Aimbotcalvin: Overwatch streamer overview

Calvin Chau, an American player better known as Aimbotcalvin is a popular Overwatch player with some real skills to back up his popularity. He is famous for having multiple Top 500 accounts on the Overwatch competitive ladder, needless to say, something most players can’t even achieve once! The LA-based gamer has been popular for several years now.

Recent Performance

The 21-year old part Chinese and part Vietnamese player favours DPS characters when playing Overwatch – with a background in Crossfire and CS:GO, that’s really no surprise. He continues to play in the Top 500 strata, often selecting characters like Genji, Tracer, Widow, or occasionally Ana if he plays support. He is versatile and does choose other characters as well, having uploaded videos of himself playing Hanzo, Zenyatta or even tanks like Zarya.

With a Twitch channel with more than 670k followers, he is one of the more popular pro-level players out there, and that is probably why he was able to nab a contract with one of the most popular esports organisations out there – Team SoloMid.

Signing with Team SoloMid

With 30 million Twitch channel views since he created his channel in March 2015, Aimbotcalvin is doing great – while he only started streaming on Christmas eve of 2016, it really didn’t take him long to establish a presence online. Despite his contract as a streamer with Team SoloMid, he has turned down a significant number of high-value contracts and offers in order to pursue his passion of playing on his own terms and streaming.

Among other things, he has turned down a $150.000 contract with the Overwatch League, and also invitations to events in other games he streams. This includes turning down several skirmishes in Fortnite after experimenting in the competitive Fortnite scene. He explained this decision by wanting to focus on Overwatch over other games.

He does have a pedigree in other games as well, having played with Gale Force Esports, where he played along with players that went on to join official OWL teams, such as Austin ‘Muma’ Wilmot.


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What’s next?

After turning down several lucrative opportunities in favour of pursuing his passions, Calvin has said during his streams that in his opinion, ‘The world isn’t about money’ and that he will continue to live his life according to this mantra. Coincidentally, Aimbotcalvin is such a high value player that, had he signed that 150k deal, it would have put him on the same level as one of the biggest known deals of the first Overwatch league season. As his skills have not decayed in the least and he is one of the more talented DPS players out there, it’s likely he will continue to receive attention from high-level teams and groups – whether he accepts any remains to be seen.