LoL Worlds Power Rankings | Top 10 Teams in 2021

With the 2021 League of Legends World Championship starting next month, fans are getting hyped for the biggest tournament of the year in League of Legends. Just like every year, we prepared our LoL Worlds Power Rankings, taking into consideration the 10 best teams coming into Worlds 2021.

Remember that there are a total of 22 teams which will participate at the event, due to VCS unable to fly to Europe.

Compared to last year, the fight for the top is a lot closer than many would have expected. All the LPL teams as well as the best seeds from the other major regions all have a serious shot to make it very far into the tournament. After missing out on last year’s Worlds, legacy teams like T1 and EDG have made it back. The big missing team is for sure G2 Esports: after being the best Europe team for years, they failed to qualify this year.

Top 10: LoL Worlds 2021 Power Rankings

In this LoL Worlds Power Rankings list, we will look at the most dominant LoL Worlds 2021 teams. We ranked and filed the top ten most fearsome lineups that will surely make an impact. A lot has changed in League of Legends this year, and the power rankings are the hardest to make out of all seasons to date.

However, after some in-depth analysis, we have come up with what we think is an accurate representation of the relative strengths between all teams.

LoL Worlds Power Rankings 2019

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10. Hanwha Life Esports

Opening the list at the number ten spot, we have Korea’s fourth seed, Hanwha Life Esports. After a very disappointing Summer Split (ended in 8th), the team almost completed a miracle run in the Regional Finals, only losing to T1 in a 3-2 series. Nevertheless, the results were enough to secure themselves a ticket to the play-ins stage, where they are one of the favorites.

Thanks to the addition of jungler Willer to the roster, HLE looked very different from the regular season. He’s a very composed player that understand his team’s strength, taking full advantage of the two super-carries Chovy and Deft. The first is still, without a doubt, one of the best mid laners out there: it will be important to see how he fares against international competition. Deft has also been in brilliant form, outperforming most marksmen back in Korea. If he keeps his form, we might see some insane plays at Worlds 2021.

9. PSG Talon

After a decent Worlds performance last year, PSG Talon returns this year with good intentions to make it out of groups. Bear in mind that last year they weren’t able to play with their starting roster due to Covid restrictions so they should perform better this time around.

They’ve been such a dominant force in their domestic region, winning both Spring and Summer Split, and only losing one series during the whole year!

If you’re worried about their international performance, then you should go back and watch their MSI’s performance: PSG Talon is a serious competitor to make it out of Groups Stage. PCS keeps impressing everyone year after year, so make sure to not underestimate them!

8. LNG Esports

Everyone knows that China is probably the best region in the world when it comes to League of Legends. The amount of talent that comes from there is not comparable to any other region. Yet, LNG Esports’ best player is actually Korean: Tarzan.

The jungler made his way back to competitive following the disastrous Griffin drama that happened two years ago, and oh boy, did he impress: Tarzan is considered by many one of, if not, the best jungler in the LPL. With how fierce the competition is in the region, that’s surely an outstanding praise. His pathing and game knowledge is top-notch, supporting his team with the right ganks and skirmishes during the early game.

Nonetheless, his team is not too shabby: Icon and Ale have very high peaks and the bot lane is also pretty consistent. LNG will have to go through the play-ins stage but they are one of the favorites to make it out. If they do, we will surely have another contender for the Knockout stages. Be aware of them.

LNG Esports Roster

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7. Fnatic

Next one on the list is Fnatic, EU’s 2nd seed. After a thrilling run which saw them rise from the losers’ brackets in Summer playoffs, Fnatic made their way back at Worlds 2021 with the new lineup. Bwipo proved that the roleswap to jungle worked pretty well, as he quickly became a top-tier player thanks to his game knowledge, and Adam also impressed against the best players in the LEC.

The big shining point of this Fnatic roster is their team macro game, as players coordinate each other to make cross-map plays, especially towards bot lane. While that worked really well in the domestic region, we’ll have to see how international teams will respond. Anyway, Fnatic has what it takes to do well in this Worlds 2021.

6. T1

Faker’s return to Worlds is probably what makes Worlds 2021 even more exciting to the fans. After missing out last year, the GOAT is back onto the grandest stage of the whole season and he’s eager to win.

