We’ve got 15 incredible League of Legends betting tips right here and we can’t wait to share them with you. Our LoL esports betting tips are tailor-made to help you make the most of your bets on this notoriously unpredictable game.

Whether you’re betting on the LoL Worlds Finals or just a mid-season invitational, our tips will help you make rock-solid predictions that are based on a whole lot more than just gut instinct. So keep reading to see our amazing League of Legends betting tips!

League of Legends Betting Tips

1. Research each LoL team’s past form

If a LoL team has lost their previous five games, they are probably more likely to lose their next one. This is because morale counts for a lot in competitive gaming, so do your homework on how each team has been faring recently.

2. Analyse previous head-to-head encounters

It’s a good idea to see how the two LoL teams have been playing against each other in the past. After all, certain teams will have opponents that they simply cannot seem to beat and this should obviously be factored into your bets.

3. Note tournament history

Certain esports teams like SK Telecom T1 had a great run of success in LoL Worlds and so this kind of information should be an essential part of your wagering strategy.

4. Check for player absentees

While League of Legends is a team sport, there are always those players who can single-handedly change the result. So be sure to check the team line-up before the big game to see if any major players are missing.

5. Know your map

If you know anything about how to bet on League of Legends, you’ll know that the gameplay takes place on one of the three main maps. For esports, it’s most likely to be the Summoner’s Rift map. So make sure that you understand the intricacies of how this map is set up so that you know which team has got a commanding lead and which team could be in trouble.

6. Understand the team roles

League of Legends is a team-based esport and each player will have important roles such as top laner, jungler, mid laner, bot laner and support. Make sure you understand how good each individual player is in each of these roles and see whether they communicate with each other well enough to destroy their opponents.

7. Explore the best LoL betting markets

You’ll normally be able to bet on dozens of different LoL betting markets. This means that you might find greater value in betting on things like the winner of the first map compared to the overall match winner.

8. Handicap your LoL bets

This offers you a great way of getting better returns when backing the favourite or more wins when backing the underdog. It can take some experience to know how to effectively level the playing field with a handicap bet, but it is an essential part of your esports betting arsenal.

9. Try live LoL betting

If you wait a couple of minutes into a LoL match, you might find that the live odds are very different compared to if you had bet prematch. This tactic can be an excellent way to get more back from backing the favourite, especially if they lost the first map.

10. Don’t forget to cash out

Lots of betting sites let you cash your bets out early. This can be a great way of hanging on to your betting stake if your favoured team is winning but you think that they might not be able to hang on to that lead.

LoL Esports Betting Tips

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11. Use any LoL betting bonuses

It’s pretty easy to pick up esports betting bonuses and these can work wonders with your LoL bets. Obviously, a matched deposit bonus can give you plenty extra to play with, but don’t underestimate deals like a losing bet refund or an enhanced odds offer.

12. See what other gamers say

You’ll always be able to find some interesting opinions and predictions from other esports fans. While you should treat other people’s tips carefully, by reading our LoL betting Reddit, you’ll know which predictions could guide your bets to glory.

13. Pick the best LoL betting sites

We’ve created a handy shortlist of the best LoL betting sites. This means that you can simply sign up to one of these betting sites and know that you’ll get the best odds, bonuses and so on. All of which means that you’ll have plenty more time in making your LoL predictions.

14. Set a betting budget

It doesn’t matter whether you bet on esports with crypto or regular money, as League of Legends is notoriously unpredictable. This is why it’s always smart to set yourself a sensible betting budget and stick to it. As a result, you should be able to handle even the most catastrophic loss and not have it cause you any financial problems.

15. Stay safe – The most important of our League of Legends betting tips

Finally, we’d just like to remind you of how important it is to stay safe when you bet on LoL. While most regular and crypto betting sites are trustworthy, there are a handful of rogue operators out there. So make sure that you only bet on League of Legends at our approved esports betting sites, and always bet responsibly. All of which should give you a fun way to try your luck on this legendary esport!

Conclusion – Your home for LoL betting tips

By now you’ll know that League of Legends betting tips take many forms. Alongside the ones covering the gameplay, maps and roles, we’ve given you some handy LoL esports betting tips that cover everything from managing your money to playing safely.

What’s notable is the fact that our collection of LoL betting tips is going to keep expanding as this game becomes even more popular. This means that you can simply check into our League of Legends betting tips resource, use our guide to find the best LoL betting odds, and never have an easier way to get that big LoL betting win!