DraftKings is arguably the best site out there for fantasy DFS, gambling and betting on sports and esports. However, getting into such activities can prove daunting for DraftKings beginners, considering the price factor for certain aspects. Luckily, DK has plenty of opportunities for DraftKings beginners. To help ease new users in, free DraftKings beginners contests frequently occur to make sure anyone can participate.

As the name implies, they’re the best DraftKings contests to enter for those who just started. Contests are a staple of the DraftKings experience, as they are some of the most enjoyable activities. Some contests, especially those found in DraftKings bonuses, can dish out impressive rewards. Getting acclimated with them is something every new user should be looking to do.

Each new account DraftKings has a limited amount of free DraftKings contest they can enter. The good news is that the amount, while limited, is still pretty high, at fifty per sport. This means no matter one’s experience in a single sport, they’re still treated as new in another. Naturally, each participant in these contests will also be newer to the specific sport. These contests are either free or low cost, and with as many sports DraftKings has available, a user can spend hours on beginner contests.

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Why is it Important

These DraftKings Beginner Contests are extremely important for both DraftKings itself and the user. For DraftKings, they’re the best way to draw in new participants continually. With an entry fee of low to none and solid rewards, they’ve become a fantastic tutorial service of sorts.

For the player, it’s also very important for the sole purpose of avoiding “sharks.” Sharks are essentially veteran players who know the rules, systems, and contests inside and out. For a beginner to have to compete against them would be a very difficult proposition.

Beginner Contests act as a haven for new users to participate in low-stakes and low-pressure contests and get the chance to find their feet. It’s no fun being constantly destroyed and outperformed, and in the worst-case scenario, it can permanently discourage an individual.

It’s highly advisable for those in beginner contests to not just have fun but also learn strategy. Sports betting and gambling do take skills, and participants should try to hone them. Beginners will have to leave the nest eventually, but hopefully, they can learn what they need from these contests.

DraftKings Beginner Contests Participation and Rules

Joining DraftKings Beginner Contests is very simple. After logging in to the DraftKings account on mobile or desktop, visit the lobby. From there, select the sport that’s the most appealing and click on contest types. After that, beginner contests should be pretty easy to spot.

As stated earlier, users can only compete in fifty beginner contests for a sport before they no longer qualify. Badges that indicate experience level and milestones will keep things in order. Anyone that has an experience badge will be ineligible for beginner contests.

Once a player works through Beginner Contests, they may be wondering what’s next. They’ll have many options, but they should first deposit cash in their account, as they’ll be able to claim $20 of free play credit with the first deposit.