Top 10 Esports Streamers – Best Streamers on Twitch in 2021

Twitch is a big part of what’s made esports go mainstream so much in recent years. Esports players in some games come directly from Twitch and compete within the platform in events. The top esports streamers are frequently the top of overall charts for streamer views and subs, even competing with some of the top female Twitch streamers.

The platform is a central part of pretty much all online communities for games. Alongside YouTube, Twitch has completely changed the culture for gaming and how gamers interact with each other. Naturally, this has extended to esports too.

The best esports streamers range from pro players in downtime, retired players, and games who conduct their pro games directly online. These are the top 10 esports streamers on Twitch. They vary from game to game. However, each of these streamers stands out weather it is from esports skill, their follower or sub count, or just in impact in streaming.

esports streamers

Frankie Ward interviews Shroud, Ninja and DrDisrespect at PUBG Invitational 2018 Berlin

Top 10 Esports Players Streaming on Twitch

There are plenty of esports players that can make their way onto this list. While we are going for a top 10 listing, our selection highlights streamers who have an everlasting impact on their native esport and the community is a whole. The ranking does reflect viewership numbers and follower counts to an extent, but it is not the main factor when ranking the players.

We rank the streamers  based on perceived impact and content appeal on Twitch, and outside the platform. To that end we look at what the news/social and other coverage from this streams is paired with their on-stream persona to make them the driving force they are.

10. MKLeo

MKLeo might not be streamer with the most subs or tournaments winnings, but he deserves a mention on the top esports streamers. He is an esports streamer who ranks fairly highly as a Smash Bros pro player. He excels as a player, but also provides entertaining and interesting streams on the game. Smash Bros is one of the most popular fighting games but doesn’t have prize pools that reflect it, thanks to Nintendo’s involvement being more destructive than positive most of the time.

So players like MKLeo have to balance a streaming career to be able to play full time. In this way, esports streaming can be a massivle help to some esports players.

MKLeo streamer

Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez

9. Symfuhny

Symfuhny is a pro player who is probably even better known for his streams. His Twitch streams have amassed a sizeable following on the platform, and the earnings for this probably outweigh his earnings for competitive gaming. He’s a notable player in Fortnite and Warzone, so you could probably call him an all-round pro Battle Royale player. That’s alongside being one of the best esports streamers.

Mason “Symfuhny” Lanier

8. Faker

Faker is arguably the best LoL player to ever grace the scene. He also streams quite a bit.

League of Legends game has a lot of pro players and a whole lot of streamers. Most pro players crossover between the two catagories, as they regularly have their own personal streams going. However, Faker is one of the greatest esports athletes turned streamer with has a decent sized following on Twitch. Even though his streams are largely in Korean, his follower count and viewer count remains high as international audiences just want to see him outplay opponents.

Faker Twitch

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok

7. Dakotaz

Dakotaz is a Fortnite pro player and esports streamer who usually ranks in the top batch of channels on Twitch. He is a competitive Fortnite player, alongside being one of the top Fortnite streamers. On off days, you can see him playing in lighter games like Among Us.

Dakotaz Twitch

Brett Hoffman

6. S1mple

S1mple is regularly mentioned when discussing who the best CS GO player in the world is. He has been active in the game since 2013, and has stuck around at the top of the CSGO scene for most of the time. This has given him a great perspective for streaming competitive games, since he clearly knows the mechanics inside and out. S1mple is one of the best esports streamers with his content showcasing his expertise and quirky on screen personality.

When you don’t watch him win CSGO Majors, you will see him playing pubs, FPL and Valorant to entertain the masses with his superior skills.

S1mple FPL

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev

5. Summit1g

Summit1g is a retired former CS GO player who has found a good niche as a general streamer on Twitch. Like a few other CSGO players, he’s moved from that game into more general streaming. Summit1g is a great esports streamer who shows how entertaining content from former pros can be, even in more casual games.

Versatile in his game selection, you can see Summit playing anything from Among Us to GTA V to Final Fantasy.

Jaryd “Summit1g” Russell Lazar

4. Myth

Myth is one of the top esports streamers on Twitch. He regularly ranks towards the top of most subs across Twitch. He’s a content creator in Fortnite and more recently Valorant, but he also competes in competitive events for these games.

TSM Myth

Ali “Myth” Kabbani


TGLTN is the reigning PUBG Champion with Susquehanna Soniqs and one the best esports streamers currently active. After achieving massive success with his early PUBG streams, TGLTN replaced Pr0phie on the Soniqs roster and rocketed the squad into global domination. Currently, TGLTN’s PUBG streams show how the game can be played at some of the highest levels. He streams outside of tournaments a whole lot, and his clips are watched by millions of people weekly.

TGLTN Twitch

Cooked by the best

2. Shroud

Shroud is a former CSGO pro player who has become one of the biggest streamers out there. He still competes in more casual esports events, and he’s someone you can look at streamer betting for, because of these appearances. In the past, Shroud has been a pro CSGO player which has got him quite the following in the esports scene. Since then, he’s become a streamer of a lot of different titles. That includes being one of the best PUBG streamers, and looking at various new games like Valorant. His channel has previously been the third most subscribed to on the platform.

What makes Shroud unique is the ease in which he becomes proficient in FPS titles as soon as they come out, and could easily pursue an esports career in most of them if he chose to do so. Yet, he prefers to keep things casual and producing content for the ever expanding clip maker community.

Shroud Twitch

Michael Grzesiek

1. xQC

xQC is one of the most popular Twitch streamers and one of the top esports streamers on the entire platform. In the years he’s been streaming, xQc has managed to be one of the most popular streamers in the platforms sometimes hitting the high point for most watched channel or most subscribed channel. xQc was previously an Overwatch pro, and eventually fully committed to streaming.

xQc Twitch

Félix Lengyel

While his streaming is more for general games now, he’s still an esports player who dominates the Twitch scene at the moment. xQc is a great example of how esports streamers can switch to different sides of the platform.