LoL Fantasy Draft: guide on how to draft your own kick-ass LoL Fantasy Team

This is a guide designed for new players looking to get into the exciting world of fantasy LCS. It includes everything you need to know to get started with fantasy esports and draft a kick-ass LoL fantasy team.

Making a league

To get started in fantasy League of Legends Championship Series, you must enter into a league to compete against others. Draftkings Esports

is the exact place where your fantasy esports dreams can be fulfilled. This can be done by creating a league consisting of four, six or eight teams, so making the right LoL Fantasy draft is extremely important. The larger the league, the more competitors you will have, so it pays to invest the time needed to learn how to draft the best League of Legends fantasy team.

Once completed, you are free to invite friends by sending them an invite link to compete in your league. Note, drafting / making a team cannot be done until the league is completely filled up. Meanwhile, you can boost your odds of winning the competition and improve your LoL Fantasy draft through research. The NA LCS Power Rankings are a useful source of information that can make a strong impact.


Drafting a LoL Fantasy Team in 2020

You will have to set up a time where you and your friends are all online, as fantasy esports are after all, a social competition. Once everyone is in place, you take turns and pick players to form a team. The impact of the LoL Fantasy draft can’t be overstated, as this is the most important step of the entire fantasy LoL challenge. The League of Legends fantasy draft is based on real teams and players, so watching the game streams will help a lot.

Like many of the larger real LCS teams, there will be seven starters and three substitutes across the various League of Legends roles. However, there can only be a maximum of two players for a single role in your LoL fantasy team. The draft LoL order will mirror once everyone has completed their picks for one set of players.

How to draft a LOL fantasy team

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To get the best options for LoL DFS picks, referring to different online media that offers tips and insights is always helpful. During each matchup of the tournament, these sites are constantly uploading predictions with analysis that caters towards fantasy LCS metrics. To make sure you always know which players are a must-have or a must-drop come game day, refer to these sites and player predictions for the best LoL DFS projections.

How to draft a LOL fantasy team

Switching players

You may switch your starting players with substitute players every week, roster changes for the next week unlocked every Saturday. The League Championship Series takes place over the weekend and that’s the reason Saturday is the most important for the LoL Fantasy draft. Based on the teams’ and players’ performance over the last weekend, you can adjust you fantasy esports picks to get the best results.

Players who were not initially picked up in the League of Legends fantasy draft phase will enter a free agent pool which can be freely accessed to swap for, affecting your next week’s roster line-up. New additions to the LCS might have a hard time adjusting, so a LoL Fantasy draft that includes them is not suitable for risk-averse players..

Bankroll Management in LoL Fantasy Draft

DraftKings successfully employs an original system for its fantasy sports and bankroll management is at the cornerstone of any successful League of Legends fantasy draft. Players are given a standard bankroll worth $50,000 in virtual money which is then used to pay for the salaries of fantasy gamers. Resources are limited, so you must pay close attention to your bankroll when dealing with the draft LoL challenge.

The best players in the league are obviously the most expensive, so even having two of them in your LoL Fantasy draft can be a challenge. The key to success is to have a balanced team composition, with the emphasis on underrated players. Learning how to draft a League of Legends fantasy team is a long-term process, but this is one of the early stepping stones.

The scoring system also influences the decisions made by fantasy players, since some pro-gamers have more worth than others. As explained below, the scoring system lavishly rewards both kills and assists, so brawling players are a bonus to any League of Legends fantasy draft. Teams that play aggressively and have the tendency to draw out games also yield better fantasy results, as more kills and assists are scored.

LoL Fantasy Draft

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Points will be awarded depending on your player’s and team’s performance in the real LCS stage. When trying to figure out how to draft League of Legends fantasy team, you must keep an eye on what happens in the actual games. Below is the point scoring system.

Points for the LCS Players

  • 2 points per kill
  • -0.5 points per death
  • 1.5 points per assist
  • 0.01 points per creep kill
  • 2 points for a triple kill
  • 5 points for a quadra kill (doesn’t also count as a triple kill)
  • 10 points for a penta kill (doesn’t also count as a quadra kill)
  • points if a player attains 10 or more assists or kills in a game (this bonus only applies once)

Points for the LCS Teams

  • 2 points per win
  • 2 points per Baron Nashor killed
  • 1 point per Dragon killed
  • 2 points per First Blood earned
  • 1 point per Tower destroyed
  • 2 points if the team wins in less than 30 minutes

Fantasy LCS is a great way to engage further in the competitive League of Legends scene. Veteran players will have an easier time with the LoL Fantasy draft, as they already know the teams and players. The good news is that with a little research and the right approach, anyone can do a decent draft LoL. You have the power to draft your dream team, why not start now? Grab our exclusive DraftKings promo and get started!

League of Legends Worlds Fantasy Draft

For the most coveted League of Legends tournament of the year, fantasy League of Legends drafting is always an option as fans gear up to select the best players on the international stage for their League of Legends Worlds fantasy draft.

The League of Legends World Championship is synonymous with fun spectator activities like the Worlds’ Pick’em 2020 and LoL Worlds Power Rankings, that offer an interactive way for fans to follow and gauge the action. For fans who are great at LoL Worlds predictions, taking that next step and assembling a fantasy team of world elite talent with the right resources is always an option.

Most players can partake in the action on FanDuel or DraftKings as they select their team. Similar to the LCS format for picking players, participants will be given a select budget of money ($50,000) to pick the most adequate players to fill out their team. Relying on underrated talent and finding the best players per value will be crucial to having the best chances at winning over the course of the tournament.

Whether its traditional fantasy LoL, or fan betting that’s taking place on third party apps like DraftKings or FanDuel, the action is piping hot for LoL Worlds 2020 action.

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