LoL Fantasy Draft: guide on how to draft your own kick-ass LoL Fantasy Team

This is a guide designed for new players looking to get into the exciting world of League of Legends fantasy. It includes everything you need to know to get started with fantasy esports and draft a kick-ass LoL fantasy team.

If you plan to play LoL fantasy in fantasy LCS, LEC Superfantasy or Draftkings DFS, you can read through this page and find all the essentials you will need to get started in creating your League of Legends fantasy draft.

Step 1: Create a league

In order to play lol fantasy draft, you must enter into a league to compete against others. Draftkings is our go-to esports fantasy betting website. Make sure to check out our Draftkings esports review to know all the nitty gritty details of the website!

Once you’ve signed up to Draftkings, you need to create a league. The updated version allows you to choose any number of friends so “the sky will be the limit”. The more competitors you will have, the larger the league will be. This will also mean that more money will be on the line, so your league of legends fantasy draft will matter a lot if you’re looking to earn those big prizes!

Now that the league is created, you are free to invite friends by sending them the invite link provided. Note, drafting / making a team cannot be done until the league is completely filled up. Meanwhile, the best way to boost your odds of winning and improve your LoL Fantasy draft is through research. The best LoL players power rankings are a useful source of information that can make a strong impact.

DraftKings LoL

Step 2: Drafting a LoL Fantasy Teams in 2022

Remember that you will have to set up a time where you and your friends are all online, just like any other fantasy sports. Once everyone is ready, you will take turns and pick players to form a team. Just like we mentioned earlier, the impact of the LoL fantasy draft is vital, as this is the most important step of the entire fantasy league of legends competition. The League of Legends fantasy draft is based on what happens to the real teams and players, so make sure to watch game streams and stay updated.

Just like most League of Legends teams, there will be a total of seven spots in the roster: 1 captain, 5 players and 1 Team. A maximum of 4 players from any LoL team can be added to the lineup. Teams do count towards the 4-player maximum. Additionally, Lineups must span at least 2 different LoL games.

The 7 roster positions are:

  • Captain (CPT)
  • TOP
  • JNG
  • MID
  • ADC
  • SUP
  • Team

How to draft a LOL fantasy team

You draft your team from the available pool of players in a rotating order with the other participants in your Fantasy League. After everyone picked in the first round, the picking order will be reversed, meaning that the last one to pick will be the first in the next round. Additionally, there can only be a maximum of two players for a single role in your LoL fantasy team.

Keep in mind that statistics are key when it comes to LoL fantasy draft, and you only want the best performers at the lowest possible price.

How to draft a LOL fantasy team

© LoL Esports

To get the best options for LoL DFS picks, referring to different online media that offers tips and insights is always helpful. During each matchup of the tournament, these sites are constantly uploading predictions with analysis that caters towards fantasy LoL metrics. To make sure you always know which players are a must-have or a must-drop come game day, refer to these sites and player predictions for the best LoL DFS projections.

How to Maximize Results with your LoL Fantasy Team

There are several key strategies to maximizing your results when playing Fantasy LoL. In some leagues, once you select your roster you can do some tweaks as the league moves along. Furthermore, several key strategies should be utilized to make sure you always stay ahead.

Switching players

You may switch your starting players with substitute players every week, prior to the start of the matchday.

This is also very important because you will have to adjust your lol fantasy draft based on matchups and performances. The Fantasy LEC, for example, allows you to make changes until Friday afternoon, while the Fantasy LCS will be until Saturday. Remember to do this every matchday if you want to increase the chances of winning!

Players who were not initially picked up in the League of Legends fantasy draft phase will become free agents: these can be freely swapped around and can become the game-changer on certain matchdays.

Free agents will usually be players that do not have very high statistics so make sure to choose them carefully in your lol fantasy draft: they will be your high-risk bets.


Bankroll Management in LoL Fantasy Draft

DraftKings successfully employs an original system for its fantasy sports and bankroll management that is at the cornerstone of any successful League of Legends fantasy draft. Players are given a virtual bankroll of $50,000 that is used to pay for the salaries of the fantasy players. Since the strongest players will cost a lot, you must pay close attention to your budget when dealing with the lol fantasy draft.

Our best advice and key to your success is to have a balanced team composition: have a strong core player and choose players that you think are considered underrated. Learning how to make a winning League of Legends fantasy draft requires some experience and dedication: learning this can make you earn much more than you think.

In the example below, you can see that the roster created is over the budget limit. This means that some players will have to be swapped out in order to fix the excess amount.

LoL Fantasy Draft

© Draftkings


Aside from the lol fantasy draft itself, the scoring system is equally important. This is because some players can be worth more than others, despite not being better at the game.

The points will be awarded depending on the players and teams’ real performances. The system lavishly rewards kills and assists, while deaths are penalized. This implies that aggressive players or teams that like skirmishing a lot will earn you more bonuses in any League of Legends fantasy draft.

Also, DraftKings added a new feature: the player you draft as your Captain will earn 1.5x the standard fantasy point value for each statistic. However, drafting a player as Captain will cost more salary than drafting them at any other position.

Any player in the player pool is eligible to be selected as Captain. However, a player cannot be added at both Captain and another position in the same lineup.

When trying to figure out how to make your own lol fantasy draft, you must have an idea on which teams you think can deliver more points. Below is the point scoring system:

PlayersFantasy PointsTeamFantasy Points
Statistic*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point valuesTurrets+1
Deaths-1First Blood+2
Creep Score+0.02Win+2
10+ K/A Bonus+2 (10 kills or 10 assists in a single game)Win in under 30 Minutes Bonus+2

These new features, compared to the old ones, make your league of legends fantasy team a lot more interesting! The new point scoring system adds more opportunities than ever and it can help new people pick up lol fantasy draft faster!

With a little research and the right approach, anyone can create a competitive league of legends fantasy draft. What are you waiting for? Grab our exclusive DraftKings promo and get started!

League of Legends Fantasy Draft

With MSI ending soon, Summer Splits will start in June all around the world. LoL fantasy draft is one of the best ways to enjoy the competitive esports scene, while earning some money and friendly banter with your friends!

You can create various contests in your league, from LCS to LEC, to LCK, to the LPL. Even better, you can also have fun with the minor regions if you’re interested in those as well!

Most players can enjoy the LoL fantasy draft on DraftKings, FanDuel or with Riot Games’ Fantasy LCS and LEC Superfantasy. Each participant will be given a select budget of money ($50,000) to pick the most adequate players to fill out their team. Relying on underrated talent and finding the best players per value will be crucial to having the best chances at winning over the course of the tournament.

Whether its traditional league of legends fantasy draft, or fan betting that’s taking place on third party apps like DraftKings, you can have a really good time while enjoying all the best bits of LoL esports!

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League of Legends Worlds Fantasy Draft

For the most coveted League of Legends tournament of the year, fantasy League of Legends drafting is always an option as fans gear up to select the best players on the international stage for their League of Legends Worlds fantasy draft.

The League of Legends World Championship is synonymous with fun spectator activities like the Worlds’ Pick’em 2021 and LoL Worlds Power Rankings, that offer an interactive way for fans to follow and gauge the action. For fans who are great at LoL Worlds predictions, taking that next step and assembling a fantasy team of world elite talent with the right resources is always an option.

During LoL Worlds each year, thousands of players engage in Fantasy drafting to craft the ultimate League of Legends roster. You should test your mettle this year as well.

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