T1 vs Gen.G: Battle of Giants – LCK Summer Finals Preview & Analysis

Who will become the LCK Summer Split Champions? Will it be the current champion T1, or the current number #1 seed Gen.G?

Let’s break it all down in what will be one of the most important series of the season.

GenG T1 LCK Finals Summer 2022


LCK Summer Split Finals Preview – Gen.G vs T1

T1 and Gen.G will face off in the LCK Summer finals for the second consecutive time, following their first match in spring. Last time out, T1 ended up beating Gen.G 3-1 and went to MSI. After a whole split, however, expectations have changed drastically.

While T1 is still one of the best teams in the Korean League, Gen.G have shown to be ahead of them for the majority of the time. They were much more dominant against all the lower-tier teams and lost only 5 games throughout the split, 4 of which were split against DK and T1.

On the other hand, T1 had less success compared to Gen.G and many times they weren’t performing to the level we were used to. Not only that but also the draft issues still persist, which we will talk about in the next section.

Everyone must be at their peak level

By taking a look at the two teams individually, Gen.G and T1 pretty much balance each other out. I think that the top lane and support favor T1, but the mid and ADC roles are better for Gen.G. The junglers are also equally strong, which is why I think that on paper this match should be one of the best series of the year.

With that being said, I think that Gen.G’s draft and overall execution are a lot better compared to T1. The latter is making some really questionable choices and I can’t really comprehend why they would handicap themselves that way.


The team apparently loves Kalista and thinks that it’s one of the strongest picks, as we can see in the series against DK. Zeri doesn’t seem to be so high on the priority list anymore as well. Kalista’s main issue is that it forces the team to play around her in the early game and the draft generally is shifted towards early game picks.

With the durability patch and with how the current meta is going, it becomes really hard to find leads on strong teams that can read your movements very well. They would rather decide to give up farm and wait for them to scale, and by that time, Kalista becomes irrelevant in the game’s outcome.

On the flip side, Gen.G still loves Zeri and Ruler has his trio of Sivir, Zeri and Lucian as his go-to picks. Target banning him wouldn’t work because other players also have their comfort picks, which gives Gen.G always draft edges.

Gen.G vs T1 – Betting Markets & Odds

I personally think that T1 are putting themselves at more risk by drafting in this way because it can backfire much quicker than other team compositions due to the lack of scaling. Gen.G’s drafts fit the meta much better, which also makes him think that they are the favored team to win the series.

Overall, the sentiment for the LCK Finals is that we either have an insane series, or Gen.G might check out very quickly, depending on well T1 prepares. Having said that, this volatility gives us a great chance to make strong returns, as odds might be higher than usual. Below you can check the offerings at Midnite for this series:

  • Winner: Gen.G (1.41x)
  • Race to 5 kills: Gen.G (1.75x)
  • Map Duration: over 32.5 (1.87x)
  • Correct Map Score: Gen.G 3-1 T1 (3.50x)
  • Match Total kills: under 90.5 (2.23x)
  • First Blood: T1 (2.16x)
  • Total towers: over 12.5 (2.27x)
  • Total dragons slain: over 4.5 (1.64x)