Royal Never Give Up wins Mid Season Invitational

Royal Never Gives Up defeats Kingzone, taking out the Mid Seasonal Invitational champion title. Royal Never Gives Up, also known more commonly as RNG, has always been one of the top teams in the Chinese equivalent of the LCS, the LPL. However, while they were hugely successful domestically, they were unable to claim any major international event outside their region, until now.

RNG vs Kingzone

Unexpectedly, RNG were able to defeat Korea’s top team, Kingzone, in an amazing 3-1 series. The games were extremely close, with both teams mainly relying on a big final fight to claim a win. While Royal Never Give Up did play well, with some amazing dives and overall execution through the lane, Kingzone definitely dropped the ball this series.


Kingzone made various mistakes, specifically getting caught out much too often in areas without vision. This allowed RNG to get a firm grip on the game and advance to the later stages, a period where their star play, ‘Uzi’, shines the best.

Royal Never Gives Up recent performance

In both 2016 and 2017, RNG were able to claim first place in every Summer and Spring regular split. However, they tend to stumble during playoffs, missing the opportunity to claim first.

2016 saw the team place 5th – 8th at Worlds, with the team improving in 2017, finishing 3rd – 4th in the 2017’s League of Legends World Championship. Last year’s worlds saw Royal lose to SKT once again, their first loss being in the Season 3 Worlds, where Royal placed second.

Uzi’s place in RNG

Uzi is one of Royal Never Give Up’s most veteran players. While he only joined RNG in May 2016 after playing for a handful of teams, Uzi was part of the original Royal line up. Uzi joined ‘Royal Club’ in late 2012 as one of the leagues’ youngest competitive players, finding a great deal of success.

MSI trophy

Royal Club has been rebranded twice, first into Star Horn Royal Club before changing to the current Royal Never Gives Up. As one of the scene’s most well-known and veteran players, Uzi is undoubtedly one of the region’s top talents. Being one of the most well-known and popular players in the LPL, he can be compared to the Bjergsen of North America or the Faker of Korea

Royal Never Give Up’s win at MSI is one of the, if not the career highlight for Uzi, being his first major international win. Still being young, at only 21, Uzi remains in top form, as shown in his performance at the Mid Seasonal Invitational.

Image Credits: Riot Games