StarCraft 2 Betting: The best places for StarCraft 2 Gambling online

StarCraft has been out there since esports started and this second title from one of the biggest strategy games’ franchise has been rocking hard for a while. But, is StarCraft 2 Betting still advisable?

In short, yes. Even when the game has grown somehow old over time, with a gamer-base of still over 500.000 teams raging after prizes of over 50.000$ the game remains popular and SC 2 betting is still quite profitable.

This way, in tournaments titles like World Cyber Games and the National Electronic Sports Open you can find a lot of updated information and great pools to place your Bet on StarCraft 2.

In this article, you will find the basics of StarCraft 2 and the best sites for StarCraft 2 betting.

Where to place your bet on StarCraft 2:

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A considerable StarCraft 2 betting platform must have at least certain characteristics at the level of:

  • Security
  • Good welcome bonuses
  • Ease of use
  • Withdrawal flexibility

However, additionally two factors can make the difference when you go to place your bets:

The first is the depth of the bets that the bookie offers you concerning the game.

It may be possible to use all your knowledge in additional bets within the statistics and some brokers will only offer you the typical modality of choosing the possible winner.

Besides, counting on additional ways to bet on StarCraft 2 can be an advantage as these usually divide the pools by fewer winners.

The second feature you should consider is live gambling.

Being able to bet live is useful as it allows you to work together with the flow of the game, this is incredible when you have real knowledge and experience in the game.


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Best gambling sites for StarCraft 2

However, if you are open to advise, check out our best esports betting sites.

Besides, here we listed the best sites to bet and follow the most iconic esports tournaments! On the other hand, the best sites to specifically place your bet on StarCraft 2 are listed below:

98/100 Bonus
100% Deposit, up to €100
Unikrn Bonus
200% Deposit, up to €50
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Already knowing where to place your bets, you will need to know which tournaments to follow, who are the best players and what are the professional teams’ overall and tournament-specific statistics.

Best tournaments to Bet on StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 is a full-strategy game developed by Blizzard, just like its predecessor, in which players go all-in creating a powerful campaign in which economy and resource management are a great deal to be followed by combat strategy and unit management.

In this game, players usually participate in all-vs-all, 2v2 or 1v1 matches, being the last ones most common in Meta tournaments such as:

The Blizzcon:

Blizzard’s greatest convention run by Blizzard in which the StarCraft II world Champion Series takes place.

World Cyber Games:

Hosted by Samsung, the StarCraft 2 tournaments got a pool of over 50.000 in 2019, and exposure of over the 10.000.000 viewers.

National Electronic Esports Open:

Organized by the General Administration of Sport in China, is one of the biggest StarCraft II tournaments currently running –Although the price pool ain’t as great as the ones named before.


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The Gambling guide

There are three important aspects that you must take into account before you start making bets on this game. The first is that you need reliable and timely information, including tournament results, general statistics, and of course the individual statistics of the top players.

For this, you should pay attention to the StarCraft news. So that you get all the necessary knowledge to make decisions before betting.

The second important factor to take into account is the platform and which you are going to put your money on. Which we already broke through before.

Then, your betting strategy kicks in. To help you out, here we list a few steps to make your StarCraft 2 Betting as successful as possible:

  1. Do your homework, get to know who the best players are in the metagame.
  2. Don’t leave small tournaments behind, there is always a raising underdog that will grant you a better betting pool than the usual favorites.
  3. Follow your player’s in social media, even the best may go down if something happens in their personal life.
  4. Remember that recent success does not guarantee the next results.
  5. Consider how game patches and changes affect your player’s favorite strategies.

Extra tip:

SC 2 Betting on current top players may win you some easy cash, but the price pool for your bets look compromised. Instead of a low-risk strategy try to invest 10% of your gambling funds on rising stars.

As a general rule, you may find a bigger reward when doing so, although the risk is bigger and you will need to understand the game in depth.

StarCraft II – Place your bets on the latest odds