Betting on Twitch Streamers | Where Can You Place Bets on Twitch Streamers?

For years, the practice of streaming has been growing immeasurably in terms of popularity. Today, millions of streamers around the world sit in front of a camera and play games for the entertainment of others. Did you know that, a few years ago, betting on Twitch streamers was a concept that began surfacing, fuelled by some top-tier betting platforms? While the idea of betting on Twitch streamers has changed somewhat over time, it does still exist today – provided you look hard and smart enough.

If you’re interested in potentially making a little money while watching games and esports tournaments being played, consider checking out some of the best esports betting sites on the market. For fans of competitive gaming, nothing is more exciting than jumping in and securing a win yourself, but betting on another streamer to get the job done comes in as a close second. It doesn’t matter if you’re totally new to the concept of esports betting, there are some fantastic platforms out there that’ll accommodate you.

But do any of them offer the opportunity to start betting on Twitch streamers? Let’s find out.

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How Does Betting on Twitch Streamers Actually Work?


Unikrn’s platform once offered bettors the ability to place wagers on streamers, but since 2021, the platform has been offline.

If it’s not too rude a point to make, betting on Twitch streamers is exactly what it sounds like. It’s essentially a practice that sees a bettor place a wager on the performance of a Twitch streamer. For instance, if a Twitch streamer was playing Fortnite, an esports bettor could place a wager on a market that predicts whether or not the streamer will win the next round of battle royale. That’s Twitch betting in a nutshell, and it’s a very basic concept.

Admittedly, there are some pitfalls to this concept, and some grey areas that leave the door open to malicious behaviour. For example, if a streamer bet against themselves on a platform, opting to wager that they’d lose the next match, they could throw that match in order to win their bet. This is one of the core reasons that betting on Twitch streamers really isn’t a very common practice, and it’s why many of the best esports betting sites out there don’t offer it as a gambling option.

Typically, betting providers that do offer the opportunity to bet on Twitch streamers will do so using an automated, intelligent system. It’ll update the markets as the gameplay unfolds, linking with API feeds that are generated by the game itself, keeping a constant track of how the streamer is performing. Technically, this means that betting on Twitch streamers should be possible across a wide range of games, including:

  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty Warzone
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Apex Legends
  • PUBG

When the markets were growing in popularity, they offered short-form, rapid-return betting opportunities. Like most sports and esports fixtures, streamers would only be live for a short period of time, meaning that the window to place wagers was somewhat limited. However, the most organised platforms tried to get ahead of the game, letting bettors know when a streamer would be going live, and in many cases, that particular streamer would be partnered with the betting platform.

It added an extra layer of trust and security that the bettors appreciated.

Best Bookmakers for Betting on Twitch Streamers

Sadly, almost every bookmaker that offered the ability to bet on Twitch streamers has either moved on, re-branded, or simply ceased to exist. There are some niche, outsider platforms that do have features that permit betting on Twitch streamers, but they’re typically not very safe or may even be unlicensed. Here’s an example of the best bookmakers for betting on Twitch streamers that did, at least once upon a time, offer such a service.


It was in 2020 that Rivalry, one of the biggest betting platforms in the world, offered up the concept of betting on Twitch streamers. On Rivalry, bettors could track some of the streams from the best content creators in the world, such as Shroud or xQc, and open up betting markets that unfolded as the gameplay went on. For a while, Rivalry arguably dominated the practice, introducing markets focused on the likes of CSGO, VALORANT, and League of Legends.

However, as of 2022, the Rivalry ‘Streamer Betting’ category has been discontinued. It may not be forever, though – so it’s worth keeping an eye on the platform. If you’d like to learn more about the site, consider checking out our Rivalry review.

Rivalrsy Betting on Streamers

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Since 2016, GG.BET has been shaping up as the leading esports betting site. It’s a platform that has partnered with some of the biggest organisations and leagues in the business, and as an esports betting platform, it offers near-unparalleled odds, markets, and features. Once upon a time, it too was a frontrunner for the title of the best platform for betting on Twitch streamers, and while that practice has died off, there’s always the potential for a resurgence.

It doesn’t matter which esports game is your favourite, you’ll find markets for it on GG.BET. In fact, if you’d like to know so much more about this particular betting site, consider flicking through our comprehensive GG.BET review.

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For a while, BitFight was the only dedicated Twitch betting platform around, offering an innovative, industry-leading experience. However, for all its gusto and bold attempts to make something truly special work, it was little more than a year before BitFight was closed down. At its peak, BitFight was known for offering users the ability to start betting on Twitch streamers, focusing primarily on the likes of League of Legends, Apex Legends, and Fortnite.

During its operations, BitFight was a popular platform because it offered a fantastic free welcome bonus, as well as a referral scheme. It was one of the leading platforms for betting on Fortnite streamers, and many creators were featured on the front page and partnered directly with the platform. Sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be.



Bet on Twitch Streamers Using Twitch Predictions

So, it seems like the market for betting on Twitch streamers is somewhat limited, but that’s not to say that there won’t be a resurgence one day. After all, streaming is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s a massively lucrative market – the betting sites won’t let that value just escape them.

In the meantime, viewers can get involved with their favourite streamers and their communities through ‘Twitch Predictions’. This is an in-built platform feature that allows a streamer or a mod in the chat to create a prediction based on absolutely anything they desire. Then, viewers can wager their ‘channel points’ against those predictions, and if they predict the correct outcome, they’ll win back free channel points.

For the top esports streamers, this is a fun addition to their streams, as it offers up another angle of engagement. It also ensures viewers stick around, as they’ll be eager to see the outcome of a particular prediction. This is especially important if a player is locked in on a game like Escape from Tarkov, which typically boasts longer sessions that last up to forty-five minutes apiece. Although, it’s still a great feature for the best CSGO streamers, for example, and their games can be a little shorter.