What is Fall Guys and why is everyone streaming it?

After only just making his comeback as a streamer on YouTube, DrDisrespect is already pulling major headlines again – though this time, for good reasons rather than a ban. He competed against PewDiePie in a Fall Guys showdown.

What is Fall Guys and why is everyone streaming it?

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But… What is Fall Guys?

Well, it’s a type of Battle Royale game, however nothing like Fortnite or PUBG. Instead, it’s a party BR game. It’s a bright, colourful and silly little game that seems to be dominating streams around the world at the moment. Up to 60 players per game try to make it through crazy hijinks-filled levels with the goal of not falling – off or over.

It’s a little like a mix of Human: Fall Flat and Gangbeasts, just with far more players, and a lot of streamers are picking it up. PewDiePie and DrDisrespect actually bet on the outcome of their competition – and PewDiePie won 5-3.

The punishment for the losing streamer was severe – or at least DrDisrespect seemed to think so. Pewds made him watch his most disliked video on the channel. It was one from 2016, where he’d asked for viewers to ‘punish’ him with dislikes.

Still, it was all in good fun – both streamers ended on a happy note, and even discussed collaborating in an IRL stream in the future.

Fall Guys galore

Still, the game these two played is attracting just about everyone. TimTheTatMan are also currently streaming the game and getting himself in trouble. He went on a 5-hour losing binge causing even the Fall Guys to respond. The game has a notoriously funny Twitter page, and the owners were not shy about roasting TimTheTatMan for his streak.

Fans of both the game and Tim readily piled on, while Twitch itself tweeted back, confirming that it was ‘clearly’ a conspiracy!

Fall Guys’ Twitter didn’t let up either – there were several more comments aimed at TimTheTatMan later that same day. Chief among them was “No matter how bad you are at Fall Guys, there is somebody out there that’s worse than you! Unless, of course, you are TimTheTatman – statistically, the worst-performing Fall Guys player in the world.”

Fall Guys appeal

The bright, colourful, and non-violent Fall Guys has a lot of appeal. It’s absolutely insane and also extremely challenging to win. There is a fair amount of RNG involved – collapsing panels, falling balls and more can quickly dash even the most skilled player’s hopes for survival and winning.

Other elements that make it perfect for a streaming sensation are the varied costumes you can put on your player guys. There are already some skins that pay homage to streamers, other games and more – and while not all of the fan-made skins will make it into the live game, at least one TF2 skin – “Scout” is already available in the game.

Fall Guys is not out on mobile yet. Once the game actually releases on mobile we expect the appeal will skyrocket. It will be fun watching people flip out after getting knocked out just as they did in the Angry Birds era.

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