King of Glory also known as Honor of Kings is a mobile MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), published by Tencent Games. The game has similarities to League of Legends, it was created by Tencent Games in 2015. As it happens with most MOBAs, the match starts with both teams, consisting of 5 players, at each end of the map. And, in the end, the first team that manages to destroy the opposing nexus wins.

Thanks to its game system (and being one of the first good Mobile MOBA games) King of Glory has positioned itself as one of the best games for mobiles, and King of Glory Betting soon became a trend.

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Why bet on King of Glory?

KoG Esports has gained a lot of fame since the game launched. In 2017, there were already more than 2 million players, a number that has continued to grow over the years.

What is striking about this game for the esports world is the game system that is presented. As you may know, MOBAs are highly enjoyable and the genre turned out to be amazing for esports.

This has allowed King of Glory to grow in terms of tournaments whose prize pools now range from $10,000 to over $180,000. Besides, the game counts with over 150,000 daily active players, a number that only aims to raise.

KoG also receives constant updates that attract more and more players, new characters, store improvements, among other things. Without a doubt, it is a game that deserves our attention and it is a good idea to bet on King of Glory.

Betting on Honor of Kigns (King of Glory) can be a way to add more excitement to the tournaments. As one of the biggest esports around, the game has a lot of different markets and possibilities open to players looking to bet.

King of Glory Betting

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Is there a difference between King of Glory, Arena of Valor, Honor of Kings and Strike of Kings?

King of Glory has quite a few different names which can get confusing. At the moment it’s known as King of Glory, Honor of Kings, Realm of Valor, and Strike of Kings.

So why all the name changes? Along with the name, the content of the game has been reskinned in each of these separate titles. It all comes down to copyright and localization. King of Glory originated in China, where it is known as Honor of Kings. Here, it bears quite a close resemblance to League of Legends. To the point that once the game was released outside of China, massive cosmetic changes were needed to avoid copyright disputes. After making so many changes, the games seemed separate enough to warrant separate names.

While King of Glory and Arena of Valor betting are pretty much interchangeable at some betting sites, they are technically separate games. Mechanically though, they function in a similar way despite the cosmetic differences. So in terms of esports, these games can be viewed as one, especially after Tencent pledged to create a single esports ecosystem for both game. King of Glory betting alongside Arena of Valor betting is a great way to spice the game up a bit.

Go here for our full Arena of Valor betting guide, odds and tips.

Where to bet on KoG?

Having a good place to bet plays a major role in the process. It does get slightly complicated if you’re looking to bet on a specific incarnation of the game though! Different sites offer betting on Honor of Kings to those that offer betting on King of Glory. If you’re looking o bet on a specific event in a region, make sure that the site covers that version of the game.

Here are some of the best King of Glory betting sites available:


Bet365 esports is one of the largest on the market. It has a high level of security in their bets, years of experience, and more than 45 million users. Besides, there is the Bet365 Bonus which may help you get more chances to bet.

Famous for being one of the pioneers in Dota2 betting, in our review you will see that this is also one of the best bookmakers for other esports. Besides, the bonus code exceeds the 200 euros and they have a wide betting market available for MOBA games and betting on Honor of Kings.


Even with only a few years on the market, in our Rivalry Review, we found that the site earned a place among the safest betting sites. Anyhow, what makes Rivalry good is their esports catalog, and the Rivalry Bonus is also good for beginners.


Created in 2016 and quickly consolidated, GGbet is one of the most solid options for betting. In our GGbet Review, you can check over 14 games to bet on and how the GGbet Bonus works for both new and old users, the site continues to grow. Besides, their security is one of the best on these sites.

King of Glory Betting Tips

When you aim to bet on King of Glory there are several things to keep in mind. The same goes for the other versions of the game. These are some tips for betting on King of Glory.

1. Choosing a site for KoG Esports Betting

The first thing is to choose a good place to gamble. For this, it is necessary to see the options we have and see which one has better options in terms of bonuses and some other elements.

Consider these features as “Key” when choosing among King of Glory betting sites:

  • Betting markets available.
  • Welcome or deposit bonuses.
  • Payment and withdrawal methods.
  • Ease of use and security.
  • Fair betting odds

2. Find out the best bets

Once you have chosen a site, the best thing to do is to stay informed about the game. If we are going to bet on a tournament, we should constantly check who the participants will be and the history of each one of them.

In the case of betting on individual players, check their recent stats, the positions they usually play, and also analyze in which moments of the game they perform better.

Make sure you’re informed about which version of the game is being played too, and any differences that come from that.

– CobraBet Tip –

Look to Cobra Casino to find good markets for this game at all times. We found some of the best coverage for KOG and AOV at Cobra Casino’s dedicated esports betting section.

3. KoG is a mobile MOBA title

In MOBA games, team synergy is crucial. So, check out the cards selected by each player and get to know the game before betting. Keep in mind that specific heroes may counter others. Furthermore, individual player picks and performances can wildly change the outcome in most exotic betting markets.

Available King of Glory betting markets

When you bet on King of Glory, you will usually find these betting markets available:

  • Winner of the match.
  • Exact score of the match.
  • First blood.
  • Who did the most damage during the game.
  • Advantages of the cards

And a few more options, which may vary depending on where we are placing our bet. You’ll be able to bet on a lot of different things that happen within a match beyond the simple who will win.

Bet on King of Glory - Honor of Kings


Best tournaments in the game

Like other great games, King of Glory has several tournaments that are held annually and according to the seasons. The most striking ones are:

  • King Pro League Spring: The last winner was eStar Pro with $435,000
  • King Pro League Fall: The last winner was AG Super Play with $430,000
  • KoG G-League Fall: The last winner was Royal Never Give Up with $14,000

Best teams in the game

If you’re looking at King of Glory betting, you need to look at the teams in play too. King of Glory has several major teams, some of them still growing but promising to put on a show at competitions. The best teams at the moment across all games are:

  • AG Super Play: Champions and runners-up in various Pro League tournaments.
  • Rogue Warriors Young: The team that is best positioned to win the G-Spring.
  • eStars Pro: The surprise team of Spring 2019 and the favorite for Spring 2020.
  • MAD – MAD is a Taiwan team that has been picking up first place in most major tournaments they’ve competed in recently.
  • Dynamite Gaming – A Chinese team that has picked up some great results in the last few years.