For years, the Call of Duty franchise has dominated streaming charts on both YouTube and Twitch. It’s a forceful series, and whenever a new game launches, it shoots to the top of the table. For some, the best COD streamers are the most entertaining creators on the planet. Today, we’re taking a look at the top Call of Duty streamers in the world, breaking down what they do, why they do it, and why they’re so popular.

If you’ve been sitting up awake at night wondering who the best COD streamers in the world are, then look no further than this guide. They’re at the top of their respective games, racking up millions of followers and making huge sums of cash for playing Call of Duty on stream. From battle royale to multiplayer-based gaming, this certainly is the definitive list of the best COD streamers.

Best CoD Streamers

Why Is Call of Duty So Popular On Twitch?

Call of Duty is, at its very heart, a competitive title – and that makes for some fantastic viewing. There’s a reason why the esports industry is exploding in popularity, as there’s nothing gamers like more than watching the best COD players fight it out on screen, just as they can – and often do. There’s something special about watching a Call of Duty streamer or competitor work their magic, then turning on the game and doing it yourself.

It helps that Call of Duty is also a ridiculously easy game to understand, and it can effectively be background noise for some people. There are plenty of viewers that will turn on a stream and leave it sitting, playing out behind them somewhere while they clean or work. It’s worth stressing that Call of Duty isn’t the most popular series on Twitch or YouTube, but it certainly ranks up there near the top of the pile.

If you’re trying desperately to learn how to become a streamer, then consider playing Call of Duty. It’s a tough title to break into, given how saturated it is online, but it holds audiences quite well.

The 10 Best COD Streamers In The World

While compiling this list, we’ve taken a look at the most popular streamers that broadcast COD categories. We’ve also considered the following, peak viewership, and the overall quality of the content that comes from these creators. Rest assured, they truly are the best COD streamers out there.


Sym is a world-class streamer firmly locked in on the top-tier Call of Duty content. He’s been playing Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 since they launched, and in the last 30 days (when writing) he’s racked up more than 230 hours on Call of Duty titles. If we use StreamsCharts’s data, we can confirm that Symfuhny is, at least temporarily, one of the most popular and most-watched COD streamers in the world.

As one of the most cracked keyboard and mouse players, Symfuhny prides himself on jaw-dropping gameplay, and with almost four million followers, he’s definitely sitting at the top of the table.

symfuhny cod streamer

© Symfuhny


Zoomaa is a Call of Duty pro player turned content creator extraordinaire. He’s a talented competitor even today, and his electrifying personality wastes no time in shining through on stream and attracting tens of thousands of viewers. At the time of writing this breakdown, Zoomaa was, statistically, the most popular Modern Warfare II streamer in the world, with 1,289,482 hours of content watched by his audience in just 30 days.

zoomaa cod streamer

© Zoomaa

Dr Disrespect

While he’s by no means exclusive to Call of Duty anymore, Dr Disrespect remains one of the most explosive content creation personalities in the world today. He’s an icon; a grandmaster of streaming that can be surpassed by absolutely nobody. He’s the two-time, champion of the people and the wielder of black steel. He’s at the tippy-top of the mountain and he’s only halfway up. He’s also a fantastic Call of Duty player (when he isn’t complaining about it) and he brings in huge viewership figures.

The Doc will regularly partner up with other big streamers when playing his games, which serves to increase his draw. Make no mistake – he might not be an exclusive COD streamer these days, but Dr Disrespect can still bring the action when it’s needed.

dr disrespect cod streamer

© Dr Disrespect


Seth ‘Scump’ Abner is currently playing out his final year in the Call of Duty League, the scene’s topmost esports competition. He’s a legendary competitor with undeniable talent, and to many, he’s the face of competitive Call of Duty. Not only that, but Scump is a gifted streamer, and behind Zoomaa, he’s the second most popular creator in the Modern Warfare II category for the last 30 days (at the time of writing).

With 1.4 million followers and mindblowing skills in the game, Scump absolutely is one of the top Call of Duty streamers ever.

scump cod streamer

© Scump


For the longest time, NICKMERCS had pivoted away from Call of Duty to focus on Apex Legends. However, since Warzone 2.0 dropped in November 2022, he’s seen a COD resurgence, coming back into the fold and easily rising the ranks to become one of the best COD streamers once again. As one of the most subbed Twitch streamers, NICKMERCS enjoys an advantageous position in the rankings, and at the time of writing this list, he’s the second most popular Warzone streamer in the world.

nickmercs cod streamer



Tyler ‘TeePee’ Polchow was once a world-class Call of Duty pro player, but he’s since dropped out of actively competing to assume the role of a content creator. Now, TeePee splits his time between Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0, and statistically, he’s one of the most popular and best COD streamers on Twitch. He streams almost every day, and when he does, tens of thousands of people flock to see his intense, coordinated gameplay.

teepee cod streamer

© TeePee


TimTheTatman is one of the most popular streamers in the world, boasting a following of almost five million YouTube subscribers. He’s a massively charismatic and loud streamer, and he often pairs up with the biggest names in the business. While he favours Warzone, he has streamed basically every COD title in the past, making him one of the top Call of Duty streamers, without a doubt. He’s energetic, skilled at the game, and instantly recognisable.

timthetatman cod streamer

© TimTheTatman


Nadeshot is the owner of 100 Thieves, one of the most accomplished esports organisations in the world. He’s a gifted content creator with an expansive background in competitive Call of Duty, and he’s a massively popular and entertaining streamer. In the last 30 days (at the time of writing), Nadeshot has played both Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2, racking up almost 700,000 viewership hours in a relatively short period of time.

nadeshot cod streamer

© Nadeshot


Aydan has been one of the hottest Warzone streamers since 2020 when he first started rising through the ranks of Twitch greatness. Despite picking up a temporary ban at the start of 2022 for doing questionable things to a chair, Aydan remains an electric and highly skilled Call of Duty streamer. He’s constantly raiding small streamers to boost them up, so who knows, if you’re trying to learn how to be a streamer, maybe he’ll jump into your Call of Duty broadcast one day.

aydant cod streamer

© Aydan


Let’s end the list with someone controversial – Nadia. This Call of Duty streamer first entered the spotlight midway through 2022, when a string of cheating accusations lit her up on social media. It was a rocky time for Nadia, with thousands of Call of Duty fans constantly hammering her for cheating – which to this day, has never been proven. Regardless, she has used the attention to grow at a staggering rate, securing almost one million followers in less than a year.

At the time of writing this list, Nadia is the most popular female Call of Duty player on record.

nadia cod streamer

© Nadia

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