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Complementary to our guide on how to Bet on LoL Worlds, comes our analysis of the best LoL Worlds odds and valuable picks for the upcoming Play-Ins Stage at the League of Legends Worlds 2019 and some Outright picks we can make budget predictions on. In order to cover as much ground possible and cater to as many styles possible, we take a look at several markets, betting methods and League of Legends Worlds betting odds among various providers. Since the goal is making a buck and protecting our investment we will take a look at some safe and not-so-safe bets on offer.

Best League of Legends Worlds Betting Odds:


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Outrights & Singles Bet

Outrights and Singles are still the simplest and easiest way to get involved with betting on League of Legends. With the League of Legends Worlds betting odds being updated daily among most providers we have made a selection of bets raging from “risky” to “budget” in a declining fashion. The outright single bet for the Worlds 2019 Champion also falls under this category as well as two likely contestants for the final.

Bet #1: Outrights (Worlds Final)
Category: To Reach Final
Selection: DAMWON, Griffin
Odds: 4.25 & 4.5 @ Betway

Note: Both bets have high enough coefficients to protect the wager on both singles separately.

Bet #2: Match Winner
Match: Mega vs. Lowkey Esports
Selection: Mega
Odds: 4.20 @ Arcanebet

Bet #3: Future
Category: Worlds Champion
Selection: G2
Odds: 3.770Pinnacle

Bet #4: Worlds 2019 Play-In Stage
Category: Shortest Game
Selection: Over 19:00
Odds: 1.80Buff.bet

Bet #5: Match Winner
Match: Clutch Gaming – Unicorns of Love (Play-Ins)
Selection: Clutch Gaming
Odds: 1.358Pinnacle

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Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets are the bread and butter for the ultimate pick’ems gurus. The length of your betslip is only limited by your imagination and the limit imposed by some providers. With the current League of Legends Worlds betting odds, the ultimate combined value of coefficient skyrockets when making predictions on Play-Ins or Group Stage or both combined. Our selection from the teams with the best League of Legends Worlds 2019 odds to win will be on the conservative side. We will only be focusing on “guaranteed winners”.

Provider: Unikrn

  1. Clutch Gaming – Unicorns Of Love
  2. Splyce – DetonatioN FM
  3. HK Attitude – Lowkey Esports
  4. DAMWON Gaming – Royal Youth
  5. Splyce – Isurus
  6. Clutch Gaming – MAMMOTH
  7. DAMWON Gaming – Flamengo
  8. MEGA – Lowkey Esports
  9. HK Attitude – MEGA Esports
  10.  Royal Youth – Flamengo

Odds: 7.122

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System Bets

System bets have an infinite amount of combinations an opportunities. Availability of markets and the option to combine exotics with outrights is key when selecting where to place a bet. For our selection of System bet we will focus on a single bet slip covering matches from the Play-Ins stage with a margin of error of one. The predicted winners are bolded out and the entire selection goes as follows:

Provider: Buff.bet

  1. Royal Youth – Flamengo
  2. DAMWON Gaming – Flamengo
  3. HK Attitude – MEGA Esports
  4. DAMWON Gaming – Royal Youth
  5. Splyce – Isurus
  6. Clutch Gaming – MAMMOTH
  7. Isurus – DetonatioN FM
  8. Unicorns Of Love – MAMMOTH
  9. Splyce – DetonatioN FM
  10. Clutch Gaming – Unicorns Of Love

System: 9/10

Stake: 5.00

Return: 41.33

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Special Bets

Our special bets selection will consist of valuable exotics with some of the best LoL Worlds odds you can pick out in the Play-Ins stage that can further net positive returns in any betting combination you see fit. As previously mentioned the Play-Ins stage at Worlds is a testing ground for the meta and the strength of each region when pitted against one another. With this in mind our special selection of LoL Worlds betting odds focuses primarily on teams that we feel comfortable predicting or teams who’s style is well known.

We have selected three potential special bets for your consideration:

Bet #1: Match In-Game Outcome
Market: Map 1 Both Teams to Destroy an Inhibitor
Match: Hong Kong Attitude vs. Lowkey Esports (Play-Ins)
Selection: Yes
Odds: 7 @ Unikrn

Bet #2: In-Game Outcome
Market: Play-In Most Slayed Elemental Dragon
Match: All
Selection: Ocean
Odds: 3.950 @ Pinnacle

Bet #3: Pick/Ban Stage Outcome
Market: Most Combined Picked and Banned Champion (Main Event)
Selection: Rakan
Odds: 25 @ Buff.bet

Pinnacle Bonus
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Keep in mind that our entire list of LoL Worlds 2019 predictions and LoL betting odds is only scraping the surface and a whole treasure trove of markets is available among different betting providers. League of Legends Gambling is most fun during the Worlds portion of the competitive season, but do keep in mind to have moderation and a thought on your budget before placing any bets. While resting and analyzing your next bet take a look at our LoL News section for the latest news and analysis from the esport world.

The League of Legends World Championship Play-In Stage begins October 2nd at the LEC Studio in Berlin. For information about Tickets please refer to our LoL Worlds 2019 Tickets guide.

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