Superfantasy LEC – What Is Superfantasy LEC & How It Works

Superfantasy LoL is a new aspect of fantasy esports, bringing a new flavor to the scene and introducing EU fans to the world of fantasy sports. While Fantasy LoL has been around for some time, one of the more popular LoL regions, the LEC, hasn’t gotten a superfanatsy LEC league until now.

Fantasy LEC was a good introduction to European fans to the concept of fantasy esports. Naturally, superfantasy first targeted the league as the one to introduce super fantasy LoL. The decision seems to have paid off, as the LEC super fantasy beta launched quite successfully. What separates superfantasy from regular fantasy is the addition of an unorthodox card system. Instead of simply selecting players in a fantasy draft, participants can get cards from card packs and daily rewards. Cards have rarity, with higher rarities providing perks that give advantages.

Those in a superfantasy LEC league will be looking to get the best, most potent cards. Like all fantasy leagues, the goal is to win by having the strongest performance from a selected player. However, superfantasy adds in an extra fold with the existence of cards and their bonus perks.

What is Superfantasy LEC

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Superfantasy LEC Features Overview

As stated earlier, cards are the aspect that makes superfanatsy unique. One nice feature in superfantasy LEC is that players have more than one card designated to them. Each participant starts with a random assortment of base-level cards of certain players. However, as they continue to progress and open more cards, they may end up getting the same player card, just of a higher rarity. The higher rarity or level the card is will allow that card to stack up more and more bonuses.

Players can destroy player cards and other items to earn a currency called sparks. New cards can be created with sparks, thus ensuring no player card is ever truly worthless, as players can use them to produce stronger cards.

Card packs will also offer luck protection, so the probability of getting a legendary rarity(the highest) card increases with every pack opened. Throughout a season, participants will likely acquire a solid enough lineup to compete.

In superfantasy LEC leagues, the season normally follows the real-life esport league. Playoffs in the LEC consist of three rounds, those being the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. Each round constitutes one gameday. A best of five determines the winner of each round, so the final score of a player will be the average of the three to five games they play.

Superfantasy LEC Features

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Points & Rules Overview

To fill out their LEC superfantasy team, a specific lineup is required. They need to have a player card for each role as well as a coach card. The roles are top lane, center lane, jungle, shooter, and support. The way the point system works in superfantasy LoL for player cards is pretty straightforward. Kills are worth five points and assists two points, with deaths deducting three points.

For a coach card, it’s a little more complex. Wins are worth five points, with losses taking away five points. Turrets are worth a point, dragon and herald are worth two, along with inhibitors, and Baron Nashor is worth three points.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there can be no more than two players from a single club in a lineup. However, the coach does not count as a player, so having two players and a coach from a single club is viable. Once the playoffs come, these rules change. While the gameday rules for quarterfinals will remain the same, they’ll change in the semifinals and beyond. Given the smaller number of teams, the limit for player cards per team goes from two to three.

LEC SuperFantasy Player Cards

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Rewards Overview

In terms of rewards, players get card packs on gamedays, with the amount dependent on their performance on said day. There’s also a daily pick that gives a random card. But those rewards are in the closed ecosystem of superfantasy LEC.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any real-life rewards for doing well in superfantasy LEC. Of course, it’s still the LEC superfantasy beta, so when it officially comes out things may change. For now, though, money isn’t something people can earn from superfantasy.

Fantasy LEC is also available at bookmakers such as Draftkings LoL, where you can win real money. So Superfantasy LoL can be a good place to get experience and then move to a real money bookmaker.