The mystery of Corpse Husband’s identity | Real Name & Face Reveal

Popular streamer Corpse Husband or Corpse for short is a fascination to many of his fans. Popular because of his nice disposition and extremely deep voice, he amassed a huge following on streaming sites YouTube and Twitch. Despite this, he has never revealed his face or identity, and only revealed extremely few personal details. While we respect his choice for anonymity, we’ve collected all the things we DO know about Corpse for his superfans here!

Corpse Husband Face Reveal Real Name Net Worth

Lovely art indeed.

Corpse’s identity

As mentioned, Corpse Husband has never revealed his identity. He streams anonymously under his pseudonym, and doesn’t ever put himself on camera. He doesn’t even really meet up in person with other streamers – though there are a few exceptions. He has met another anonymous YouTuber named Dream, but most notable is his ‘bromance’ with streamer Sykkuno. The two met up in real life, and apparently Corpse treated him to some food. Not surprisingly, some of their fans immediately started to speculate about the two of them potentially dating. Both confirmed that they are straight on several occasions on their streams though.

Of course, Corpse has been ‘shipped’ with just about every female streamer he has streamed with, however he has also confirmed that he isn’t dating anyone – and that he doesn’t want to either. As for personal info, the only things known are that he is 24 and living in the general San Diego area in the US.

Corpse Husband’s name may or may not be Anthony.

We will not attempt to go into a full face reveal, as the streamer clearly wants his privacy respected on this matter. However, a Corpse Husband face reveal video and forum thread have recently gained popularity. Some extremely creepy fans dug deep into his life, history and place of residence. The accuracy of information or pictures in said leak has neither been confirmed nor denied by the streamer. If you really want to know how Corpse Husband face and stature look like, they are only a few clicks away. Alternatively, you can just respect the streamers wishes and style and enjoy the content for what it is.

Corpse’s health

Something that Corpse HAS been open about is the state of his health. He suffers from several medical conditions, including fibromyalgia, sleep apnea and gastroesophageal reflux disease. GERD for short, is also part of what gives him his uniquely deep voice, as it affected its pitch. Beyond that, he also wears an eye patch while streaming and playing games as one of his eyes is extremely light sensitive. Long gaming sessions can leave him in serious pain – and beyond that, he has also tested positive for thoracic outlet syndrome and Lyme disease at one point in time.

He has stated that he hasn’t always been able to receive the quality of care he needed, however as fans have repeatedly urged him to seek help, he has given updates about having seen various types of specialists. Despite his secrecy regarding his identity, he has been open about his medical history.

Corpse’s Streaming

His health doesn’t always allow him to stream, and he isn’t as active as some other streamers are, but he still managed to amass hundreds of thousands of fans.

Corpse Husband’s most well-known streams are Among Us ones – here, he was even part of the famous stream featuring US representatives Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He also occasionally streams with streamers like Pokimane and of course Sykkano, whom he is friends with. He has also streamed various horror games as well as just narrating horror stories and the like. Corpse Husband’s merchandise references his various activities – be that singing, gaming, or something else.

Corpse’s Income

While there are no exact numbers for how much Corpse earns, conservative estimates guess that it’s around $80k per month. In other words, he could be making as much as a million per year, and that’s from his YouTube channel alone. His Spotify account has more than 4 million listeners as well, with his music totaling more than 190 million streamers. While the rate for Spotify streams is extremely low, he will have easily made more than half a million dollars from Spotify by now. Corpse Husband’s songs are quite popular – and he has released quite a few of them by now.

His net worth is estimated to be somewhere above the million-dollar mark. Without knowing his identity, it’s pretty impossible to estimate more precise figures – and since we don’t even know Corpse’s face, finding out Corpse Husband’s net worth isn’t about to happen either.

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