Welcome to our guide to LoL betting odds, enriched with our odds tracker. In this guide, breaking down where to find the most accurate League of Legends odds along with up-to-date tracking for future games will give you better results.

So keep reading to see how you can find those esports betting sites with the best League of Legends betting odds!

In the evolving ecosystem of League of Legends esports, staying up to date on team news and roster updates is imperative to success over the course of a season. On any given week, surprise results can take place on a variety of international leagues as the best teams in China, South Korea, Europe and North America are constantly competing for regional supremacy. LoL odds are also important to track as you monitor which results can give you the most value.

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LoL Betting Odds

Where to find the best League of Legends betting odds

To give yourself the best options for League of Legends betting, referring to a variety of esports betting sites can help you make the optimal decision to spot betting trends as they happen. When it comes to League of Legends betting odds, and other esport betting odds in general, it never hurts to survey the landscape en route to picking your winners.

Some betting sites have built-in streaming services on their interface that allows you to bet as you watch the action unfold. The options are boundless when it comes to functional and user-friendly options for League of Legends betting. Finding a good outlet for esports betting is essential to getting the most out of your experience.

Websites like Loot.bet, Betway and GG.bet are just a few of the top-tier websites available to survey LoL odds as well as a variety of other esport titles.

Understanding LoL betting odds

Odds simply refer to the probability of something happening. You could get odds for which team will win the next LoL Worlds Finals, or whether Fnatic or Cloud 9 win their next League of Legends game.

If something has long odds, it means that it has little chance of winning, but you would get more back from your bets should the underdog win. However, if something has short odds, it means that it is the favourite, and that while it is more likely to win, your returns wouldn’t be so impressive.

Different types of League of Legends betting odds

You may see betting odds for League of Legends displayed in different ways. Here are the main betting odds formats that you’d see somewhere like the Betway esports betting platform:

  • Decimal odds: This is the easiest odds format to understand. Simply put, the higher the number, the less likely the event is to happen, but the better your returns will be.
  • Fractional odds: Here the number on the right indicates your betting stake, and the number on the left represents what your return would be should you win your bet.

League of Legends Odds

Five top strategies that involve LoL betting odds

  1. Get an odds boost on your LoL odds: We’ve found that the best League of Legends betting sites will frequently put on odds boosts. These simply give you longer odds for specific betting markets.
  2. Try your luck with in-play LoL betting odds: There are few more enjoyable ways to bet on esports than to try in-play betting. Here you are betting on the odds that constantly change in response to the live action and it can frequently give you better value for your LoL bets.
  3. Do your research: When making decisions on which teams to take a chance on, keeping up to date with all the teams in that league is a sure-fire way to anticipate the best picks for any given weekend. Don’t forget that you can check our resource of LoL betting tips for a shortcut to making much better predictions.
  4. Follow content creators: Whether it’s video content, online news, or media released by professional teams themselves, knowing the best content makers in the field can go a long way to ensure long-term success.
  5. Read the latest LoL news: Staying on top of LoL esports news is a vital part of finding those advantages that may lead you to win big on gameday. Oftentimes, the news within the esport moves much faster than LoL odds on most popular sites.

Which LoL betting markets have the best odds?

We’ve got a handy guide to all LoL betting markets right here that you can use to see the different ways you can bet on this esports. This is important because sometimes the basic match-winner betting market might not always hold the best value.

Instead, you might find that alternative markets for things like first map winner, correct score, most kills or even first dragon slayed might give you a better return from your bets. So do your research and see which LoL betting market can give you the best odds.

Why do bookmakers offer different odds for the same LoL matches?

Most betting sites will put on roughly similar esports betting odds for just about any LoL match. However, there will always be some bookmakers who put on marginally better odds. This is because these bookmakers have lowered their betting margins to make sure that their odds are better than the competition.

Such betting margins are put in place to ensure the bookmaker always makes a profit regardless of how many people put down different bets. But by shopping around and checking who has the best LoL odds, you can be sure of getting much more winnings as a result.

Does Fantasy LoL use odds?

Fantasy LoL works a little differently from regular betting on League of Legends, as you will have to construct your own LoL team roster and then enter this team into tournaments against other players.

This means that you won’t have to deal with any standard kind of betting odds, but you will still have to work with probability to understand how the different players in your roster could help you top the leaderboard and claim that prize!


Conclusion – Your resource for LoL betting odds

By now you’ll understand that betting odds are hugely important to how you bet on League of Legends. After all, better odds mean that your returns will be superior than if you used inferior odds. So if you use the best LoL odds on the market in combination with a decent deal like the latest GG.bet bonus, you can be sure of getting an amazing return on your League of Legends bet.

Thankfully our resource is here to always point you in the direction of those bookmakers with the best LoL odds and the biggest esports bonuses. Now all you need to do is to make your predictions, pick one of our featured LoL betting sites and try your luck!