NBA 2K is the biggest basketball game out there. Its competitive scene is the result of a close relationship between the developers of NBA 2K, and the NBA itself. This gives the games a close tie to actual basketball but with a unique feel. The game has a lot of big basketball teams involved, and have cultivated a different feel to the league itself. NBA 2K betting is a great way to get a bit more excitement out of matches.

The NBA has been running for quite a while, but obviously the NBA 2K competitive scene is quite a bit younger. NBA 2K gambling is an extension of this link to normal basketball. You’ll find some of the similar markets as you would in regular basketball. The event itself though can often feel different, with NBA 2K having a unique experience for viewers.

What are the top 3 bookmakers for live betting?

The best esports live betting sites for your NBA 2K bets are also offering interesting esports bonus offers:

Top 3 Bookmakers with Live Betting

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Why Start NBA 2K Betting? Reasons to Bet on NBA 2K

Starting to bet on NBA 2K, or NBA League Betting can seem odd when normal basketball is out there. The game is completely unique though, and there are some great reasons for making NBA 2K wager instead of regular basketball bets:

  • Different from Regular Basketball – NBA 2K League is really quite different from normal basketball. The virtual version is a very different thing to watch and can often be more entertaining.
  • Easy to Follow at Home – The league is a lot easier to follow at home than regular basketball, so NBA 2K League betting is often simpler than regular basketball. You can watch everything from a web browser.
  • Runs Year Round – NBA 2K basketball league can be done year-round, so you don’t have to wait for a certain match to get in on the action. There are even NBA 2K betting odds available throughout any suspensions to live sports.
  • Same Bets as Ordinary Basketball – NBA 2K Betting is the same as betting on normal basketball, with the same options available to you.

NBA 2K Betting offers many of the same advantages as betting on basketball, but with the benefits of games running more often that comes with Esports.

NBA 2K Betting

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Best Bookmakers to Bet on NBA 2K

There are a lot of different bookmakers out there that offer Esports betting. When you’re looking for the right Esports betting sites though, you’ve got a few things to consider. Even more, if you’re looking to bet on fantasy esports. These are some of the factors to look for in an Esports bookie:

  • Odds – You’ll want to find the best Esports betting odds when doing NBA 2K gambling. Look for ones that offer good odds so you’re not overpaying.
  • Markets – Ideally, you’ll want a variety of markets available to you, to give the options of betting on a lot of different things. This is great for NBA 2K betting, where you can bet on handicaps or over and under points.
  • Bonuses – A great sign up bonus is a good thing in a bookie, it can give you a reward for starting to bet. Look for those with the best betting bonuses.
  • Security – You should look for a bookie that has solid security and validations to keep things safe.
  • Payment Methods – Ideally, a bookie should offer a variety of payment methods. These can include things like PayPal, but also Crypto if you’re interested in Crypto betting.

These are the important things to look for in an Esports betting page. These are all applicable to NBS 2K. However, on a closer look, some are better than others. These are the best bookies out there for NBA 2K betting:


GG.BET is a dedicated Esports bookie offering lot of great options for NBA 2K League betting. You will find great options for different deposits and have some good odds available on matches.

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GGBET are one of the biggest names in Esports betting. They offer a great variety of payment methods, usually give the best odds, and offer great sign up bonuses. This is the best place to start with NBA 2K wagers.

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Betway is both a traditional sports bookie and one for Esports. This means you get the exact same markets to bet on NBA 2K and regular basketball betting. They also have great security, sign up bonuses, and a lot of different payment methods. This is a great bookie for NBA 2K betting odds.

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NBA 2K Betting Tips 

If you’re looking to start betting on NBA 2K, you should know a few things beforehand. If you go in completely blind, you might not get as much out of the experience as you can. These are some tips for NBA 2K gambling.

  • Check Out the Match First – Research the match you’re betting on before you bet. NBA 2K teams can be quite different from their closest equivalent in real basketball, so it can be confusing at first.
  • Check all the Markets – There are loads of different markets for NBA 2K League betting, just like with other sports and Esports. Make sure you check through all the markets before you start betting.
  • Take it Slow – if you’re just getting into Esports betting, take it slow with NBA 2K betting until you get the hang of things.
  • Watch the Games – Actually sit and watch the games while you’re betting on Esports, they are quite fun to watch so you’ll be missing out if you’re just betting.
NBA 2K20 Gameplay

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NBA 2K Betting Markets

 NBA 2K is analogous to a real sport, so it comes with quite a few different markets. You can bet on a lot more stuff than just win or lose. These are some of the main NBA 2K betting markets you’ll see when you’re betting:

  • Outrights – Outrights are if you can win or lose a game. This is the simplest version of NBA 2K betting.
  • Handicap – This is a bit more interesting, it gives a team a handicap to make the odds a bit more even on each side.
  • Total – You can bet on the total points in the game, with over or under a specific prediction.

Top Tournaments Dedicated to NBA 2K

NBA 2K betting spread across a variety of events, but most people get involved in the biggest ones. When it comes to NBA 2K, this means the NBA 2K League.

NBA 2K League is a completive league co-ran by the NBA and Take-Two, the developers of the game. Various teams operate in the league and conduct 5 vs 5 games. They each use various characters inside of the game, rather than using existing NBA players that are real-life people. This is something that makes the NBA 2K league quite different from regular NBA, it uses entirely unique players rather than relying on teams in the game. NBA 2K League betting is definitely the biggest market to bet on with the game.

NBA2K League 2020 season betting

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Where to Watch NBA 2K Live

NBA 2K live is pretty easy to watch online, maybe even more so than the regular NBA, at least if you want to watch for free!

Many games are broadcast live on a bookies own page. This lets you watch the game and track the changes in odds. However, there are other places you can watch them. You can also watch the NBA 2K League on Twitch, and on their official website. All of these streams offer pretty much the same quality, so they’re great places to watch NBA 2K Live.