After a somewhat difficult start, T1 remained a top 4 team for the majority of the year. However, during playoffs, the experience between the new teams and the old glory came out: T1 advanced to the Summer Split Finals and had a decent performance against the champions DWG Kia.

The strength of this roster resides in the bottom side of the map, as support Keria and ADCs Teddy/Gumayusi form a great bot lane. Depending on drafts and champion pools, each have their own strong points. Paired with Faker’s experience, T1 will try its best to return to victory and aim for that Worlds Trophy.

T1 Worlds Faker

© T1

5. RNG (Royal Never Give Up)

If LNG is LPL’s 4th seed and in 8th place in our Power Rankings, then probably all the other LPL teams are above that. The first one is, in fact, Royal Never Give Up.

After winning MSI, RNG had a very rough start back in Summer, losing some series at the beginning. In the end, they were still able to snatch a 4th place and get to the playoffs. However, they were sent home shortly after, following the loss to LNG.

RNG’s stellar first half allowed them to get to Groups Stage directly regardless, but it feels like the competition, at least domestically, has caught up. Now that they’re back at the international stages, will they return to dominate? It doesn’t seem so. Nonetheless, RNG’s line up is still very stacked and with a little more preparation, we still expect them to do well.

4. MAD Lions

It was very hard to place the Lions onto this list. Based on how they performed in the LEC, they would almost deserve to be in the top 3 teams at Worlds. Undoubtedly, the team’s macro game and teamfighting is exceptional, and probably on par with the other best teams in League of Legends. There is, though, a huge question mark.

MAD Lions have showed us repeatedly how they can comeback from very bad situations and get the victory. It happened against Rogue, Fnatic and many others. Having said that, with international teams those comebacks are a lot less likely. Teams know how to push leads and punish before they even give you a chance. And if that happens, then MAD might really struggle.

Expectations are high for the number 1 seed from the LEC: the pressure will be high and stakes even higher. However, we have to keep in mind that the competition is closer than ever. A semifinal would be already a great result, considering all the potential winners this year. Let’s just cheer on MAD and hope for the best.

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The podium of our LoL Worlds Power Rankings

3. DWG Kia

The top three is probably expected by most people already. While there is debate for the other spots in the Power Rankings, these are without a doubt the best three teams, as well as the potential winners of Worlds 2021.

The 3rd place team is LCK’s first seed, DWG Kia. After a somewhat “weird” year by them, with ups and downs, they were able to bring their form back up again in time for Worlds. As usual, their mid-jungle duo is the main element of their success: ShowMaker and Canyon are still top-tier players with insane ceilings.

The rest of the team has also improved over the course of the year: Ghost and BeryL are more consistent compared to MSI and Khan has returned to his prime form. It will be important to see how they fare against the LPL teams as it will be very indicative of the end result. Nonetheless, expect DWG to make it all the way to semifinals at least, and potentially finals.

DWG Kia Worlds 2021

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2. EDG (EDward Gaming)

There are only two teams left in our Power Rankings and both come from the LPL. Their final series in Summer Playoffs is definitely a must-watch: it shows exactly the strengths of these two teams.

EDG, despite winning the Finals, falls below the number 1 spot. Why is that? Well, while we can’t deny their great performance, we still have to see more from them with this roster at the international stage. The potential is there for sure, but we also think that the LPL Finals might have finished differently if it wasn’t for that one play (check out game 4), which allowed them to become champions.

I would say the two teams are equally matched, but EDG is a tier below due to the lack of international experience in recent years.

1. FunPlus Phoenix

Which brings us to the number 1 spot in our Worlds 2021 Power Rankings: FPX.

The Worlds 2019’s champions are looking hungrier than ever, and their level of play has reached an even higher standard: Doinb is showing that age doesn’t matter in League, Nuguri is respecting the enemy jungler and everyone else is just super consistent.

It was kind of unexpected to see them lose against EDG in the finals, but that series was probably supposed to go to Silver Scrapes, as FPX had built a huge lead in game 4.

As we previously mentioned, though, FPX surely has more international experience than EDG, as well as Doinb making a huge difference with his champion pool.

With the Worlds patch, we might see a lot of new stuff coming out and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Doinb pulling off something new. (Tryndamere mid…)

In conclusion, expect to see FPX go through Groups Stage as a number 1 seed and lock a ticket to the Worlds Finals… If they manage to lose before that, then the winning team might potentially be the Worlds Champions.

FPX Worlds Roster

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