Overwatch Betting – Best offers, odds and strategies

Overwatch is the ultimate team-based first-person shooter that shook the world and redefined an entire genre. The cross-breed between MOBA and FPS has created a unique game with massive appeal amongst players of both genres. Above all, 300,000 thousand unique logins every week and over 40 million registered users cement Overwatch as the penultimate leader in its own genre.

The immense popularity of the title and a year-round competitive season has attracted the best Overwatch betting sites and providers. Read on below to view our breakdown and selection of the best offers and strategies for betting on Overwatch.

Best Overwatch betting sites

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Three reasons to consider betting on Overwatch:

Year-round competitive calendar

Overwatch does not take competitive play lightly. The game was created on a solid esport foundation and continues to excel in the industry. A global franchised Overwatch League paired with seven Overwatch Contenders regions and an Open Division on top means the action never ends. Overwatch is played 24/7/365.

Franchising means stability

The Overwatch League is the pinnacle of competitive Overwatch. Each of the 20 teams in the League is either owned by a traditional (e)sport organisation or a large investment group. Names like the NY Mets, Cox Enterprises, Kraft Group or Cloud9, Immortals Gaming Club and Misfits are among many of the big-money investors in Overwatch. The result is a stable competitive system that could last for decades.

Bookmakers can explore a plethora of betting markets

One of the unique appeal of Overwatch is its appeal to both MOBA and FPS fanatics. The betting markets created for Overwatch feature some unique exotic bets that no gambling market can cover. The opportunity for bookmakers and players to create the ultimate bet slip is being exploited heavily.

What sets Overwatch betting apart?

Scale of the competitive circuit

Other esports games like CS:GO or Dota 2 do not feature a packed weekly calendar like Overwatch does. With 16 games played weekly just in the Overwatch League alone, the opportunity for accumulator or system bets is unparalleled. The closest contender to Overwatch in the scope of markets you can bet on is only partially covered by League of Legends. This would mean that for every bet slip you create for any of the other three games you could create at least three Overwatch ones and not have to double-up on a single match.

Potential betting markets

Betting on Overwatch is not limited to simple match outcomes. Each match-up is being decided on several of the four map types; therefore, betting on specific results and even specific hero types is possible. Additionally, specific in-game objectives or individual player performances can be found as exotic bets. All in all, Overwatch offers betting opportunities for the biggest nitpicks.


Due to its immense popularity, Overwatch betting is featured on almost every provider on the market. Availability and options may vary between providers but, you are guaranteed to find an option anywhere you look. Furthermore, cross-matching traditional sports like football and esports bets is available at some providers which should add greater flavor and flexibility to your bets.

Overwatch betting

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Best Overwatch betting tournaments

The Overwatch League

The Overwatch League (OWL) is a franchised annual competition featured 20 organizations from across the globe. The competitive season begins in early February of each year. The Regular Season is marked by four competitive Stages that culminate with Playoffs and the league Final in late September. A mini-playoff is also played between each competitive Stage hosted in the hometown of one of the participating teams. Furthermore, being the highest level league also attracts the largest crowds and the bulk of the potential betting options. Overwatch League betting should be a staple part of your betting economy.

Overwatch Contenders

The Overwatch League would not exist without a sprawling Contenders season below it. Every famous Overwatch player coming into the league nowadays has mastered their craft in an Overwatch Contenders season. With 8 competitive regions and 68 teams competing across all regions, the Overwatch Contenders are probably the largest training ground for professional esports athletes on the planet. In addition, Contenders provides some of the best odds on the market due to the volatility of the league itself. If you know the ins and outs of Overwatch entirely and are no stranger to meta shifts then the Overwatch Contenders are the place to get a solid pay out.

The Overwatch World Cup

Finally, the Overwatch World Cup brings a whole new dimension of Overwatch betting into the mix. Held annually during BlizzCon, the World Cup is the place where you defend regional and national pride in front of a global audience. It should be noted, most of the National Teams at the World Cup are a blend of professional and amateur players, meaning the resulting competition is not as thrilling. In addition, the rosters shift wildly before the World Cup meaning this competition the most unpredictable of the three. The World Cup should be reserved for Overwatch experts and real aficionados of the game. Before placing your first bet, make sure to take a look at our Overwatch World Cup Power Rankings and give yourself a head start.

Overwatch Betting

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Top Overwatch Betting Providers

Overwatch is among the most popular esports to bet on. Finding a decent bookie for your bets is not a hard task. Finding the best bonus and odds, on the other hand, is a task that requires some work. Luckily our extensive research into the best esports bonus offers should come in handy in your selection. First of all, let us take a look at the best bonuses on offer. While we sift through the bonuses on offer, we will note what sets some select betting providers apart from their competition.


Unikrn esports is one of the few fully-dedicated esports betting sites that caught the first wave of esports only betting boom.  The Seattle based company has made a big splash in the CSGO gambling world and consequently the entire esports market. They have grown their portfolio to include almost every competitive esports title on the planet. Unikrn’s platform features various deposit methods as well as their own cryptocurrencies Unikrn Gold and Unikrn Silver. On the welcome bonus front, Unikrn offers a 200% deposit bonus with your first €50 deposit. Some regional restrictions may apply so make sure your region qualifies. Not to throw shade at the competition, but in terms of Overwatch, Unikrn receives our highest rating among the competition. Their available betting markets for Overwatch are head and shoulders above the competitors.

Unikrn Bonus
200% Deposit, up to €50


If you seek a betting provider that screams stability and consistency then look no further than Betway. Established in 2006, Betway Esports offers both traditional and esports odds. Although their selection can be somewhat limited in terms of competitive Overwatch, they do offer bonuses to specific odds occasionally as well as a solid matched deposit bonus for up to £30. Absolutely select this provider if you seek to create a mix of traditional sports and esports or if you are seeking some of the best outright odds on the market.

Betway Bonus
100% Deposit, up to £30


Founded in 2016 and licensed by the Government of Curacao, GGBet is the new kid on the block that has taken the esports world by storm. This provider has gone heavy on supporting every aspect of the competitive esport ecosystem. From tournaments to esports teams, GG.Bet is heavily supporting everything esport related on top of being a very solid bookmaker choice. GG.Bet has a broad esports coverage, a decent promotion (100% deposit bonus up to €50), extensive live streaming, and, of course, bitcoin betting. This bookie features a wide array of payment options and unmatched phone and live support.

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Overwatch offers fast-paced and thrilling betting experience. Regardless of your betting style in-play or outright, Overwatch offers a cross-genre experience, unlike any other competitive esport. Due to the Overwatch League or Overwatch Contenders offering action every week for several months on end, you can stay engaged with the title for long stretches of time. As a result, anyone interested in placing progression or system bets should look at Overwatch as their top contender. Finally, exotic markets are a big thing in Overwatch for everyone interested in betting on in-play objectives.