Best PUBG Streamers – Top 10 PUBG Streamers

PUBG first launched in 2017 and it quickly became a big cultural success and milestone for gaming. It popularized the Battle Royale format which dominates some portions of gaming, paving the way for Warzone and Fortnite. All of these games have grown through streams just as much as actual gameplay. PUBG had a big hand in the growth of streaming as a whole, so it makes sense that some of the best PUBG streamers are some of the best streamers out there. There are loads of people who make a living just from playing this game.

PUBG isn’t as popular as it once was in terms of player count. However, its actual figures are healthier than some might assume, and it still regular pulls in impressive counts in viewer numbers for streamers. While it is an older Battle Royale, PUBG regularly innovates on the formula in ways that push beyond what Fortnite or Warzone do. On top of this, it has a strong following for the mobile side of the game as one of the most popular competitive mobile titles.  The best PUBG players and those in the higher ends of the PUBG ranks are pushing what can be done in the game.

BEST PUBG Streamers

Best PUBG Streamers – Top 10


TGLN is one of the most notable PUBG players out there, both in PUBG Esports and as a streamer. His live streams and makes YouTube content, regularly attract thousands of viewers, as he consistently finds unique and new ways to play the game. He is currently the most skilled PUBG player on PC and his content is pretty unique. TGLTN regularly plays PUBG, in longer streams over on Twitch and in content for YouTube. He’s probably one of the first names that jumps to mind when people think about PUBG content creators in 2022.

In terms of both entertainment and skill, TGLTN has to rank as one of the top PUBG streamers. He is also ranking high on our best PUBG players list.

TGLTN Twitch


2. WackyJacky

WackyJacky is definitely worth a mention when you’re looking through for the best PUBG live streamers and content creators.  He has been streaming primarily PUBG for quite a while. WackyJacky dips into and out of other content, but PUBG is the primary game that he’s known for. He has over a quarter of a million Twitch followers, while his Youtube channel is the destination for all players seeking to learn the game and get fresh tips and tricks. If you are seeking to learn about PUBG, the game mechanics, and how to improve your gameplay, Wackyjacky definitely deserves your attention.


IG: wjacky101

3. Danucd

Danucd is another PUBG player that has amassed a big following across both YouTube and Twitch, with over a million followers between the platforms. She’s probably the most popular and notable female top PUBG streamer in the entire game, still regularly streaming PUBG to a huge audience. With a high skill level in the game and making entertaining content on a regular basis, she is definitely a pillar of the streamer community in this title. She is routinely the first or second most watched PUBG streamer on Twitch.


4. FuzzFazeFuzzFace is a PUBG streamer who is also one of the more notable pro players in the game. He’s a part of the FaZe clan alongside streaming. With this team he’s taken home the top spot in a good number of events. He regularly places highly, even getting 2nd in PUBG Global Championship 2019. Outside of his pro credentials though, he’s a really entertaining guy to watch play through games and definitely one of the best PUBG live streamers. Watching pro players often has a different feel than watching a pure streamer, but FuzzFace is still pretty entertaining.

FaZe FuzzFace

5. BreaK

TSMBreaK is a PUBG competitive player and streamer who regularly pulls in huge numbers on Twitch. He’s often sat at the top of the Twitch chart for the title, with loads of people jumping into his streams to see his high-level gameplay. In the past, he was part of TSM and competed in some early PUBG tournaments. While he’s focused more on content creation since BreaK is one of the most recognizable faces in PUBG.

6. Paraboy

Paraboy focuses on the mobile side of the game, but when you look at the best PUBG streamers then he definetely ranks up there. He’s a fantastic pro player but uses live streaming to show off his skills with this side of the game. PUBG mobile has become almost a bigger deal in esports than the regular type of PUBG. Paraboy has placed very highly in competitions, like in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. These wins make him great for watching to see how esports players perform on a daily basis. But he’s also one of the best PUBG mobile streamers. Paraboy doesn’t stream on Twitch, but he still has a huge following on other platforms.


7. Hambinooo

Hambinoo is another competitive player who also has a big following as one of the better PUBG streamers. He’s more entertaining than a lot of competitive players, managing to make good content alongside performing well. He’s currently signed for Slappers Only. He also streams regularly on Twitch and is one of the more impressive PUBG streamers.


8. Halifax

Halifax is one of the best PUBG streamers in the world who has had some decent success in playing the game in the past. He’s racked up millions of Twitch views over the years and had an impressive audience built following him for his PUBG gameplay. Currently signed by TSM as a streamer, he still puts out content regularly and is a wholesome streamer to watch.



9. MinORu

MinORu is a PUBG streamer who is one of the most popular channels for PUBG across the entire platform. He’s won his share of competitions in PUBG and can definitely compete as a pro player. He’s easily one of the best PUBG live streamers in the world, putting out loads of PUBG content every week.

minoru pubg

10. DrDisRespect

The “two-time” himself has to make an entry in this list, as well as any other list for any game ever streamed ever. DrDisRespect still actively streams PUBG among a long list of Battle Royale titles, and is still a dominant force whenever he enters a lobby. Everybody knows the doc so there isn’t much more to add, except, rejoice every time you see him run the game for a good ol’ beatdown. He isn’t streaming PUBG as often as he used to, but he definitely deserves representation here still.

DrDisrespect Book

Violence. Speed. Momentum.

These are the top PUBG streamers, the best PUBG players and the most entertaining streamers that are involved in the game. Some of these are the top players who you should look at for PUBG betting in competitive matches, while others are just playing for fun!