CrossFire is a first-person-shooter franchise with three main installments has become one of the world’s most popular and highest-grossing games. Released all the way back in 2007, it has developed a dedicated fan base and a sprawling esports scene far away from the mainstream. The game features modes like the classic Team Deathmatch or Elimination and the iconic Search and Destroy. It can also hold an impressive number of players per match at sixteen (ten for esports competitions).

The number of players per match makes CrossFire betting an interesting prospect. Many esport leagues and tournaments are featuring Crossfire events nowdays, as the game managed to retain its popularity for well over a decade. It’s still not as well-renowned as other tactical shooters such as CS:GO in esports, especially in the western world, yet CrossFire still has a significant following and fanbase.

With so many titles getting traction with fans, it’s the best time to get into esports betting, and CrossFire is a pretty good place to start.

CrossFire Betting Guide


How to Bet on CrossFire

For those who are knowledgeable in esports betting and frequent esports gambling sites, getting into CrossFire betting is a fairly simple thing to do. There’s nothing drastically different that separates it from other esports, so veterans should get into it without much difficulty. For newcomers who plan for CrossFire to be their first foray into esports betting, they should know a few things. For one, betting on an esport should require familiarity with the esport. Someone who’s a novice or lacks knowledge of CrossFire will not have an easy time.

CrossFire esports has three main tournaments/leagues.

  • The CrossFire Stars(CFS) tournament is the top global tournament where only the best of the best can participate. Regional champions who win regional competitions are the participants.
  • CrossFire Invitationals and Crossfire Pro League are held annually and differ from CFS in that the top teams, instead of players, compete. Pro League is a rapidly expanding venture for CrossFire. Taking place for eight months, it’s probably the most gambling-friendly of the three.

The esports betting markets in Crossfire are similar to all other esports, you can expect the standard array of betting options available, and some unique ones specific to the game if you are really tuned into the exotics. After learning the rules of the game and deciding what tournament or league to get into, the next step in Crossfire betting is to find a good betting and gambling site. It’s important to research this to avoid scams and find the site that offers the most appealing offers.

CrossFire Betting Tips

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Where to Bet for CrossFire Betting

There are various CrossFire gambling sites to choose from, but certain sites have risen to the top. Some of the best esports bookmakers that offer CrossFire are Cobra Casino, Unikrn and ArcaneBet.

Unikrn is is straight-up one of the oldest esports betting platforms in the world, and our Unikrn review reveals that. Unlike many of its competitors that moved into the esports market, Unikrn started there and has kept their momentum going. They are totally dedicated to esports betting, featuring titles you wouldnt find elsewhere. On top of that, CrossFire and many other esport titles have taken advantage of Uplay, one of their unique features.

ArcaneBet is another solid option and is one of the stronger options for newcomers. With a nice welcome bonus, a relatively simplistic system with no minimum deposits, it’s definitely a friendly and forgiving site. You will notice the larger Crossfire events regularly featured on the site, with at the very least minimum outright betting selections.

Tips for CrossFire Betting

As stated earlier, watching or playing matches and familiarizing with CrossFire is crucial. However, getting familiar with players and teams is even more important. Understand the hierarchy of teams or players in leagues and tournaments, who the favorites are, and why. Knowing who the best and how far ahead they are of their competition will help determine which bets are worth taking. Some bets that may seem like a good idea at first glance may not seem so appealing after some research.

CrossFire is not heavily featured with western media outlets. The best way to source analysis is to scour Twitter and Reddit for relevant info. Start your pursuit with @CrossFireStars and after each update you can follow through on the interaction and analysis of others.

Finally, learning what makes a player or team so dominant is important as well. Not all bets go off the results of matches. Some may go off of stats like kills and assists. Getting a good grasp of the playstyle and tendencies will help a bettor make stronger predictions. To this end, watching CrossFire matches is equally as important. Luckily, with esports live betting largely available on various providers, you can follow the matches live and place your bets in-play.