LoL co-streamers in 2024 – IWD, Caedrel and more

If you want to watch some LoL action with your favorite streamer, here is the list of co-streamers who will be commentating the games in 2024.

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Image Credit: Riot Games

List of LoL Co-streamers in 2024

Below is the list of co-streamers who will be commentating on the 2024 League of Legends competitive season. Riot Games included a wide variety of streamers from each region, allowing fans to enjoy the matches with their favorite content creator. With co-streaming gaining more and more traction, the list of co-streamers has increased compared to last year.

LCS co-streamers

According to Riot Games, there will be a different approach to LCS co-streaming. “For the Spring Split, we’re reducing the number of partners to ensure each one receives our full support and in addition allows them to create more content that can fully reflect their creativity”, said Riot in one of their posts. As they are looking to find partners for Spanish-speaking fans, they will be putting the Español official broadcast on hold.

LEC co-streamers

  • Tolkin (German)
  • Ibai (in-person)
  • Caedrel (in-person)
  • Kameto (in-person)
  • Naru (Turkish)
  • LynxCerez (Turkish)

The great update from the LEC is the fact that LEC teams will be able to broadcast all matches of other teams that are critical for their advancement through the League and all of the Playoffs matches (as long as the team is still in the competition), and every team will be allowed to co-stream the Split Final.

Co-streaming booths have also been set up in the Riot Games Arena, giving the likes of Caedrel and others the chance to share their excitement with the rest of the fans live from the studio.



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