Five female Twitch streamers worth following today

Most successful streamers are male – but there are plenty of exceptions. Female streamers may not necessarily match their male counterparts in viewer numbers or even in income, but they still produce some of the highest quality content in the streaming world. Streaming is big business – successful streamers not only make tens of thousands if not more, per month, they draw in audiences larger than many sports events could hope for – and that on the daily.

We focus our Twitch Girls list only on streamers that play actual video games and none of that Twitch Controversies related stuff. We also skip over any banned twitch girls or those adhering to the ASMR/Hot-Tub meta.

Here are some of the best of the best that Twitch has to offer!

Five Twitch Girls you should follow right now

1. Pokimane

Although she may be an obvious first choice, Pokimane is the absolute top example as far as female streamers go. She is the only girl streamer to have made it in Twitch’s top ten across their entire platform, and that at an impressive sixth place overall. She strams games like Valorant, League of Legends and Fortnite, and boasts more than 7.9 million followers with more than 716 million views combined. She’s been active since 2013 and dropped out of university in order to pursue her streaming career full time. Read our full Pokimane streamer page for all her details.

Pokimane Twitch

2. LoserFruit

The second most popular female streamer on Twitch is the Australian Loserfruit, a former intern at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Like Pokimane, she streams games like League of Legends and Fortnite, but also things like Overwatch. Also active on YouTube, she mostly posts things like ‘Lets play’ videos there – by now, she has three different channels on the platform. Her Twitch channel on the other hand has as many as 2.1 million followers, with more than 42 million views. On YouTube, she has even more – 3.3 million followers follow her main account there.

LoserFruit Twitch

3. Danucd

Although she has far fewer followers than Pokimane and Loserfruit, DanucD is another must-know entry on this list. The Twitch streamer plays various FPS games, as well as horror and the occasional Just Chatting video. Her streams feature something somewhat unusual – her own music! She started streaming somewhat more recently than most of Twitch’s top streamer girls – in 2018. She has since been one of the most popular PUBG streamers the platform has to offer, and has since also joined as a member of TSM. With a little more than half a million Twitch followers, her popularity is still increasing rapidly.

Danucd may be also be available for Twitch betting when streaming PUBG.

Danucd Twitch

4. Loeya

This Swedish Twitch girl has just over 1.4 million followers on the platform. She mainly focuses on shooters, especially Fortnite, where she is an incredibly popular player. She occasionally streams Valorant as well as other games too, but Fortnite is where most of her fans discovered her. Like most female Twitch streamers, she has had to face copious amounts of sexism in her career – she is especially quick and ruthless about calling things like that out when she comes across it, and has more than proven that she is popular because of her skills rather than her gender.

She is also one of the most “GIF-ed” out streamers on our list, with her reaction GIFs becoming a staple of meme culture.

Loeya Twitch

5. itsHAFU

This American streamer covers quite a wide variety of games. Initially gaining notoriety as a talented World of Warcraft player, she has since branched out to include games like Valorant, Fall Guys, Minecraft and more. She is also one of the best Hearthstone players out there, having peaked at rank 2 during the game’s 3rd season. She is equally highly ranked in Among Us and has previously held the number 1 rank spot in Teamfight Tactics public Beta. In other words – she’s incredibly skilled at a lot of games, and its those skills that earned her her 1.3 million Twitch followers.


Honorable mentions

Below are some more Twitch girls we recommend based on their impeccable skills and interesting personalities. They aren’t quite up there yet as far as their follower numbers go, but we think they could eventually make it to the top leagues on Twitch.


This Cloud9 White streamer was part of the team that won the first women-only Valorant Ignition series, as well as the first VCT Game Changers tournament. Despite having ‘only’ 41k followers on Twitch, she has partnered with brands like HyperX, Epos, Red Bull, Puma, and AT&T. Expect MeL to skyrocket in popularity as C9 White takes on the Valorant scene with full force.


Particularly popular in the Overwatch community, a game where she ranks in the top 500 players of her region, Barcode is just shy of 81.4k followers on Twitch. She streams games like GTA and WoW alongside Overwatch, and doesn’t include facecams in her streams – a welcome change when so many female streamers try to attract audiences through their appearance alone.


This Twitch streamer stands out from (most of) the rest of this list for several reasons – not only does she primarily stream horror games like Dead by Daylight rather than shooters, but she is also a woman of color. If you are looking for an up and coming female streamer that does something different, her relaxed horror streams are definitely a great option. With just over 12.7k followers at the moment, her audience isn’t huge – but she has the talent to increase it quite a bit.

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