It can be challenging to find reliable sources of fantasy sports tips, but social media has made it a lot easier. Reddit is one of the most popular sites in the world for news, hobby discussion and funny pictures of animals. It’s also home to several active sports fantasy communities. DFS Reddit has become a go-to resource for tips and analysis. Since all of Reddit’s DFS tips are provided by other users, they’re available entirely for free.

DFS Reddit

However, that also means that a newbie fantasy sports bettor gets the same attention as a highly experienced drafter. DFS Reddit is a valuable tool, but taking everything at face value can put you further behind on DraftKings. /r/dfsports is the most popular community for DraftKings Reddit, but most sports have their own separate fantasy communities. It’s important to find the right source of information and take everything with a grain of salt.

These are the best Reddit DFS communities for finding traditional sports and esports draft tips.

Fantasy Basketball on Reddit

The official NBA subreddit is one of the most active communities on Reddit, but it’s far from an ideal source of analysis. The majority of the subreddit’s most popular posts are jokes or memes about recent NBA matches. /r/NBA is more valuable for entertainment than serious basketball discussion.

If you want Reddit DFS for basketball, your best bet is /r/fantasybball. Each match day automatically posts five different discussion threads, including Trade Discussion, Points Discussion, Roster Moves, Rate My Team and Buy Low/Sell High. They also post two weekly threads for Outlooks and Streaming Guides. Additional analysis is provided in the /r/fantasybball Discord server. FantasyBBall is the best daily fantasy Reddit community for daily fantasy tips on basketball.

Fantasy Football on Reddit

The main football subreddit /r/NFL is a bit more serious than its basketball counterpart, but it’s still mostly used to post highlights and memes. /r/fantasyfootball is the premier NFL drafting subreddit with over 650,000 users. Its discussion isn’t quite as formal as /r/fantasybball; instead of daily discussion threads, users make independent analysis posts and discuss them in the comments. If you need player recommendations to round out your football team on DraftKings, Reddit’s fantasy football community has you covered.

DFS and Fantasy Esports on Reddit

DFS Reddit doesn’t stop at traditional sports. There are dozens of subreddits dedicated to watching, discussing and lampooning competitive video games. Every esports has a subreddit with serious discussion, though not all esports have a fantasy-dedicated community. You’ll have to glean fantasy tips from general esports discussion. These communities can also help you find the right DFS sites for fantasy esports.

Both the CSGO Reddit and Dota 2 Reddit communities are active and thriving. You can picks, strategy, DFS discussions and plenty of memes to go along with it.

For fantasy Call of Duty you have /r/CoDCompetitive. This subreddit posts plenty of highlights with analysis from other users. Roster changes and competitive rulings are also popular discussion topics. Its Daily Match threads are another great way to judge a player’s popularity.

Fantasy League of Legends lacks a dedicated esports DFS subreddit, but /r/FantasyLCS is surprisingly active for significant events like MSI or Worlds. The North American League of Legends Championship Series is one of the most popular LoL divisions to draft, so check out /r/FantasyLCS or join its official Discord community. The League scene in general has plenty of fantasy competitions with Superfantasy LoL growing, so you can expect more DFS Reddit groups to crop up pretty soon.

Finally, Rocket League is quickly gaining popularity as fantasy esports thanks to its simplicity and excellent production value. The best subreddit to find fantasy esports advice for Rocket League is /r/RocketLeagueEsports. Roster moves and matchups are frequent topics of discussion, though the community isn’t entirely dedicated to fantasy.