Who are the 5 Best Free Fire Players in the World Right Now?

Free Fire is currently considered one of the most played games. For this reason, its competitive market has grown like crazy, with several outstanding players.

The origin of these players is quite varied, however, there are no outstanding Latin American players. They do not present a very considerable level of play compared to the top exponents of the video game.

If you do not know the world’s best Free Fire players, we bring you a detailed guide to the 5 most relevant of the moment.

Free Fire best players 2022

Top 5 Best Free Fire Players in the World

SK Sabir Boss SK Sabir Boss Free Fire Logo

Likely, you do not know who this player is since his importance is basically in India. This is a highly recognized Indian YouTuber and streamer with more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube.

He is dedicated to playing Free Fire continuously and sharing it with his followers through his Twitch live. He is considered one of the best performing players in the game. At the moment, he manages one of the most balanced KDAs in the world top, however, this is not his best-known feature.

SK Sabir Boss stands out as one of the best Free Fire players due to the number of headshots he connects. If you are a Free Fire connoisseur, you must know how complicated it is to perform this task frequently. In the case of the Indian player, he performs it as if it were something natural.


Raistar logo

Like SK Sabir Boss, Raistar is a prominent Free Fire YouTuber. He is a bit more popular than his compatriot, he has a total of approximately 7 million subscribers.

Over time, he has surpassed SK Sabir Boss in terms of gameplay and video quality.

In terms of level, Raistar is at a level hardly attainable by other players. It has come to be believed that he cheats while playing due to his incredible performance.

Additionally, his interaction with Free Fire fans is incredible. On his channel, you can get a lot of guidance, videos, and ways to improve your level in the game.

The duo TSG Jash and TSG Ritik TSG logo free fire

These two players are widely known as some of the best Free Fire players. They stand out for their performance in carriers.

TSG Jash presents superior skills to his partner. He tends to make better decisions, has better accuracy, and has better overall performance. This does not mean that Ritik is a bad player, he is only surpassed by his partner.

Both complement each other perfectly in their games. You can follow them through their YouTube account, where they have more than 4 million subscribers. Here they develop both guides to improve as well as simple entertainment for video game lovers.

JIGS Jigs Free Fire Logo

Undoubtedly, Jigs is considered one of the best players in the world today. His skills are impressive, which has made him stay in the top Free Fire ranks for quite a long time.

He has one of the best stats among the players of this video game. He tends to play both duo and solo games. In both categories, he is extremely outstanding, being considered one of the world’s best Free Fire players.

He is not a very present player on social. You won’t get very up-to-date videos of him and he doesn’t have a big presence on live streaming platforms either. You can get some guidance with his Free Fire pro settings. However, due to the little information on JIGS, many of them are fake.

Sultan Proslo Sultan Proslo Free Fire logo

You must have seen this name if you have searched for information on how to get better at Free Fire. He is the best Free Fire player in the world and a renowned YouTuber with over 15 million subscribers.

Unlike many of the top Free Fire players, Sultan is originally from Indonesia. He consistently demonstrates an almost unparalleled high level of play. We cannot say that there is another player who possesses such incredible skills as Sultan.

Currently, he has over 800 squads games, coming out victorious on almost 300 occasions. This is a win rate of practically 40%, something totally unprecedented and hardly achievable by any opponent.

In terms of KDA, he is considered the most outstanding. In each game, he makes a minimum of 4 kills on average.

Regarding his individual games, he also has scandalous numbers. He presents a win rate of more than 10% in this category, something extremely high for any player. If you have already played this game, you must know how complicated it is to get this incredible number of victories.

What do all these players have in common?

Believe it or not, all these players have some characteristics in common when playing the game. They all try to use the same objects and use similar configurations.

They may have some differences in sensitivity or other areas. However, in general terms, their configurations are very similar to each other. In addition, the fact that they use the same objects indicates that there are items with some imbalance.

For this reason, you can always look for guides developed by these same players. Almost all of them can be found on their respective channels, where they show daily how to increase your level in the game.

Do they participate in the competitive world?

All these players participate in Free Fire tournaments frequently. While they have a high dedication to their YouTube channels, they seek to maintain a high level of participation in tournaments.

Within these same tournaments, the same tools apply as on other platforms. For this reason, it is possible to bet on Free Fire to enjoy an unparalleled experience. Generally, these players are favoured in all events. This can be seen through the odds, so you will never find very high values for Sultan or JIGS.