Welcome to our guide to using a LoL betting Reddit. We’re here to show you how you can use this community website to find out more about League of Legends and learn the different ways that you can use the information found for guiding your LoL bets.

Our guide gives you some great pointers on the best subreddits to check out and provides you with some hints about what you’ll find on them. So keep reading to see why a LoL betting Reddit can be very useful!

The basic of using the League of Legends betting Reddit

Reddit is a community-led website where you’ll find discussions about pretty much everything under the sun. Discussions of esports play a big part of what Reddit is about, and you can find a variety of subreddits dedicated to League of Legends.

Just bear in mind that a lot of the information on Reddit can be fairly useless, so you might see a variety of posts about things regarding League of Legends dying and so on.

The most useful subreddit for betting on League of Legends are probably the main subreddit /leagueoflegends/ and the subreddit dedicated to the LoL Esports only /lolesports/. Here you’ll find a wealth of information regarding match previews, post-match discussions and so on.

There are subreddits that are specific to things like /leaguebetting/ and /esportsbettingtips/ but we found that these were either out of date, or not as good as the main page.

Other subreddits you can have a look at are:

LoL Betting Reddit

Take a look below to see what kinds of things you can find on the main League of Legends subreddit.

Use the LoL betting Reddit for tournament previews

We have found that the main LoL subreddit has lots of previews of the games that you’ll be betting on. So if you want to know who to back on anything from LoL Worlds to the LEC Summer tournament, you’ll find plenty of information here.

Find post-match discussions on the League of Legends betting Reddit

The main LoL subreddit will usually have extensive post-match discussions of each major League of Legends match. This means that you can find out what really happened in that game between Evil Geniuses and Immortals, or see why TSM were so lucky against Team Liquid. While many of the comments here might be fairly juvenile, it can be invaluable in getting a greater understanding of how each LoL team plays.

Discover the best streams on the LoL betting Reddit

The best LOL betting sites will usually let you watch live streams of the action, but Reddit can also be useful for finding useful streams on Twitch, YouTube and so on. Excellent for discovering excellent VODs to help you research your next LoL bet.

Analyse top playing tactics on a LoL betting Reddit

Reddit is also a great place for in-depth analysis of how the best LoL players are beating their opponents. You’ll get to see exactly how that Cloud 9 star carried out that pentakill and be able to factor in such information to your LoL betting strategy.

Learn about game updates on the League of Legends betting Reddit

Riot Games always carries out lots of updates to League of Legends, and Reddit can be a good place for finding out about such changes. While many of these updates are just there to iron out some bugs, they can also have a big bearing on understanding how different champions work. Just don’t forget to check out our LoL esports news for more information about the latest changes to this iconic esport.

Conclusion – All you need for using the LoL betting Reddit

Reddit is clearly an excellent resource to check out if you want to get a wealth of information about anything to do with League of Legends. While some of the opinions on there can be unhelpful, things like the post-match discussions can prove invaluable when it comes to making your next LoL predictions.

All of this means that if you do your research on Reddit and then check out our LoL betting tips, you’ll find that betting on League of Legends should become about something much more than just luck. So keep it here to always know which LoL betting Reddit to check out!