Overwatch first burst onto the scene in 2016, before being followed up by Overwatch 2 in 2022. It has remained a fan-favourite competition title for years, even if it doesn’t quite boast the pulling power of a franchise like Call of Duty or a game like CSGO, for example. It’s a relatively popular game on streaming platforms, and today, we’re taking a look at a top ten breakdown of the best Overwatch streamers online.

From the marathon stream aficionados to the massively talented personalities, we’ve considered all comers for this guide. There’s a dense concentration of Overwatch-focused creators out there, but what makes up this list truly is a collection of the best Overwatch streamers you’ll find broadcasting their content to the world.

best overwatch streamers

Why Is Overwatch Popular?

Overwatch takes several elements from other games and injects them with something quirky and highly entertaining. It’s a fusion between a typical multiplayer-driven arena shooter and a hero shooter, offering players the ability to assume the roles of some interesting Overwatch Heroes. It’s a diverse assortment that can be confusing for new players, but it offers a great selection to those that cannot make up their minds.

For the most part, the best Overwatch players fuel the community, both in terms of the esports side of things and the streaming side. Many of the best Overwatch streamers are competitive players at heart, earning money as professional esports competitors.

That’s what makes Overwatch so popular – it truly is a fantastically competitive platform, and it’s (for the most part) stable and enjoyable. It looks nice, and it feels great to play, and that’s all there is to it.

Top 10 Best Overwatch Streamers

And now, we come to the core of this breakdown – the best Overwatch streamers.


ML7 is considered to be one of the best (if not the best) Overwatch streamers in the business. He’s a talented player that favours the support role, and he’s never short of entertaining content that pleases his fans and entices new ones to join his community. He’s also a helpful creator, uploading content that aids new players in understanding the support role, furthering his profile as one of the best Overwatch streamers out there. At present, he has around 700,000 followers on Twitch but he’s growing all the time.


© ML7


Emongg is, just by numbers alone, one of the biggest and most popular Overwatch streamers on Twitch. He boasts a following of 820,000 users and at the end of 2022 (going into 2023), Emongg was ranked as the most-watched Overwatch streamer on the platform. With a peak viewership of 19,830 users and a total hours watched count of 1.5 million, he topped the table by a considerable distance. If you’re learning how to be a streamer and you love Overwatch, you can pick up some tips from Emongg.


© Emongg


According to StreamsCharts.com, Seagull falls a considerable distance behind Emongg, but that’s by no means a testament to his abilities as a streamer. There’s nothing at all wrong with Seagull’s content, and that’s proven by the fact that he has more than 1.17 million followers on Twitch. He’s a wholesome creator that some have dubbed ‘Mr. Overwatch’, and as a firm advocate for the title and its ecosystem, he’s influenced countless players, inspiring them to pick up a copy of Overwatch.


© Seagull


AriaSaki is a North American streamer and the first female creator to make this list. She’s a varied streamer at heart but she throws out a lot of Overwatch 2 streams, and with 620,000 followers on Twitch, she’s certainly in a good position to be classed as one of the best Overwatch streamers. Her content is entertaining, and as a wholesome individual, she takes part in a lot of group streams with friends, both in and out of Overwatch.


© AriaSaki


Flats is, according to his bio, one of the ‘top 500 main tanks in Overwatch’. He’s a talented streamer with over 400,000 followers on the platform, and he goes live every day, playing Overwatch 2 and entertaining his many viewers with wholesome, long-form content. He can stream for up to ten hours at a time, even if that sometimes means he steps away from Overwatch 2 to play something else. He has a remarkably basic streaming setup, but his content is flawless.


© Flats


SuperTF is a streamer and competitive player for NRG Esports, one of the most popular esports organisations in the world. With almost 600,000 followers on Twitch, he is, as he puts it, a ‘dominant force of nature’, effortlessly cruising through the Overwatch streaming space with ease. While SuperTF experiences a lower peak and average viewership than some creators on this list, he’s still certainly one of the best Overwatch streamers on the platform.


© SuperTF


AverageJonas splits his time between a series of competitive titles, but he dedicates most of his attention to Overwatch 2 and VALORANT. He’s a gifted keyboard and mouse player and a hugely entertaining streamer, which is backed up by his having almost 1 million followers on Twitch. He’s a long-form creator, going live for more than 12 hours at a time on occasion, and as he secures almost 900,000 hours watched in the space of a month, he’s absolutely making the list of top Overwatch streamers.


© AverageJonas


Jay3 is a likeable content creator signed with Luminosity, and he’s statistically one of the best Overwatch players in the world. He claims that he’s the ‘most positive streamer in the world’, and it’s that attitude that has allowed him to amass a following of almost 500,000 users on Twitch. As a DPS player, Jay3 slays out effortlessly on Overwatch 2, and once upon a time, he considered himself such a cracked player that he went by the name ‘J3sus’.


© Jay3


KarQ is one of the smallest Overwatch streamers to make this list, but he’s by no means the least capable. With more than a quarter of a million followers on Twitch, KarQ has spent a long time building up a community, taking advantage of some of the best streaming guides to amass a huge and dedicated following. He’s a talented Overwatch player but occasionally dips away to play other games on stream – but Overwatch really is his number one title.


© KarQ


xQc was, once upon a time, a legitimate Overwatch esports competitor. In fact, that’s where his original Twitch name came from – xQcOW. He’s one of the most impressive streamers in the world, boasting a following of more than 11.5 million users. He’s by far the most popular creator to make this list, but he’s tucked away at the bottom because it isn’t very frequently that he plays Overwatch on stream. He’s a varied streamer through and through, and almost every stream will see him do something new.


© xQc

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