League of Legends has been one of the most entertaining and popular competitive titles for more than a decade. It was first released in 2009, and since then, it has worked to become one of the biggest and brightest esports games in the history of the industry. It’s also a massively popular game on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Today, we’re addressing that fact, taking a look at the best LoL streamers in the business.

As it’s a massively diverse title, the pool of potential creators that make up the top League of Legends streamers is a global one. There are creators from Japan, Korea, North America, Europe, and Oceania that make up the stock of the best LoL streamers in the world. As time goes on, League of Legends continues to prove that it can hold its own against almost any new game that comes out, and as a competitive game, it’s just becoming better with age.

So, let’s find out everything we need to know about the best LoL streamers.

best lol streamers

Why is League of Legends so Popular?

League of Legends was one of the first games to push the free-to-play model, which was the reason for its early success. Not only that, but it genuinely was a top-tier, well-crafted game, made by a developer that – at the time – knew exactly what its fans were looking for. It boasted fast-paced gameplay that offered users a diverse array of ways to play, giving them plenty of exciting champions to control and the opportunity to make every game unique.

It’s one of the best titles to fuel a competitive personality, and a series of huge wins can feel monumentally satisfying to the right player. It’s a little more complex than your standard FPS shooter or battle royale game, which means that the pool of competitors typically remains highly skilled and capable. That too can be a very good thing, as it offers a challenge that’s poles apart from some of the ‘easier’ games out there.

Top 10 League of Legends Streamers

Here’s our breakdown of the top ten best LoL streamers in the world, at the time of writing the guide itself.


Tyler is one of the best LoL streamers without any shadow of a doubt. He’s a massively energetic creator with a long legacy and a huge following. At the time of writing this breakdown, Tyler boasts more than 5.15 million followers on Twitch, and as one of the most ‘memed’ streamers in the world, his profile extends far beyond the platform. He’s a contender for the title of the most subbed Twitch streamer as a result of his community, and he racks up millions of viewership hours every month while playing the game.

tyler1 lol streamers

© Tyler1


NoWay4u_Sir is a German creator and a League of Legends partner, boasting almost 600,000 followers on Twitch and undeniable skills in the game. He’s a talented streamer with a busy schedule, and when he streams, he can be live for up to ten hours a time, locked in and delivering top-tier League of Legends broadcasts. According to Streamscharts.com, by the end of January 2023, NoWay4u_Sir was the most-watched League of Legends streamer on Twitch.

noway4u_sir lol streamers

© NoWay4u_Sir

Thay Giao Ba

Thay is the first creator in this list to not be a Twitch streamer. Instead, he streams on NimoTV, a Chinese platform on which this Vietnamese streamer has gathered a massive following. He has more than a quarter of a million users following him on Nimo, making him one of the most popular creators on the site, and he’s a pioneering force in the League of Legends space. It’s safe to say that he has well and truly learned how to become a streamer, boasting a peak viewership that can often exceed 55,000 viewers.

Thay Giao Ba lol streamer

© Thay Giao Ba


YoDa used to be a legitimate League of Legends esports competitor, but he has since abandoned his competitive career to focus on creating content. With 2.4 million followers on Twitch, YoDa is one of the biggest streamers in the space, and when he goes live, tens of thousands of viewers tune in. Like many of the best LoL streamers to make this list, YoDa plays nothing but that game on Twitch, tying himself in exclusively to the competitive platform.

YoDa lol streamer

© YoDa


Faker is one of the best League of Legends players in the world and certainly one of the top League of Legends streamers in the business. He’s a world-champion esports competitor that has flown the T1 banner for quite some time, and even though it’s rare that he actually streams, he has amassed just short of 4 million followers on Twitch. There’s no doubt that Faker is an electrifying competitor, and if he went live more often on Twitch, his following would grow even faster than it already has.

Faker LoL streamer

© Faker


Broxah is another professional League of Legends player and a streamer that promises ‘positive vibes and great experiences’. He’s a top-tier broadcaster with almost half a million followers on Twitch, and he has no problem securing more than one million hours of viewership a month on the platform. When it comes to knowing how to grow on Twitch, Broxah is a master, and he regularly engages with his chat, sharing those positive vibes that encourage other streamers to grow.

Broxah lol streamer

© Broxah


Caedrel is the first British creator to make this list, and he emerges as one of the best LoL streamers from the region. As a freelance League of Legends caster and a former professional player, Caedrel knows everything that there is to know about the game. He’s a fan-favourite streamer, and with more than 400,000 followers on Twitch, he’s built a loyal community that tunes in whenever he goes live.

Caedrel lol streamer

© Caedrel


Sardoche is one of the most popular League of Legends streamers in the world, hailing from France and boasting more than 1.3 million followers on Twitch. He’s a dedicated streamer that knows how to entertain his audience, and as a talented player, he wastes no time imparting his knowledge to the next generation of League of Legends competitors. Like many of the others on this list, Sardoche used to be a legitimate esports competitor in the space but has since rotated to content creation.

Sardoche LoL Streamer

© Sardoche


Doublelift is one of the most iconic League of Legends competitors of all time, boasting a lengthy backstory that can be traced back more than a decade. He’s one of the most talented players in the world, and his skills in the game and charisma on-screen have allowed him to secure almost 2 million followers on Twitch. He typically doesn’t go live for a very long time, and when he does, he’ll leave it a couple of weeks before he streams again, but he’s still one of the best LoL streamers around today.

Doublelift LoL Streamer

© Doublelift


Cosco is a prolific creator, boasting high-value partnerships with the likes of Nike. He has racked up almost 4 million followers on Twitch, and he spreads his time between IRL content, League of Legends streams, and gym content. He’s absolutely one of the best creators in the space, and the numbers are a testament to that fact. He’s also the best player to cap off our list of the top League of Legends streamers!

Coscu LoL Streamer

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