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Midnite Esports Review - Get your exclusive Midnite bonus

Midnite is a newcomer to the esports betting scene. It has some steep competition with the already established names, but it is hoping by doing things a little differently they can find their way into the market. Midnite Esports is a sleek and polished site, which offers a great user experience.

If you’re choosing a bookie for Esports betting, you need to be certain you’re choosing the right one. Security, bonus offers, odds, payment options, and customer care are all factors to consider when you’re deciding where to make your bet. This Midnite.com review will cover all of these aspects, to get you up to speed on this newcomer to Esports betting. You need to make an informed choice when it comes to gambling with real money, so is Midnite the place for you?

Interface & Design Polished and simple to use

The first thing that grabs customers coming into any site, is the interface, design and user experience. This is especially true for Esports betting sites. With money at stake for live events, the last thing you want is to be fighting against bad interface design. Midnite doesn’t stumble here. The design is pleasant, the interface easy to use, and the experience a smooth one.

The Midnite Esports betting interface is polished and simple to use. Looking around the site, it feels more like a well-designed app than your average Esports betting site. The interface is fairly plain keeping a black and purple color scheme which immediately blends it in with some other gaming platforms. This look is simple, functional, and clean.

Finding what you want on the site is simple, as is use. Midnite esports reflects a level of professionalism in its design and interface that you don’t see all that often in these sites.


Bonus Offers & Free Bets Bet £20 Get £20

Bonuses are one of the areas where esports betting sites lure in new users. These are bonuses that give you the chance to earn more on any Esports odds.

Midnite Welcome Offer: Bet £20 and get £20

  • Use Midnite Bonus Code ESB
  • Deposit up to £20 and your deposit will be matched by 100%
  • You get 30 days to turn over your bonus amount once
  • You are not required to place you bets on specific minimum odds
  • This offer is valid only for customers residing in UK, Germany, Finland and Slovakia

The sign-up bonuses for Midnite esports are pretty generous. The terms require a low turnover of betting your bonus amount, and they have additional bonuses when you’re invited from an existing user. It is a nice bonus, but nothing that sets it apart from other providers.

A further dig into Midnite’s esports betting’s terms reveals their approach to bonuses for users going forward. These are going to vary user to user, with no transferable offers and few available to everyone on the platform. This is fairly standard today for the ways are used. Just because your friend can make double on a winning round of lol betting, it doesn’t mean the service is going to allow you too. It might be standard, but it is a disappointing factor that has to be included in a midnite.com review.

Midnite Bonus
Bet £20 Get £20

Payments Which payment methods can I use

The sleek and function approach that Midnite esports applies to its interface is also at work with its payment system. Most top-ups to your account are instant. Withdrawing will take a few days, but only the amount of time that a bank needs to process it.

Payments through the site are conducted by World Pay. If you’ve never heard of this provider, check receipts from card payments in the future, they’re a near-ubiquitous provider of fast, secure, and safe card transactions, both online and at brick and mortar stores. This gives Midnite a sense of security in its payments that is vital. A midnite.com review has to mention that this is a reassuring amount of payment security.

Outside of the standard Visa and MasterCard payments, you can use Skrill and Neteller. This gives you some options to use online wallets, but the variety could be improved. Midnite esports does have some room to improve here by adding more support for better use of cryptocurrency. However, for a brand new platform, there is enough variety in payment options.

Bank Transfer

Esports Markets Midnite offers an impressive range of markets

For a site that has only just launched, Midnite offers an impressive range of markets. You’ll find most major games on the platform. Unlike other launches that focus on a specific title, you won’t have to search too much for the major events.

Of course, there isn’t every single game to bet on. If you want to wager some cash on a Twitch Stardew Valley competitive event, it isn’t going to happen. Midnite esports betting is yet to offer the same great variety of some of the really big sites. However, for a launch spectrum of titles, it is workable.

If you follow the big Esports that tend to dominate betting, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. The only real issue is finding an esports betting tipster to get the most out of Midnite esports betting.


Live Streaming Am I allowed to place in-play bets with Midnite?

The Midnite.com review has to address live betting, it’s an increasingly common way to place money on esports. The esports live betting capabilities on Midnite are pretty good. They’re mainly elevated by the design and interface of the site. When the entire outlet works so smoothly, it is no surprise that live betting also goes quite well.

As with most sites, you’ll be better off streaming elsewhere. This isn’t to its detriment. Few betting sites can actually compete with Esports streaming services. Devoted services for streaming and interacting with live esports are always going to have the edge over betting sites. However, live betting works great here. Because of this, it doesn’t really affect this midnite.com review massively.

Top 3 Bookmakers with Live Betting

Live Stream
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Live Stream
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Live Stream
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Odds and Limits The Midnite esports betting odds are just about standard

The odds given on Midnite.com proclaim themselves to the best on offer. Although, you’re probably aware that just about everywhere says this. You rarely see an advert for a betting site that has ‘poor to average odds!’.

The Midnite esports betting odds are just about standard. While odds change a little from place to place, most face-value bets aren’t going to net you anymore from Midnite than elsewhere. Bonuses and promos are where you’ll make more money through Midnite than elsewhere.

Something that does set Midnite apart is their approach to limits. Midnite doesn’t put limits on players and lets you decide what is a good limit. This is good for consumer choice, but it can have a dark side if you’re not careful. This is Midnite’s selling point, but it isn’t a particularly responsible stance.

Midnite claims to be limitless, but while it doesn’t limit the amount you can lose it has a set cap on winnings. There is a maximum payout of £25,000. This is fine when compared with other sites, but feels predatory given their limitless approach to other areas.

Customer Service Live Chat and Social Media

Midnite is still in an early access program. However, browsing through their dedicated Discord and social media you can see that they’re quick to address any problems with the platform that users might have.  At the moment, problems seem to be exclusively technical. This level of support is nice to see.

Customer care is always important in Esports betting to make you feel secure using your money on a site. Midnite esports doesn’t let itself down here.

Live ChatLive Chat Available
Live Chat 24/7Live Chat 24/7

Security Licensed under the UK Gambling Commission

We’ve already touched on the security of payments in our Midnite.com review, but overall they rank pretty highly when it comes to security. With the backing of a group like World Pay, you can be safe in the knowledge that this platform is handling your money in the best way possible.

The lack of wallet options might be a bit frustrating for consumers, but it helps to keep the security of payments at a great level.

The site is licensed in the UK under Dribble Media. This license is all above board and should give you the confidence you need to use the platform without any worries. While the site is still new, the license has been valid since July 2015.


Conclusion The new kid on the block

Midnite.com is a sleek and polished site. Its interface and user experience are well above average for the market it is in. The security and licensing are also outstanding and should give consumers the confidence that they need in the platform.

The main downsides to midnight esports are pretty common for brand new entries into esports betting. The availability of certain games and markets, while not terrible, could use some improvement. The no-limits approach might please some people, but it does feel like more irresponsible conduct compared with others on the market. Especially when they still limit the payout.

The bonuses on offer can be useful, with some especially generous offers for new users in this phase. However, limiting future bonuses for existing customers to specifically targeted users is going to mean some people are let down in the long-run.

Midnite.com is going to be a great place for esports betting once it leaves early access. The design and ease of use along with security are the main things the site has going for it, this should make it a popular place to place bets.

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