Minecraft is easily one of the most popular games for streamers to play. It’s a timeless title that is appreciated by hundreds of millions of players, and a decade after launch, it remains one of the most-played games in the world. On Twitch and YouTube, the best Minecraft streamers enjoy audiences that number in the tens of thousands, and it consistently ranks highly on the site.

There are thousands of Minecraft creators out there, but which of them can truly be considered the best?

From speedrunning the game to building enormous, challenging creations, the best Minecraft streamers often push the envelope of what’s available in the game. With mod packages, special events, and marathon-length streams, there’s always something exciting happening in the Minecraft space.

It may not be as competitive as Call of Duty or as graphically appealing as Grand Theft Auto, but Minecraft will forever be popular because it’s simply brilliant and brilliantly simple.

best minecraft streamers

What Does It Take To Be One of the Best Minecraft Streamers?

If you’re just learning how to become a streamer, you’ve got a tough journey ahead. Furthermore, if your goal is to become a Minecraft streamer, it makes your path all that much harder, as there are so many streamers already in that space. It’ll take something exceptional to become one of the best streamers in Minecraft, as what already exists is incredibly talented. There are individual Minecraft streamers with millions of followers, after all.

Once you’ve built the best streaming setup possible, you’ll want to get started. It’s not difficult to start streaming Minecraft, but there are plenty of tips for streaming that you’ll need to absorb if you ever want to become something truly special. For instance, you need to use the right software, have the right streaming settings, and be able to engage an audience for an extended period of time.

It’s about building a community, and there are few games better for doing that than Minecraft.

The 10 Best Minecraft Streamers

Here’s our breakdown of the best Minecraft streamers currently in the business, at the time of writing this guide. They have the most viewers, the highest follower count, and the most consistently high-performing content.


ElSpreen is one of the most popular Minecraft streamers as of the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. He has almost 6.5 million followers, and thanks to that fact, his Minecraft streams are extremely well-populated. With a peak viewership of 174,000 people and an average of 92,748, ElSpreen isn’t just one of the most popular streamers in his home country of Argentina, but in the entire world. He typically streams for around five hours a day – when he goes live – and he’s known for completing tough challenges in-game.

ElSpreen minecraft streamer

© ElSpreen


AuronPlay is one of the most subbed Twitch streamers on the platform, boasting almost 15 million followers. He’s more popular than almost every other creator on the site, and he makes this list because he plays Minecraft on stream quite often. He’s a varied streamer at heart, but his Minecraft streams are insanely popular, often securing an average viewership of around 113,000 users. There’s no doubt that he’s one of the best Minecraft streamers in the world.

AuronPlay minecraft streamer

© AuronPlay


Forsen is a comical streamer with a great attitude, boasting more than 1.6m followers and streaming Minecraft to an audience that can number as high as 30,000. He’s not as popular as AuronPlay or ElSpreen, but he’s still a fantastic creator with a love for Minecraft. He has a more chilled-out approach to streaming, often incorporating his Minecraft streams into his Just Chatting content. He makes the list of the best Minecraft streamers because of how fast he’s growing at the moment.

Forsen minecraft streamer

© Forsen


While not strictly a Minecraft streamer, xQc is, by numbers, one of the most popular creators that plays the game. He’s arguably one of the most recognisable streamers in the world, and he has amassed almost 12 million followers on Twitch. Toward the end of 2022 and going into 2023, xQc began taking on challenges in Minecraft, trying to beat established speedrunning records. He was successful, and it landed well with his fans and followers that really appreciated the content.

xQc minecraft streamer

© xQc


As 2022 wrapped up, Dream broke the internet by revealing his face after several years of anonymity. He has spent such a long time as one of the best and most popular Minecraft creators for years. With 31.3 million subscribers on YouTube, Dream is one of the most-followed streamers and creators in the world, not just in the Minecraft space. He’s more geared towards uploading videos than streaming, but he is still a Minecraft streamer.

 minecraft streamer

© Dream


TommyInnit is another top-tier Minecraft YouTuber, sitting high up the table with the likes of Dream. He has been creating content for more than seven years, and what he produces and streams is heavily focused on Minecraft. With 1.6 billion views in total and almost 12 million subscribers on YouTube, there’s no doubt that TommyInnit is one of the best Minecraft streamers in the world. If you’re trying to learn how to stream on YouTube, you can learn a thing or two from TommyInnit’s success.

TommyInnit minecraft streamer

© TommyInnit


Ranboo is a masked-up streamer, but his identity is only half-hidden, unlike Dream’s was. He’s also one of the most popular Minecraft streamers on Twitch, having amassed 4.5 million followers on the platform. It’s worth stressing that, like others on this list, Ranboo isn’t strictly a Minecraft streamer, but a varied streamer. But, it must also be stated that a vast portion of his following has been secured during high-quality Minecraft streams.

RanbooLive minecraft streamer

© RanbooLive


CaptainSparklez is a hugely popular creator across both Twitch and YouTube. He uploads a lot of video content based on Minecraft plays that are heavily modded or bizarre, much to the enjoyment of his 11.4 million followers. On Twitch, Sparklez has 2.1 million followers, and he regularly streams Minecraft to an eagerly awaited audience. From time to time, he’ll also stream Terraria, which is essentially a side-scrolling game that’s very similar to Minecraft.

CaptainSparklez minecraft streamer

© CaptainSparklez


As a close friend of TommyInnit’s, Tubbo enjoys a somewhat prestigious partnership in the Minecraft streaming space. He’s conquered the path to becoming one of the most subbed streamers on Twitch, boasting more than 5 million followers. He’s landed another 3 million subscribers on YouTube, and while he isn’t as popular as TommyInnit, he has worked hard to grow alongside him. He’s easily one of the best Minecraft streamers in the world.

Tubbo minecraft streamer

© Tubbo


Jelly has diversified in recent months, but he still remains one of the most popular Minecraft creators. His YouTube videos take centre stage over his streamers, and that’s because of the 23.2 million subscribers that he has on the platform. If you thought TommyInnit was popular, then check out Jelly – by January 2023, he’d amassed more than 14.4 billion views across all of his videos, and as a ‘family-friendly’ streamer, there’s no end to the audience that Jelly can summon.

Jelly minecraft streamer

© Jelly

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