xQc: Overwatch Player and Streamer Profile

One of the best-known Overwatch streamers and players in the Overwatch world, xQc has caused more than his fair share of headlines in the esports world, and not all of the with his playing skills, though they are considerable. While he often plays DPS and tank characters, he has occupied mostly tank positions in OWL teams and other pro circuits. He commonly plays characters like Orisa and Winston, but also Reaper, Pharah or Mercy.

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Recent Performance

The 23-year old Felix Lengyel is a Canadian gamer with quite the pro history – he has been involved in Overwatch since it’s release, and has previously played for teams like Denial eSports, Team Canada and Arc 6. He has kept up his streaming while playing for pro teams, and after a somewhat unceremonious dismissal from the top tier pro circuit, he now largely focuses on his streaming career on Twitch, while still subbing as a tank for Gladiators Legion, an OWL Contenders team.

In addition to his impressive skills, he is also known for his incredibly inappropriate remarks, sometimes well into the territory of homophobia and sexism – such remarks are what cost him his position in Dallas Fuel and the OWL. Despite this, he remains wildly popular with fans because of his skills, and his Twitch channel has over 1.3 million followers.


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Signing with Dallas Fuel

Perhaps the pro highlight of this streamers career was his signing with popular OWL team Dallas Fuel. After a somewhat shaky pro career prior to this, and with a steady streaming channel throughout, he was offered a contract by Dallas Fuel. Due to homophobic remarks made on his Twitch channel against another pro player – Austin ‘Muma’ Wilmot – he was suspended, fined, suspended and fined a second time, and summarily dismissed for a racist Twitch emote he used alongside rude language to OWL casters.

All this hasn’t hurt his popularity with his fans though, as is obvious through his channel’s popularity. He is still part of Team Canada, along with several other talented players, alongside his streaming career, and it appears he will continue to do so. Thanks to various partnerships and sponsor deals, xQc has a very successful streamer career indeed!

What’s next?

After having joined as a sub tank on the Gladiators Legion roster, xQc is expected to continue both his streaming and pro gaming career as he has been so far, provided no further scandals happen. Blizzard has strict rules on acceptable behaviour from its pro players, and xQc has shown some difficulty in abiding by them. He has violated the abusive chat policy multiple times, though not since August 2018, suggesting that, just maybe, he has learned a valuable lesson and bettered his behaviour. It would be a shame if a talented player like him kept making headlines for all the wrong reasons.