While most fighting games are probably eating dust when it comes to esports, Street Fighter Betting is currently a bomb! Therefore, today we will Hadouken the subject and tell you all that you need to know about this jewel and the current betting market.

From Arcades to Esports

In 1987 we got to taste for the first time what today is one of the best-selling videogame franchises ever. Street Fighter came by the hand of Capcom (The Japanese studio responsible for Resident Evil and Megaman series) and joined the fight to be now one of the resilient and best competitive fighting games that form part of the esports market.

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Street Fighter Betting Tips

While most games in the fighting genre look alike, the Street Fighter franchise has some special features that will likely make you lose money if you don’t consider them when doing your math. So, as well as keeping you informed with the latest fighting games news, here are a few tips for you to make some cash while having fun:

Do your homework

Streetfighter goes in 1v1 matches; therefore, just like in MMA, some intimidation takes process and there are usually pairs of players where one usually beats the other. Back in 2016, the case was seen in the finals of the Evolution Championship Series tournament as the player Tokido lost the match to Infiltration. Even more, when this pair meets Infiltration was almost always the winner. Furthermore, pro players are usually better at one character despite the in-game parity. So, if you see a world champion going off his usual choosing then you should turn a red flag and reduce your wager. Moving on, you need to know the usual, the players’ stats and statistics from recent tournaments, their experience in the game, and so on. All these details will help you choose better bets.

street fighter betting

© ‎Capcom

Aim for combos

The most particular feature of the Street Fighter Series is the Combo Stun! When the enemy hits you too much you are unable to move for a few seconds; this time-frame is enough for the best players to destroy an opponent. (And for you almost a safe bet when it comes to live betting)

Look for the best players

You may feel tempted to bet on the names in the world’s raking, records like Punk, Bonchman, and Tokido are probably giving you an advantage when it comes to bets. On the other hand, you could try to research recent tournament results; the recent Capcom Pro Tour, for example, was a great tournament where players such as DR Mandrake, SKZ, and Phenom took the best places.

The best Street Fighter betting sites

While fighting games revolutionized the competitions, being the first games to have tournaments, the genre is not as sound when it comes to esports in the 2020 decade. Nevertheless, several esports betting sites are open to this market as the genre makes what could be a huge comeback or just a fan-based survival.

Here, is a list with the best sites for Street Fighter Betting that you can find right now:

1. Unikrn

Unikrn is a betting platform born and focused on esports; furthermore, the site will offer you the widest game selection, even covering small tournaments for several esports titles.

While the betting markets for games like League of Legends or CSGO are wider, this site still offers a nice selection of applicable bets for the Fighting Games genre, including Street Fighter V. Even more, the site allows you to be on Virtual Street Fighter V matches.

When it comes to bonuses, Unikrn is usually the biggest fish as well, the site usually offers deposit bonuses for up to 300% and around 400$. Nevertheless, this varies depending on the moment you log in and the withdrawal conditions are to be considered.

Another great thing about Unikrn is that they have the Unikrn Gold coin, a cryptocurrency dedicated to esports betting which value depends on the betting market.

unikrn virtual match street fighter v

© Unikrn – Go to Unikrn

2. Rivalry

In the world of esports, there are few things as appealing as streamers, and the Rivalry platform is probably the one that has taken more juice from that fruit.

This esports betting site is mainly focused on live betting and even offers the gamblers the option of betting on their favorite streamers’ performance during broadcastings. In this regard, the site is quite interesting although it falls behind when it comes to bonuses.

On the other hand, Rivalry is a great site for Street Fighter betting as they cover a nice number of betting options and tournaments. Their dedicated section to Street Fighter V is, overall, nice.

3. Leovegas

While LeoVegas is mostly a Casino, the options for esports betting aren’t limited. They cover up nice betting markets for Street Fighter V tournaments.

On the other hand, the site counts with a nice Slot Game based on Street Fighter II in case that you don’t want to deal with real game matches.

When it comes to bonuses, LeoVegas matches up to Unikrn by being super generous, with around 100% matched deposits for up to 400$ in normal circumstances and several seasonal and event bonuses.

LeoVegas NetEnt’s Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot

© NetEnt – Go to LeoVegas

4. Pinnacle

While esports focused sites are the best choices most of the time, you may want to take a look at sports betting sites that are opening to the esports markets. In this case, Pinnacle has wide Street Fighter Betting markets and covers the most important tournaments. What makes the site appealing is mostly its ease of use and constant promoting.

Nevertheless, this site may have different odds when it comes to calculating advantages; besides, as all esports are in one same category you may want to use the search option to find the Street Fighter matches you want to bet on.

All these platforms are great for Street Fighter Betting. In the end, our main recommendation would be to look for one that offers you nice odds on the player you want to bet on, and a nice bonus to enter the game with your hands full.

Betting Markets

We have mentioned betting markets a lot earlier; so, here is our explanation of the type of bets that you can find in Street Fighter matches:

  • Match Winner
  • Round Winner
  • Handicap
  • Longest Combo
  • First Combo
  • Right Time
  • The right number of matches

Street Fighter V Biggest Tournaments

As you may expect from a fighting game, the tournaments go with either best-of-five, head-to-head, or round-robin formats. And regardless of the case, there are huge tournaments around this legendary game title. Here we name the best of them:

  • Capcom Cup: With a prize pool of over 500.000$ for 2019
  • Pro Tour: With a prize pool of 600.000$ in 2019
  • Topanga: with a prize pool of over 30.000$ for 2020
  • Dreamhack Anaheim: With a general prize pool of 250.000$ for 2020
  • EVO Japan: With a prize pool of over 9.000$ for 2020