Welcome to our guide to all League of Legends betting markets. Don’t know what LoL betting markets are? Don’t worry as this guide is here to set you straight. We’ll tell you what a betting market is and explain how it relates to League of Legends. Plus you’ll get all of the help you need to understand why LoL betting markets are important and which market you should be betting on.

Keep reading to have all League of Legends betting markets explained!

What are LoL betting markets?

All good League of Legends betting sites will provide you with a variety of different LoL betting markets. A betting market simply means a certain way of betting on something. This means that you could get odds for who will win a LoL match or what the correct score will be. Each of these things is a distinct betting market.

LoL Betting Markets

Why LoL betting markets are important

While most people will bet on the match winner, sometimes the LoL betting odds might not be too good. So this is why exploring the different betting markets can be great in finding better value for your bets. Let’s see together which are the main markets for LoL betting, with an explanation of each.

  • Outright winner – This is simply where you bet on which team will win a tournament like LoL Worlds.  One of our favourite things about outright bets is that it’s pretty easy to find League of Legends betting tips regarding the winner of a major tournament.
  • League winner – Such as who will win this year’s LCK, LEC and so on.
  • Match winner – The most popular of the LoL betting markets. Most forms of Legends of Legends betting are simply about predicting the winner of the match. So here you could be betting on Fnatic to beat Cloud 9 and so on.
  • Odd/even – This is simply where you’re betting on whether the total kill count will be an odds or even number.
  • Correct score – This is where you predict the correct score in the best-of match.
  • Handicap – Here the favourite would be put at a disadvantage while the underdog would be given an advantage. It’s a bet that makes things more equal and can give you better odds as a result.
  • Map winner – Such as who will win the first map, second map and so on.
  • First blood – This bet refers to who will get the first champion kill of the match.
  • First to get a certain amount of kills – So here you might be able to bet on something like first team to five kills, 10 kills and so on.
  • Most kills – Here, you’re simply betting on which team picks up the highest number of kills.
  • Quadra kill – This is where you’ll be betting on whether a player manages to slay four of their opponents within a fixed time period.
  • Penta kill – This amazing move is where one player manages to slay five opposing champions within a short space of time. Be sure to check out a decent LoL betting Reddit to see which players are most likely to deliver this amazing play.
  • First baron slayed – While slaying Baron Nashor is a neutral objective, you can still bet on which team will be the first to carry out this tricky task.
  • First dragon slayed – Slaying dragons is another neutral task but it can get a team big benefits and it’s definitely worth a bet.
  • First inhibitor destroyed – This is where you bet on whether a team can be the first to destroy the inhibitor structure.
  • First tower destroyed –  Each team will be trying to destroy their opponent’s towers as these are defensive structures and they hold the key to the success of the overall match.

What is over/under in League of Legends?

This usually refers to the total number of kills, and here you have to predict whether the quantity is higher or lower than a number set by the bookmaker.

A quick word about live betting

The good news is that all of our featured betting sites will offer the above esports betting markets both pre-match and live. Just bear in mind that the live betting odds will be changing in accordance to the on-screen action. As such, live betting can require a little more skill, but the end results can be spectacular.

Conclusion – Check back for more LoL betting markets

We’re probably going to have to keep this page updated with even more LoL betting markets in the future. After all, our favourite League of Legends betting sites will always be keen to give you more ways of trying your luck on this esport, and so we can expect further League of Legends betting markets to show up in the future. So keep this page bookmarked so that you always know which LoL betting markets you should put a bet on!