Free Fire is a Battle Royale game that has gained quite a followed since its launch. In some regions, this mobile game even surpasses the popularity of games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile.

Free Fire was one of the most downloaded apps in 2019, with this large following a decent esports scene has emerged for the game. Free Fire betting has naturally followed, giving fans the chance to bet on the biggest tournaments and matches for the game. This is all you need to know to place your first bet on Free Fire.

What to Know about Free Fire Betting

When looking at a Free Fire betting app or the top esports betting sites for the game, it pays off to know a bit of background on the game, how it works, and how competitive matches are held. Garena Free Fire is redefining how betting on Battle Royale looks like, and is setting the standard for many other BR titles that haven’t quite made their game bet friendly. Take this guide as a pointer towards the direction of how betting on Free Fire looks like, but be aware changes to the markets might happen suddenly.

Free Fire – How it Works

Free Fire is a Battle Royale game similar to Apex Legends of Fortnite. This matches played with big lobbies filled with contestants. Players drop in on a given map and compete to be the last man standing. They have a limited amount of time to grab their loot as the map gets progressively smaller grouping the players together. There are 50 players in each game of Free Fire. So, while lobbies are bigger, the game is a lot more fast paced than some other Battle Royales.

As a mobile title, Free Fire is pretty accessible to players. The game can run in great quality on the vast majority of smart devides. This means there’s a huge player base open to fans, and for different teams for Free Fire betting. Professional players do use some of the best mobile phones for gaming when competing to get that little bit of extra performance in.

Free Fire Betting

Fire Free Esports

If you’re looking at Free Fire betting, then this is going to be on Free Fire esports matches. While the title is still in its infancy as a mobile game, there is a decent community of players who play competitively. Matches are held between pro players in organized events, most of which are supported by Garena. Betting sites cover the biggest Free Fire esports matches, and some even stream the directly on their site.

Something that’s exciting about Free fire betting is that the game is still growing. Mobile titles esports are a big market that are becoming even bigger. Free Fire has more tournaments running than it ever has before, so there’s great opportunities to use a Free Fire betting app.

FreeFire Tournaments

Betting on Free Fire is naturally going to most interesting on the biggest events around. These bring in the top players and have the most action for fans. These are the biggest events that you can find on betting sites:

  • Free Fire World Series – This is an international event that pits the top players form the world against each other.
  • Free Fire Continental Series – This was an alternative to the World Series that ran in 2020, it saw players competing on a more local level. This event could also return in the future
  • All-Stars – These are regional events than run in each different location.
Free Fire All Stars

Free Fire All Stars 2021

What Free Fire Betting Sites Offer – Markets

If you’re looking to bet on Free Fire then you need to think about what bookmakers offer for you to actually bet on in esports. Betting options from Free Fire betting apps or bookmakers go beyond just the winner of the game. When events are running, you can expect to able to bet on winners of matches, kills, points, placement in a match, and in overall tournaments.

The game features similar esports betting markets as most other esports, with some unique exotic markets exclusive to Free Fire only.

Free Fire Teams and Players

If you’re looking at betting on Free Fire, then you’ll need to know who are the strongest teams and players in the game. Each esport has teams and players that stand out from the crowd. These are the top Free Fires teams to look at for betting:

  • Phoenix Force
  • LOUD
  • Silence
  • Fluxo
  • HQ Esports
  • Burst the Sky

Free Fire Betting Tips

If you wish to bet on Free Fire, then there some tips you should keep in mind. These are some things to think about to get the most out of betting on Free Fire:

  • Learn the game – If you’re looking at any type of esports betting, one of the most important tips is to know the game you’re betting on. If you know how Free Fire works and its overall balance, you’ll have an easier time watching and betting on the game
  • Get to Know the Teams – You should know which Free Fire teams are looking strong before you bet on them. Following the teams closely helps you learn more about how the game works.
  • Compare Odds – Esports bookmakers sometimes offer quite different odds form each other. You should also double check esports odds elsewhere to make sure you’re getting the best pay-out if you win
  • Use Esports Betting BonusEsports betting bonuses are a great way to get more value out of betting on Fire Free. Check for bonuses on sites to see if you can get a better payout without increasing your bet.

The final tip is to always look for opportunities to maximize your profits. If Garena Free Fire has a limited offering, you can always mix and match it with other games to increase your returns.