Free Fire MAX Settings: how to configure your settings for a max performance

Today we bring you a complete and detailed guide with the best Free Fire max settings.

To survive in Free Fire MAX you must have the best performance. In the case of the world’s best Free Fire players, they choose to dedicate themselves to having excellent control settings. Not that this defines their level of play, but it certainly has high relevance.

Now, it is evident that if the professionals give so much relevance to this aspect is because it has an impact on your level. Therefore, it is determinant that you, as a casual player, have the best of the configurations to climb positions as you never did before.

For this, we have brought you a complete and detailed guide with the best Free Fire max settings.

free fire max settings

Weapons: a fundamental part of Free Fire MAX

As you should know, there are different weapons in this game. Each of them is designed for a particular ideal scenario. You may like to use short-range weapons like shotguns or pistols, or snipers for long distances.

Believe it or not, the type of weapon you prefer has a big impact on your setup. Based on this you may require more or less sensitivity, which in turn will depend on your style of play.

From this point on, it is all up to you, there is no perfect unalterable standard configuration. However, you can use a model as a base to make certain modifications to suit you.

What are the best settings for Free Fire max?

As we have indicated, there is no perfect setting for everyone. However, we have some sensitivity values for your Free Fire max settings.

First of all, Free Fire MAX maintains the same style of sensitivity as its traditional version. Likewise, we recommend that you keep the highest value for the overall sensitivity setting, check out the Free Fire Pro player settings for more information. This will allow you to efficiently control the recoil of the weapon you use.

In particular, this will be useful when using automatic weapons. Regardless of the case, always try to keep the overall value between 95 and 100 sensitivity points. You will notice the incredible difference it makes to have this sensitivity in your setup.

We recommend setting the red dot sight to a sensitivity of 85. This is the ideal value to allow you to be more accurate when aiming. When using it you will notice that it is considerably slower than your normal sight, so you will be able to position yourself better on the opponent. At the same time, this will be especially useful to increase your number of headshots.

You can apply a similar configuration for the x2 peephole. This has a higher magnification than the red dot sight, however, we cannot consider it exclusive to long distances. It is a sight that is highly adaptable to any situation, so the sensitivity is moderately alterable. We recommend values between 70 and 85 points of sensitivity.

In the case of the higher magnification sights, the 4x and AWP, we recommend using values between 50 and 70 points. This will allow you to have a reduced speed when aiming, which will give you greater accuracy.

Finally, you can use 70 points of sensitivity for free gaze. Thus, you will have a reaction time fast enough to respond to any situation. In case an enemy surprises you, you will be able to aim at his head in an extremely fast way.

Graphics and sound configuration

Believe it or not, graphics have a certain impact on the player’s game level. If you want to start increasing your rank in Free Fire you will have to balance what you want in terms of graphics.

It is not recommended that you use the graphics to the maximum. Regardless of whether your device supports the demand of the game, you should use medium or low graphics. The reason for this is because of the distracting elements that high graphic detail brings.

If you use high graphics you may have a higher definition, and see more particles, more defined colors, and realistic textures. However, these are only distracting elements for players who want to increase their level.

In case you just want to play Free Fire MAX for personal enjoyment, there is no problem. Having high graphics will give you a great experience in this game.

On the other hand, the sound of the game can also become a bit distracting in your games. For this reason, we recommend that you reduce the music to 0. However, it is not recommended that you reduce the sound of other categories, on the contrary.

We recommend you increase the overall game volume to 85-100 points to be able to distinguish the sounds of other players. If you do not have a volume in this section you risk not noticing the sounds of opponents close to your position. This is a fundamental tool that every professional player always has at hand.

Free Fire Max Settings sound

Auto-selection system

This is nothing more than an assistance system at the moment of aiming. You can choose from 3 alternatives: default, precise mode, or total control.

  • In the first case, you have maximum assistance where the game takes care of aiming for you. This is ideal for people who are just starting to integrate into the game. You will only have to worry about shooting in this system.
  • If you choose the precise mode you will have a medium assist where the game will help you focus on the opponents. It’s not as assisted as the default method, but it doesn’t give you complete freedom over your accuracy either. It is perfect for players already experienced in the game.
  • Finally, the full control mode is only intended for those players familiar with the controls. Here you won’t have any assistance at all from your sight, so it will be positioned exclusively where you aim.

I do not think that the best alternative is the assisted modes, not at all. Although in these you have the help of the AI, you don’t have total control over your movements, so you could miss shots. In addition, you have no possibility of correcting moving players or other scenarios.

Choosing one or the other system depends entirely on your experience in the game. However, ideally, you should use the full control system to reach an optimal level of play.

The most important tip: adjust your configuration to your playing style.

As we indicated at the beginning of this guide, the ideal Free Fire max settings for you depend on your play style. Depending on the weapon you use and the trails you usually use, you may enjoy one setting or another. For this reason, we recommend you try several sensitivities.

The best Free Fire ranked players, take their time finding their ideal sensitivity and can be a bit complex. However, it is the best thing to do if you want to increase your level of play. Following the Free Fire pro settings will not lead directly to winning your games. Professional players themselves have a lot of very different settings.

To find out what suits you best, in addition to testing sensitivities, we recommend you analyze your playing style. Check which are the weapons you feel most comfortable with during the development of the game. Once you know this, you can start making small changes in the configuration of your controls.

It should be noted that it is not advisable to make too many changes to this configuration. You must adapt to one or another sensitivity before actually making a change. If you do not follow this procedure you may end up with a permanently low level by not getting your game used to a setting.

Free Fire Max

How do I change the Free Fire MAX settings?

To be able to make all the changes we mentioned you must go to the settings in the main menu. You will access this section at the top right of the main game screen under the name Settings. Here you must click on the sensitivity section.

Once you access this section you can proceed to make the changes you want. We recommend that you apply the standard base provided at the beginning of this guide. However, remember, you can always make changes according to your playing style and comfort.

When you have made all the changes you want, just proceed to save the configuration. You will now be able to exit the settings and enjoy your new configuration.

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