Without needing explanation, loads of people are familiar with DraftKings leagues. More fans are trying its competitive features for more than pure interest through its exploding popularity of daily fantasy sports.

Whether for bragging rights or making money, they wish to gain the riches DraftKings showed in their advertisements. Over the years, DraftKings has offered an array of distinct features to its consumers to participate in sports betting. This includes Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Sportsbook, and Casino.

However, there’s another feature available that is gaining prominence like the rest: DraftKings Leagues. Introduced in 2016, Leagues is where exclusive customized events happen between friends that last however long they desire.

Fans have been asking for this product for months, and now it’s here in time for the [2016] NFL season,” said Paul Liberman, co-founder of DraftKings.

By giving our players an exclusive experience they can fully customize just for their friends, it’s like we’re giving them their very own personal DraftKings.

With ten fantasy sports to choose from, users have an endless variety of possibilities in creating their preferred league. These sports include football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, NASCAR, MMA, soccer, and esports.

How to Play DraftKings Leagues

Creating a DraftKings contest under Leagues shouldn’t be a hassle for users. Creating a DraftKings private league only takes minutes, from inviting players to deciding a prize pool.

Users can invite their friends to play in their league through text, email, Facebook or Twitter messages. Should they accept, they will go to the specified league in the DraftKings app. Once a league reaches the appropriate player pool (maximum of 200), the commissioner (league admin) decides the league name.

Unlike in DFS where players can always earn money, the prizes in Leagues vary per competition. Players can win their respective leagues by making money or holding nothing at stake.

Through recurring contest mode, leagues have the option of either lasting for multiple or a single week. Regardless of choice, the league will automatically notify all its members should a new contest commence at any specific time.

Finally, players can manage their team and league practically anywhere. As mentioned before, the Leagues feature is available on the DraftKings app on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. If the question is how to create a DraftKings league, the website makes it easier to do.

Draftkings Leagues

Why DraftKings

Understanding DraftKings and its features is fine, but why should people bother to use the platform? For starters, it’s one of the world’s leading fantasy sports platforms, with billions of dollars generated in recent years.

Nevertheless, concerns have arisen regarding DraftKings’ legality in its operations. Fortunately, that’s not a cause for concern. With more states regulating sports betting, more states are allowing DraftKings inside their borders.

In the U.S. states where DraftKings DFS is legal, it’s available in all but five, all of which reside near the Pacific Northwest. They include Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, and Hawaii.

The second thing to consider is the array of DraftKings promotions for its consumers. Of the sports DraftKings promotes is esports. Previously, people betted exclusively on LoL, but now they can bet in CS:GO, Call of Duty and Rocket League as well.

Additionally, players can compete in DraftKings esports leagues like with traditional sports.

DraftKings continues to gain momentum in the fantasy sports market, with people seeing them as the industry’s go-to platform. The company allows people against one another through features like DFS, Sportsbook, and Casino. But in Leagues, they can do so against their closest friends for a variety of prizes.

Even when various similar platforms are competing with DraftKings for the public’s attention, none have bested the latter so far. Thanks to features like Leagues, it is set to remain on the forefront indefinitely. In the meantime, take a look at Leagues and see for yourself how good it is.