xQc caught stream sniping Fall Guys at Twitch Rivals

Fall Guys has carved itself out a sizeable niche as one of the most fun party games and Battle Royales around. The game exploded upon release and has held on to a lot of that popularity, especially on Twitch. The game became part of the latest Twitch Rivals event, with a Fall Guys tournament taking place as the final event.

Unfortunately, the event has become embroiled in an argument over stream sniping. Apparently, Fall Guys stream sniping has managed to become a thing, thanks to the perseverance of players to grief each other, even in a game where that doesn’t help anyone win.

Stream sniping has always been a controversial topic in competitive games. In Battle Royales like Fortnite, it is a frequent problem even in huge events. The latest scandal is kind of unique though. The game itself is hard to stream snipe in. The layout of the levels and nature of gameplay mean there isn’t much benefit in knowing where another player is. In an obstacle course level, you can fairly easily guess where most other players are even if they’re not on your screen at that second. The best you can really do is prevent another player and yourself from progressing. Yet, Fall Guys stream sniping has managed to overshadow the last round of Twitch Rivals.

Stream Sniping Fall Guys Twitch Rivals

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Fall Guys Stream Sniping

The Fall Guys stream sniping took place during the GlitchCon Twitch Rivals event. The games were played in public lobbies, which opened up some possibilities of abuse. The controversial round took place during a tie-breaking game. xQc tried to throw Tyler1’s team off of a win in a tie breaking round. He waits around the finishing point and goes to great lengths to hold back the player, even loosing himself in the process.

xQc goes out of his way to hold back Tyler1’s team. This ensures they don’t receive any more points and are beaten out by another team. This is definitely against the rules of the event and it seems like xQc was deliberately holding back another team to manipulate the tournament standings. Tyler1 had a, strong reaction to this.

Following this though, things did seem to calm down. After some time had passed Tyler1 specified that he didn’t think xQc should be banned for that.

The player also followed up with his own apology.

Attempting Fall Guys stream sniping because it would be funny isn’t exactly a fair excuse during a tournament. It was kind of funny, but Twitch Rivals events are supposed to have a bit more security. Even the King of Reddit himself couldn’t believe it.

Fall Guys Competitive Problems

There is one major issue with Fall Guys Twitch Rivals events. Essientally, it is Fall Guys’ design and how esports for the game are held and organized. Esports events take place in regular lobbies which does open them up all kinds of interference. Streamers shouldn’t be interfering for the sake of a joke. While players can do that this easily though, it is bound to happen. Early Fortnite tournaments held in a similar way had similar problems.

Private Fall Guys servers or some infrastructure to protect the competitive integrity of tournaments would go a long way towards helping with problems like these. Fall Guys might be a more casual focused party game, but a few little features made available for competitive events would go a long way here.

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