Free Fire Pro Settings: How to win more games by improving your settings

As in other shooters, the configuration of your controls is imperative. This can define whether you achieve more or less precision when playing.

You may think that maybe this depends entirely on your taste. This is true but to a certain extent. It has been fully proven that some configurations are characteristic of lower Free Fire ranks. Therefore, it is time to make a small improvement in your controls and implement these free fire pro settings.

In the following article, you will learn the most suitable settings for your Free Fire playing style.

Free Fire Pro Settings

Keep in mind what weapons you are using

First of all, just like in any other shooter, weapons have different recoils. These define the way you perform your shots, having a greater or lesser precision.

For this reason, the first point you must take into account is which weapon you are using. You should always try to adapt to the type of weapon you own and know them perfectly. At this point, it will be ideal for you to start improving the configuration of your Free Fire controls.

Free Fire pro settings headshot

Handling Free Fire pro settings can define how you climb positions in this video game. However, as we have previously mentioned, the type of settings depends on your play style and the weapon used. This does not mean that you will have to make changes to the settings when you change weapons, but it will depend on what you like to play.

Generally speaking, the best configuration should have a high overall sensitivity as its main characteristic. This has to be higher than the rest since the recoil control you have depends on it.

Before going into how you should distribute your configuration, let’s analyze each section a little bit.

What is sensitivity?

Since this is a shooter, regardless of whether in first or third person, it has a sight with your character. You can move this sight as you wish and adjust it to a certain speed of movement, the sensitivity.

In Free Fire you have different types of sensitivity, having the general, red dot, 2x, 4x, sniper, and free sight. You already know the general one, being the one that allows you to control the recoil of the weapons. Now, what are the others?

Free Fire Pro Settings Sensitivity

Red dot sight

All the sights listed above are found on one or the other weapons. In this case, you will only use the sensitivity of the red dot sight if you use a weapon with this function.

This is one of the most basic sights and is perfect for both short and medium distances. It is usually used automatically by most players. The most common in the Free Fire pro settings is that it has a slightly lower sensitivity than the general one. It can have values between 90 and 95 points.

In this way, you will get a higher accuracy when aiming. Although the sight will have a lower speed, this will be ideal to be able to focus on your enemies perfectly.

2x scope

This is another very common sight and perfect for a great number of situations. It is very similar to the red dot sight, with the only difference being that it has a slightly higher magnification.

The sensitivity indicated as ideal by professionals in their Free Fire pro settings is about 90 points.

The situations in which you can use this sight are not as many as the red dot sight. In this case, the 2x is better for slightly longer distances.

4x scope

This is the highest magnification in the game. These are not intended to be used at short distances. Ideally, you should carry weapons of this style in open areas where you can attack your enemies from a distance.

In this case, the ideal sensitivity is much lower than the rest. It is recommended that you use a sensitivity between 85 and 90, with the ideal being 85 points of sensitivity. This is logical due to the type of situations in which you will make use of this sight. This is a sight found on precision weapons, so high velocity is not recommended.

Sniper Sight

This is the slowest speed sight of all, which is understandable. If you place a high sensitivity setting for this section you will end up missing a lot of shots.

We recommend setting this sensitivity between 75 and 80. Try to fit in between this range, but don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable with these values. The essential thing is that you get the sensitivity that is ideal for you.

Free Sight

Here you should use a slightly higher value. This is the sight that you generally use for close-range shooting. Therefore, it is best to use higher values to get the best reaction. However, the best Free Fire players recommend that it should not be too high either to avoid missing simple shots. It is recommended that you use a sensitivity between 80 and 85 points.

Free Fire

The most important tip on Free Fire pro control settings

At the end of the day, the most important thing is how you feel about the implemented settings. There is no point in using a certain setting only being recommended when you do not feel comfortable with it.

For this reason, you can use the best settings for Free Fire as a basis for finding your ideal sensitivity. The best thing to do is to play with them and modify them according to how you feel during the games. Of course, you should not overdo this either. You need to get used to a certain sensitivity, you can’t change it every game.

In this way, after a while, you will find the right sensitivity for you and you will raise your level of play.

On the other hand, returning to the subject of the weapons in the game, you should consider which weapons you like to use. If you prefer close-range weapons, it will be best to have a setting fast enough for close gameplay. A low sensitivity will not help you in this case as you will have very slow reaction times. Instead, if you are a long-distance gun player, you should focus on the sensitivity of the rifle.

There may not be an ideal setting for each case, but with practice, you should know what suits you best.

Remember, always look for the headshot

Another important Free Fire tip is to always look for the headshot. It may be a difficult task if you are a novice, but there is no more important tip than this. The headshot is the near-instant kill zone, so you are assured of kills in almost every case.

To get the most hits in this area it is recommended that you keep your sights up. Get used to having a sight above the head level of the enemies permanently and you will get more kills.

Where do I modify the control settings?

If you are a novice player don’t worry, it is better to start making changes from scratch. To implement the Free Fire pro player settings you need to go to the settings section.

This is currently located in the upper right corner of the main interface. If you are in-game, you can access this option from the main game menu. Once you enter the configuration section, you must access the sensitivity section. Here you will find all the types of sensitivities that we mentioned previously.

Will this ensure I win more games?

Changing your settings will not immediately help you win more games. However, don’t be disappointed, this is the first step to start raising your level of play.

Improving your configuration will allow you to get to know yourself better during the development of the games. You will begin to adapt better to certain situations and you will have rewarding results. This is not an immediate process. Nor will implementing the Free Fire max settings cause a miraculous change in your level of play.  However, it will allow you to take those steps that you have not been able to do for a long time.

We recommend that you start modifying your settings now. Of course, don’t do this in qualifying games. The best thing to do is to practice this experiment in casual games that do not have considerable relevance. This way, you will avoid producing a bad experience for other players.

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