Fall Guys Competitive – Fall Guys Fridays and First Esports Team Formed

Fall Guys has been pretty hard to avoid in gaming circles lately. The game is a really unique take on the Battle Royale and has appeal to players from across different genres. While this is a Battle Royale game, it has more resemblance to Takeshi’s Castle than PUBG or Fortnite. On the surface, the game lends itself to an Esports scene, but competitive Fall Guys seems to be growing anyway.

Fall Guys Esports is having its first major tournament take place this Friday as part of Twitch Rivals. Twitch rivals hold events for a lot of games, even Stardew Valley, so this alone isn’t a sign of a growing scene. It isn’t the only Fall Guys event though, and with Panda Global creating a team we might see more of it in the future. Fall Guys is the big thing at the moment. The excitement may fade and the game doesn’t on the surface resemble something hyper-competitive, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be teams and events for it.

Fall Guys Esports First Tournament – Fall Guys Fridays

Fall Guys Friday is the first major tournament for the game and its due to be held on August 28th. The event is going to be streamed on Twitch which quite a large prize pool.

The tournament is going to be taking place between 13 invited teams. These are made up of big names from Twitch, YouTube, and even outside entertainers like wrestlers. Teams will be taking part in games of Fall Guys, playing 6 regular games followed by 4 knockout games. Teams will get points for qualifying for each round. The prize pool breaks down like this:

  • 1st Place – $7,000
  • 2nd Place – $4,000
  • 3-5th Place – $3,000
  • 6-10th Place – $2,000
  • 11-15th Place- $2,000
  • 16-20th Place – $1,500

The Tournament is going to be a fun event focused on lighter competition. Although this fall Guys perfectly. But there do seem to be some esports organizations taking it a lot more seriously.

The First Fall Guys Competitive Team FormsPanda Global

The first Fall Guys esports team has been put together by Panda Global.

All the players on the team are already involved with Panda Global in one form or another. They’ve also been streaming Fall Guys for a little while, so this announcement hasn’t come out of nowhere. The team captain is a Smash Bros commentator who has claimed to be the 6th best player in the World. Who the other five are is a mystery. Another Smash player Marss is also on the team.

The Pokémon World Champion was cut from the team after losing in Jump Club, which must have been a crushing elimination for him.

These players have competed in other events like one where they aimed to get the most crowns (like a Victory Royale, coming in first) within 90 minutes. Any attempts at Fall Guys teams are a bit wonky at the moment since the game doesn’t have a dedicated team or squad mode. Instead, players are all mixed in. Being grouped up doesn’t even factor into the much-hated team games.

Does Fall Guys Esports Have Legs?

Fall Guys Esports is definitely going to be a welcome change of pace. It’s not a serious game, and it doesn’t appear to be built to become a team sport. If there is interest though, a competitive scene will grow around it. Fall Guys Esports are going to be unique and entertaining events. Although it might even be unfair to call them competitive, given how un-competitive the game’s approach is.

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