Superfantasy LoL – All about League of Legends Fantasy Card Game

Superfantasy League of Legends (LoL), are relatively new fantasy LoL leagues aimed at the European audiances. With LoL becoming a massive sensation over the decade, fantasy esports have taken off as well. For both the superfantasy LEC and the superfantasy LFL, this statement holds true.

Officially launched in June of 2020, superfantasy LoL is still technically in beta. However, impressive growth can already be observed. It’s Twitter follower count is already close to ten thousand and it had a healthy amount of participation in its first year. With private, general, and public lobbies, plus the option to join up to five different lobbies, superfantasy LoL has a lot of variety in its competition.

Superfantasy LoL

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Whether superfantasy for both the LEC and LFL can sustain its growth and hype is uncertain, but it has an early head start. Hopefully for them, it’ll be enough to encourage uncertain fans of both leagues to hop on and increase superfantasy’s momentum.

How does Superfantasy LoL work?

Superfantasy LoL works in an interesting and unorthodox manner compared to other fantasy esports leagues. The card system it utilizes allows the league to stand out from its competition. It’s a League of Legends fantasy card game rather than pure fantasy.

Unlike other fantasy esports, or just fantasy sports in general, there are multiple versions of the same player and coach in superfantasy LoL. The cards allow for a rarity aspect, and this applies to the players on a roster.

For example, while common players are easy for everyone to get, only card packs and daily rewards can drop epic and legendary variants of those same players. Participants will want those special variants as they can give extra points compared to their normal versions.

While the League of Legends fantasy card game aspect is important, it still mostly scores like usual fantasy LoL. Each lineup must have a player from top lane, center lane, jungle, shooter, support and coach.

The superfantasy LoL league has two competitions each year, each running with the real-life esports leagues. The playoffs consist of quarterfinals, semifinals/losers bracket, and finals. Each of the three stages counts as one superfantasy gameday. Participants will need to prepare a lineup for each stage.

LEC SuperFantasy Player Cards

LEC Superfantasy

Who Can Play

Superfantasy LoL is easy to hop into, as it only requires an email or Twitch account to register. Fans of the LEC and LFL are the main targets, so many of them could enhance their gameday experience and link their superfantasy account with their Twitch.

Before hopping in, having some knowledge about the LEC and LFL, including players, teams, and structure, is highly recommended. Nothing is stopping an individual from hopping in without such knowledge, but it’d likely be a lot more difficult for them to succeed. Our Esports News section will contain all the predictions and player analysis you will need to make proper picks.

Traditional fantasy LoL is also available at bookmakers such as Draftkings where you can win real money. So, Superfantasy LoL can be a good place to get experience and then move to a real money bookmaker.