Betting on Twitch Streamers – Where can you place bets on Twitch Streamers?

Twitch betting is the newest exciting form of betting market available with bookmakers. This simple concept revolves around stream audiences betting in-play on Twitch streamers and potentially win real money profits.

A select few esports betting sites have picked up on the latest Twitch betting trend making the ideal provider selection limited. Furthermore, only a handful of streamers have opted-in with the providers, further limiting your selection. Nevertheless, with the streamosphere growing daily, we can guarantee that the number of potential streamers you can bet on will grow exponentially in the near future.


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Twitch Betting for Dummies

Twitch betting is our current focus as it is the largest esport and game streaming platform on the market. Betting on streamers works on similar platforms like Mixer or Youtube, but currently, only a single provider offers this option. As platforms grow and evolve we promise to delve deeper into placing bets with them.

Betting on Twitch streamers is no different than any other form of wagering. Where traditional sports or esports betting focuses on guessing match outcomes or specific outcomes within a professional match, Twitch betting offers wagering on a specific streamer performance. Potential bets can vary from simply guessing the match-winner to very specific in-game scenarios that might occur.

Most providers that offer betting on streamers utilize an automated system that creates betting markets as the gameplay evolves and come up with odds either market-driven or with fixed coefficients.


Market-driven bets will change in real-time as bets are placed on either of the two outcomes. Ideally, you would want to bet early before the coefficients skew wildly. Or if you are confident in the outcome you can bet against the majority to gain greater winnings. If the coefficients for a certain betting market are fixed value then the bet amount on a selection would not skew the returns.

It is important to note that betting on streamers is a fast-paced endeavor as the markets become available for short durations and in fast increments. An ability to speed bet is crucial for maximizing your winnings.

Bookmakers for betting on Twitch streamers

In the following section we shall take a look at our top 3 selection of best providers for Twitch betting. Our goal is not make a distinction of what is available on the market and inform you about which provider might best suit your needs. There is no particular meaning in the order of presentation, as our goal is not to rate or pick favorites.


In mid-June 2020 Rivalry introduced the possibility of betting on Twitch Streamers. Watch your favorite streamers as Shroud or xQc will no longer be wasted time, observing them carefully you can guess and bet on who will win the game, and consequently earn money. There are many possibilities as Rivalry constantly offers markets on all the best streamer’s live matches, from established titles like CSGO to more recent ones like Valorant. If you want to know more about this bookmaker, read our Rivalry Review.

Rivalrsy Betting on Streamers

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GGBet has been featured regularly among our selection of top betting providers. Since 2016 the platform has grown to feature esports betting on over 10 premier esports titles. Lately, they have also dipped their toes into live betting and betting on streamers. Featuring both Twitch betting, live betting and traditional esports betting makes a good choice for all-rounders that seek to diversify their bets on various markets simultaneously.

This bookie is ideal for those seeking to bet on titles like Hearthstone and PUBG. Torben “Viper” Wahl is among the top Live Twitch betting markets on GG.Bet’s Heartstone section. For additional information about GG.Bet check out the review to see if it is the right fit for you.

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Bit – Fighting platform

This bit fighting platform was the only fully dedicated Twitch betting platform on the market. And we say “was” because it has been a project that lasted around 1 year, currently, the website is not available anymore.

While competitors offer bets in various esports or even traditional sports, this Bit fighting took the mantle as the streamer only betting platform out there. This bookmaker offered betting on twitch streamers in League of Legends, Apex Legends and Fortnite.

At that time, they announced additional titles would be featured for selection shortly, yet betting has been limited to the three above.


What was cool about this platform was a free welcome bonus for joining the service and their discord, as well as a nifty recruit-a-friend policy that could get your bankroll started. It was a great selection if you were seeking to learn about Twitch betting and try your luck with a few free bets. Furthermore, this was the premier platform for betting on Fortnite streamers. Famous streamer Dakotaz was featured on live betting daily.

Streamers Betting: Final Remarks

Betting on twitch streamers is an exciting addition to your betting portfolio especially if you seek betting markets at odd hours. There is a streamer available at almost any time of the day.

Before you place your bets do consider that knowledge is key. Knowing the streamer, their playstyle and their prowess is essential for gaining a positive return on your bets. For newcomers, we can advise sticking to the streamers you know and watch routinely. Experienced bettors can dabble with unfamiliar streamers if they have the sense and prowess to place smart bets.

Check out our Esports Streamers wiki for valuable information about famous streamers and if they are partnered with any Twitch betting provider. You could also check our rankings, such as the top 10 CSGO Streamers.