Most of us will have enjoyed placing a pre-game esports bet that aims to predict the overall winner of an esports tournament or match. But even making some decent winnings on a standard esports bet is nowhere near as exciting as trying some esports live betting.

So we are going to take a look at how esports live betting can be one of the most fun ways to enjoy getting involved in games like CSGO, Dota 2 and League of Legends. We’ll take a look at the different kinds of in-play bets, what live betting strategies you can use, and how online betting sites like Betway, Arcanebet and many others can give you a great start in your esports live betting.

What kind of esports live betting options are there?

Live betting differs from standard bets as you can take a live bet after the esports match has begun. The concept of in-play bets has only arrived relatively recently in the traditional sports betting domain, but it’s a type of bet that’s perfectly suited to the fast-moving world of esports.

This is because the esports live score will be updated in real-time on the esports betting sites so that you can alter your betting strategies accordingly. And with some innovative betting sites like Betway even introducing some handy esports live streams, it means that it’s easier than ever to make an in-play bet with a degree of confidence that you are going to get a winning result.

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Match winner in-play bets

Most esports betting sites will allow you to place a live bet on the match winner of each esport competition. This is a relatively easy way to make your first in-play bet and it can be used for anything like predicting which team will win a Call of Duty match, to whether Fnatic or will pick up the next CS:GO trophy.

Whilst it might sound simple to place a live match winner bet, it’s always essential to keep an eye on the esports live score and the ever-changing odds so that you can get the maximum payout on your stake.

esports live bettng options

Don’t forget to cash out when the time’s right

As timing is everything when placing an in-play bet, be sure to check to see whether your betting site allows you to cash out your live bets.

This is a great option to try when you notice that your favourite esports team might be flagging in the final stages of an esports showdown. Rather than letting your in-play bet go to waste, by cashing out at the right time, you can still walk away with a decent profit even if your team loses the overall match.

Other types of live esport bets

Depending on which esports betting site you go with, you might also see in-play bets that give you odds on anything from first kill, first map, to some bets that are specific to what kind of esport you are betting on.

So be sure to check our resource of esports betting sites to see which online bookmaker is willing to give you the biggest choice of in-play bets.

Why keeping an eye on the esports live score is essential for your in-play bets

As live betting on esports takes place in real-time, it’s essential to know exactly what’s going on in your chosen match. We all know how events in the esports realm can be hugely unpredictable, so there’s no point in placing an in-play bet unless you are able to see the esports live score.

Thankfully most decent betting sites like keep the current score of your chosen esports match clearly visible so that you can make a live bet, increase your stakes, or even cash out in accordance to the events in the match.

So whilst there is no harm in doing plenty of research before betting on any esports match, there’s nothing like checking the esports live score to make a live bet with any degree of confidence.

the esports live score

The best games for esports live betting

Regardless of whether you are into first-person shooters like CSGO or Call of Duty, or top battle arena titles like Overwatch or League of Legends, you should be able to find plenty of decent in-play bets. But here are the esports titles that tend to feature the greatest amount of live bets at the top esports betting sites.

CS:GO live betting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an esports betting phenomenon, and most decent bookmakers will provide a good selection of odds on this classic first-person shooter. If you check on a site like you’ll be able to get a tempting selection of live Counter-Strike odds from all over the world – just don’t forget to check the esports live score before you lay down your in-play bet.

LoL esports live betting options

League of Legends might be the most popular esport in the world, and therefore it’s no surprise to find plenty of LoL esports live betting options out there. Whilst many traditional bookmakers now feature in-play bets for League of Legends, be sure to check out sites like Betway so that you can get an LoL esports live stream to place your bets with an extra degree of certainty.

Live betting for Dota 2

Dota 2 is another top esport that bookmakers like to offer in-play bets on. Big Dota 2 events like The International usually feature the broadest range of live betting opportunities, but you should be able to find that most betting sites will have a few in-play bets and an esports live score for the major Dota 2 competitions.

Other great esports to try an in-play bet on

Such is the popularity of live betting that you can use an esports betting site like Betway to make an in-play bet on most major esports. From newer titles like Overwatch and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, to older games like StarCraft II and Call of Duty, it’s clear that there’s nothing like taking a last minute bet to make esports so much more exciting.

How CS:GO, Dota 2 and LoL esports live streams can boost your betting profits

There are many strategies that can be used for live esports betting, but there’s nothing like being able to watch esports live streams to really get a good idea of what’s going on in a game.

Thankfully betting sites like have introduced a great live streaming feature so that you can make a better informed in-play bet.

What’s great about esports live streams like this is that you don’t even need to make a bet to use the service. So regardless of whether you are watching some LoL esports live streams for researching your next big bet on SK Telecom T1, or are checking out the live action after making an in-play bet on the potential winner of The International, it’s clear that live streaming is an essential part of any betting site’s live betting environment.

Finding the best online betting site for your esports live betting

It’s been interesting to see that many traditional bookmakers now offer odds on esports like CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends. Despite this encouraging move, only a handful of esports betting sites have some decent live betting options. So here’s a quick selection of betting sites who offer a good selection of live betting markets.


Although Betway might be more commonly associated with traditional sports like football and horse racing, it’s clear that they are stepping up their esports betting options. The brand have a fair selection of in-play bets for esports like CSGO and LoL, and whilst they have yet to introduce any live streaming features, Betway do have a good cash out option that can give you some flexibility on your in-play bets.

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Whilst are the first dedicated esports betting site to gain full licensing and regulation in Europe, Arcanebet are another good option if you want to find a good selection of in-play bets. The brand currently feature a strong range of CSGO and Dota 2 bets, and they also enable live Twitch streaming to boost your chances of getting a winning in-play bet.

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Top tips for live esports bets

We have already mentioned how you should always try and use live streaming for a better chance of winning an in-play bet, but there are some other live betting strategies you can use to boost your profits.

fnatic esports g2

Use your welcome bonus

Nearly all esports betting sites will give you a welcome bonus for signing up, and most of these promotions can be used for live bets. For example, have a welcome offer for new customers that gives you two risk free bets that are worth €13.37 each. This bonus can be used for some risky live bets and you can even get a refund on these bets if you fail to get a winning result.

Save your in-play bets until the last minute

Just like traditional sports such as football, many esports matches can dramatically change in the final few moments. So be sure to take a last-minute bet when you see one particular team looking weak, and don’t be afraid of cashing out if it looks like your chosen esports team are suddenly going to throw away their winning result.

Know your teams and players

But perhaps the best option for getting a winning result on your in-play bets is to do some thorough research into the top esports teams and players. There’s nothing like doing some homework for knowing when the time is right for placing your live bet, and similarly, if you can see patterns in a particular team’s gameplay, you’ll know how to make a decent esports betting prediction for a winning result.