Are you looking to get into Fantasy League of Legends? Want to make some quick cash by playing? Want to learn how to best utilize picks for your ultimate DraftKings roster?

Then you are in the right place! This will be a full introduction of Draftkings League of Legends! We will explain what is LoL on Draftkings and how everything works on the best platform to play Fantasy LoL. Check out our DraftKings review to know more about it!

Draftkings League of Legends

Draftkings League of Legends – What is it?

If you are familiar with any fantasy sports, DK League of Legends wont be new or complicated for you. If you are new to fantasy play, here are some basic concepts.

You draft a team of players in a select sport and based on their match performance earn points. Your selections compete versus other players selections to earn more points, and logically the person with most points collected is the winner. Simple right?

Draftkings League of Legends is very similar to the more famous fantasy football: the only difference is that it’s the fantasy sports for esports and more specifically, League of Legends. The idea is basically the same: you create a lineup with some of the real-life players and you compete against other to see who earns more points.

How do you play Draftkings LoL?

It is very easy! You just sign up to the Draftkings website and you will be ready to go! You can access it from both your computer as well as the mobile apps, so you will be able to do make the changes needed wherever and whenever you want!

The site and the app contain all the information and resources you will need to get started, on top of guides and ways to improve your strategy. Furthermore, our own Esports News contain weekly and daily predictions to suit all of your needs.

What LoL tournaments are covered on Draftkings?

You can make competitions with all the existing tournaments, from major regions to the minor ones! You can find everything from LCS Academy to LJL and LCO matches. However, the main leagues that attract the most attention are the fantasy LEC and fantasy LCS.

You can have fun with many different leagues, but if you are in it for the money these two are your main priority.

Fantasy LoL At Draftkings

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Some tips and strategy about Draftkings League of Legends

Don’t know on how to start and which players to pick up? We’ve got you covered with our guide on how to draft your own LoL kick-ass fantasy team!

Overall, the strategy behind LoL DFS is similar to other fantasy titles. You need to find the best players that can earn you the most points in the respective leagues, while paying attention to the scoring system. Remember that it’s not about players’ strength (even if it’s related to it), but more about their in-game stats.

To summarize, you can look at the past performances of the players and how what is their role in the team. Usually, mid laners and ADCs tend to rack up more points compared to other roles due to their nature of taking the resources and have high KDA scores.

However, don’t count out other roles. Supports and Junglers are becoming more and more impactful as their role of helping the other members around the map allows them to quickly get kill participations and thus, points!

Also, Draftkings League of Legends allows you to pick up a Team to further increase your points. In this case, they will value the team’s performance overall and what kind of objectives they picked up during the games. For this reason, it is recommended to go for stronger teams that like to push their leads well and take many objectives on the map.

LoL Fantasy Draft

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What are some of the advantages of playing on Draftkings League of Legends?

Draftkings League of Legends has been around for quite a while already. This implies that the platform’s success is allowing it to continue to grow. As people are getting more interested in esports and LoL specifically, there will surely be more players who will play fantasy LoL. This also means that there will be more competition and more cash prizes for you to win!

Not only that, but Draftkings is trying to innovate the betting game, with achievements that can boost your status. By participating in the Daily Fantasy Esports (DFS) activities, you will unlock these achievements (based on performance) that will count towards the completion of a milestone.

As a reward, you will be able to earn crowns that can be redeemed in the VIP store for contest tickets, merch and apparel. This means that you’ll be able to get discounts on things you were maybe looking for, just by playing on the platform!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start playing on Draftkings League of Legends!

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