

The best Battle Royale games are those that really stand out from the pack. They each do something unique that means they have their spot in the market. These are the best battle Royale games in 2020.


Warzone Battle Royale

Call of Duty®: Warzone

Warzone is the latest addition to the Battle Royale genre to become really successful. This is a spin-off from Call of Duty. It isn’t the first attempt at a Call of Duty Battle Royale, there have been tries before. This one was spun off from the recent Modern Warfare game. Compared with the last attempt at a battle Royale, Warzone has been a lot more successful.

Warzone’s gameplay is similar to Call of Duty itself. While the gunplay is more realistic than games like Fortnite, it has a more arcade feel owing to the age of the franchise. Warzone’s map is really big, one of the biggest out there. While you can loot up items, buying things is pretty important here. With enough cash collected you can call in your loadout, a pre-assembled set of equipment to help you get exactly what you need and avoid wasting time looting.

Warzone is a relatively recent addition to the Battle Royale genre. However, it has become pretty big and even has a competitive side emerging. This is one of the best Battle Royale games out there, but the real question will be if this title has the endurance of other Royale games.


Battle Royale Games 2020

© Fortnite

Fortnite is probably the biggest Battle Royale title at the moment. While newcomers have lead to people asking whose best with Fortnite V Warzone, it has seen off plenty of challenges. Fortnite has captured the zeitgeist for a while, becoming considerably bigger than just a game.

The title takes a more cartoony and wacky approach. The art style is sillier, there are fun skins, and weapons aren’t just limited to guns. Fortnite embraces being a bit more fun and energetic, which is why so many like it. It’s kept up to date with really regular updates. You’d have to follow Battle Royale news to keep up with all the changes in the game week to week.

There is a serious side to the game though. Fortnite Esports is pretty big, with a lot of players competing on a high level. Competitive Fortnite has to lead to Fortnite betting, and a whole industry of content creators for the game. While Fortnite can be a friendly fun game, it can also be deep and layered with the top pros having an intense level of skill in the game.  Fortnite offers both, which is why it is one of the most popular Battle Royale games out there and many think it is the best Battle Royale game in 2020.

Apex Legends

Top 5 Battle Royale Games

© APEX Legends

Apex Legends is a more recent addition to the Battle Royale genre. This one fits the normal formula, players drop in and try to find loot. Apex Legends though is a hero shooter though. Like Overwatch, it relies on a diverse cast of characters. These Legends each have unique abilities.

A few times a game, you can throw out a number of special moves that are exclusive to the character you’re playing as. This allows you to specialise but also places more emphasis on your team. You’ll need to figure out what combination of heroes works best together. Then, time your abilities with your teammates to get the best chance of winning. These abilities are part of what makes Apex Legends one of the best Battle Royale games in 2020.  Like Fortnite, there are competitive events and Apex Legends betting for this game too.

That might be Apex legends’ main difference from other Battle Royales, but the core mechanics are still there. The map is big and full of points of interest. The entire thing is an almost spin of X game, existing in the same universe. This focus on story and cohesion to a full universe in Apex Legends has made it pretty popular with gamers.


Best Battle Royale

© PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the first Battle Royale to really bring the genre to the forefront of gaming. This is a game where you drop into big maps, loot, and attempt to come out on top of 100 players. If it sounds a bit basic, it is because PUBG is the originator of this. Or it is if you’ve never watched cult-Japanese movies. PUBG has the most developed competitive scene that is still going strong, with PUBG betting happening and a lot of different PUBG tournaments.

PUBG is more realistic than most other Battle Royales. The gunplay is slow and deliberate. You’re going to need skill and a great sense of timing to win matches in PUBG. This is a more technical Battle Royales than a lot of the others. While newer gamers have taken away some of its audience, PUBG is still really popular. It has big Esports scene and plenty of updates to keep things interesting. PUBG is one of the best Battle Royale games out there.

PUBG is also quite popular on mobile. It is available on a lot of different devices. This has made it one of the best battle Royale games for Android as well as PC or console.

Tetris 99 anyone?

This one is a bit of an outside choice, but it really does stand out as one of the best Battle Royale games. This is a Tetris, but with a bit of a twist. Tetris 99 Has 99 players playing Tetris at exactly the same time. They can take aim at other players and send rubbish lines into their games when you clear your own lines. Players get eliminated when their screen fills up, leaving less and less players in the game. The pace of the blocks falling speeds up as time goes on, until the last few players having their blocks falling as an unmanageable pace.

Tetris 99 is one of the best Battle Royale games, but not for the same reasons as the others. This is a game which sounds ridiculous on the surface. It sounds like the worse possible case of forcing a Battle Royale into a game where doesn’t fit. In execution though, it works really well. This is a fun and quick game with a high skill level. It might not have the same fuss as Fortnite or Warzone, but it is one of the most fun Battle Royale games out there at the moment.

Which is the Best Battle Royale?

These are some of the best Battle Royale games out there at the moment. However, each is for a different type of players. Fortnite and Warzone appeal to very different type of players. There’s space for all of them, so it is worth checking them out and firing out which one is for you.

It can also depend on your budget and if you like paying for them. Some Battle Royale’s are quite demanding and require a high end pc. If you are looking for a Battle Royale for low end PC you can maybe get away with two of the five BR’s listed here.

Regardless of your choice, we wish you are the last person standing in the title of your choice.

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